A declassified CIA document indicates the Zapruder film was detoured to a sophisticated CIA photographic lab relatively soon after the assassination, and quite possibly on the night of the shooting. It is a difference between hindbrain and forebrain activity. The film is the best evidence of this, not Connally. Mathematician Daryll Weatherly’s vector analysis of image streaking constitutes powerful evidence of alteration in the Zapruder film. Two, I do not believe the forgers were at all satisfied with the results of their tampering. Once the President emerges from behind the sign at around Z, though, startling events develop rapidly. It was the right rear part of his head, because that’s the part I saw blow out. Also, his account of particulate matter exploding out the back of the skull and landing on his windshield and left arm agrees with Patrolman Bobby Hargis’s report that the head shot sent blood and brain flying toward him so fast that when it struck him he initially thought he himself had been hit and that the debris got all over his motorcycle and uniform in an interview he gave a few years ago, Hargis described the head shot as an “explosion”.

Posner, Bugliosi, Myers and a few others have labored in the years since to disprove these ill-founded theories. It truly represents a breakthrough in the case. Why does the intersprocket image of the motorcycle skip around? Inaugural Address January 20, And what can be said about intersprocket magnifications that are grossly different in two frames, particularly when tracking nonsense surfaces in the same frames? In fact, the conclusion seems inescapable–the film was deliberately altered. After all, Rollie Zavada was UNABLE to consistently replicate, in the field, the “full flush left” phenonmenon of intersprocket image penetration seen in the extant film; and furthermore, film shot in his test cameras exhibited “claw flare” that looks very, very different i. When the results are available, I will publish those results, with accompanying image content, regardless of the outcome.

If Greer’s degree movement in one-third of a second truly depicted real time, it would likewise appear as a blur.

Horne Responds to Mack Re: The Stemmons Freeway Sign Anomalies in the Zapruder Film – insidethearrb

The Witnesses – The people who were there – but who the government chose to ignore – tell their versions of what happened at Dealey Plaza. The perception continued to be that there was little else, in the available Zapruder frames, of interest on that subject.

Prior to the tree, only one other possible cause for a ricochet existed: In the illustration section of my book, in volume I, I presented images relevant to the problem in Figures 84, 85, and 86; and I stated in the photo caption for Figure 86 that the anomalies which I openly suspected were proof of sloppy tampering with the road sign images merited further study.


Though the slowdown is zaoruder very noticeable in the film, it represents a deceleration of about 0.

If Oswald fired his shots at the times theorized by Holland and Rush, the 1st and 2nd shots were about 6. He has authored numerous books on motion picture technology and several articles on zaprhder picture science.

The Zapruder Film “Anomalies”

But, amazingly, by Z the head is suddenly moving backward. Secret Service Special Agent Sam Kinney was the driver of the follow-up car in Kennedy’s motorcade and thus had a bird’s-eye view of the shooting. If there is scientific proof of alteration, then these philosophical objections must be rejected.

Their opinions trump those of anyone in the research community who has not been to film school, and who has not worked in the post-production of motion picture films. Of particular interest are Kinney’s comments about the large head wound in the President’s head: David Mantik, who holds a doctorate in physics, suggests that what we now see as the head snap was originally a much slower motion and was actually the action of Jackie lifting her husband back up to look at him.

Additionally, CEa Secret Service report, identifies the manhole cover on the side of Elm Street as being located almost opposite the limousine at the time of the last shot–the manhole cover is some 70 feet beyond the spot on the street that corresponds to Z, which is when the head shot occurs in the current film. Though it has been 34 years since the shooting, a special prosecutor or a Congressional committee should be appointed to investigate this matter.

Whether others find my explanation here persuasive or not is not the issue; the real issue is that sometime during the yeara film test shot inside a Bell and Howell double 8 mm movie camera should provide empirical evidence that will likely resolve whether or not such anomalies are naturally occurring events recorded inside the camera’s aperture gate, or yet one more factor that should cause us to doubt the Zapruder film’s authenticity.

He is also the author of four books on Mormonism and ancient religious texts.

However, the actions of certain persons not in the presidential limousine stand out more clearly in this gross view. Inaugural Address January 20, They either dismiss all of it as mistaken or they note that Kennedy does eventually fall forward and that this is what the witnesses were describing.


The color HD and 6K scans of the blacked-out back of the head particularly frames,and are truly stunning, when viewed on high-definition monitors; at the appropriate time inthere will be a public rollout of these images by the Hollywood research group, and the world will be stunned. There is no cinematic anomalie that can avoid such realities. Once insightful dissenters, Myers and others who adhere to the consensus timing of the 1st shot now represent wnomalies tired ancien regime of JFK assassination research.

Jacob’s times were as follows: Opponents of alteration cite the virtually invisible, extremely brief slowing identified by physicist Dr. And, bear in mind, Jacob was purposely trying to move as rapidly as he could.

I attempted to duplicate the speed anomalkes the son’s movement, but was unable to do so in the manner seen in the film. When looking for possible reactions to gunshots in the Zapruder film, it is important to define what is being examined.

The answer to the question of why the film was altered is fairly apparent–to conceal obvious evidence of a frontal shot, of multiple gunmen, and of more than three hits. The Coup d’Etat – A medical technician casts doubts on the official autopsy photographs, and photo analysis undermines the lone gunman theory. It is quite possibly the most important book ever published on the death of President Kennedy.

I openly acknowledged in my text on pages that alternate explanations were possible, and that film tests needed to be conducted to resolve whether the anomalies to which I had drawn attention could be replicated naturally.

And so the questions come, one after another, like automatic rifle fire. Comments have been disabled for this post.

HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW: The Zapruder Film and the Shot that Missed

Yet for many frames before and after this event he appears to be quite immobile. Warren Commission supporters have put forth two theories to explain how a bullet striking from behind might have caused the head snap, the jet-effect theory and the neuromuscular-reaction theory. No such motion, of course, is seen in the current film.