Marron sees Tennoji and almost asks her, but she sees Tennoji already has Honey. The next day, Ichigo and her family visit her deceased grandmother’s pastry shop, now run by her uncle. Ichigo makes a dessert, containing both spinach and carrot which neither Ichita nor Ameli enjoyed it. Her family greets her happily, not having known that she ran away because she told them that she was on an early Winter break. Team Ichigo decides to make a dress by basing the design with the fairy tale Cinderella. Archived from the original on February 1, Team Ichigo decided to use Ichigo’s ideas from their tour around Europe and the chocolates bought by Kashino during their tour from various countries. Will Kashino return to Team Ichigo like their beliefs?

Ichigo is surprised to hear that Henri-sensei coming back. But what’s really on the line is to see if Team Ichigo gets to keep Kashino. Ichigo dances with Henri-sensei, making the Sweets Princes jealous. While everyone else heads home for New Year’s break, Ichigo stays behind at school to practice. Thanks to the help from their friends, Ichigo and the others are slowly catching up to Oujou and Johnny despite the overwhelming difference of sales. Ichigo goes shopping with Rumi for Valentine’s chocolate when they run into the Heiress, and challenged Ichigo to a chocolate-making duel that is to be held on Valentine’s Day at the party sponsored by the Heiress’s father. Henri- sensei later reveals that he is one of the judges for the final round of the Cake Grand Prix.

Henri tells them he wants them to run sweets shops on the main street of his new project, “Marie’s Garden” named after his grandmother.

Ichigo falls down the stairs and is yumeito to the local hospital by the Sweets Princes. Kashino is participating in Team Koshiro’s practicals without reluctance but Hanabusa and Andoh believe that he will return, leaving a hesitant Ichigo with no choice but to continue practicing for their next match in the Grand Prix’s third place round.

Ichigo, with the help of Caramel and Vanilla, stays up all night the night before her showdown with the Heiress to practice making pudding. Team Ichigo goes to a ranch to study on the ingredients that were used to make a cheesecake.

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When they decide on a Sachertorte, the King of all Chocolate Cakes, Ichigo pulls an all-nighter to think of a design for the cake which creates love. Before Ichigo and company can start to work, Johnny’s Sweets Spirit Maize freaks out on them because of etiquette.


Team Tennouji ends up winning the Grand Prix by one point, but Henri- sensei announces that because Team Ichigo did so well, they are also being invited to go to Paris for the World Grand Prix. However, the shop are running out of funds which means the shop might go bankrupt before it even opens. But, Ichigo quickly tells them the truth after her mom hangs up the phone and tells them her plans to transfer from St. Therefore, they must take a supplementary exam.

After traveling back to Japan using the Sweets Kingdom toy train, Ichigo samples the Heiress’s top-quality strawberries, but still can’t find one to suit her tart. In this book, the Spirits discover traces of magic dust used by Sweets Spirits where the recipe was! Team Ichigo won and advances to the finals because Team Koshiro only used ingredients from Chateau Seika while Team Ichigo used ingredients from their tour around Europe.

Vanilla gets upset as well and claims that she will no longer be her partner. As usual, Yogoanime Tenouji are amazing but Team Ichigo has trouble. He explains to her because she’s a girl that the rose water was a gift from his deceased father and how gogaonime it was to him.

On Christmas Eve, the battle will be decided by Christmas Cake. On the day of the competition, Team Ichigo manages to beat Team Ricardo’s doughnuts by one point. She gets excited and loses concentration in class and cancels practice troubling Kashino.

It turns out that the castle is the venue for the semi-finals, the theme of which is a dress made of chocolate. Marron comes from the Sweets Kingdom to find a partner. It turns out that Hanabusa and Andoh are taking leaves of absence from school to pursue their own dreams.

Watch Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 50 English Subbedat Gogoanime

Ichigo makes a dessert, containing both spinach and carrot which neither Ichita nor Ameli enjoyed it. When she and her group hear his story about his lost love seven years prior, they decide to help him have a Merry Christmas.

Team Ichigo is up against Team Natsuki, the same girls who served them fruit at the sweets festa. When she goes to the meeting place, she finds that Johnny, Kashino, and Lemon all got the same letter. Someone has been leaving garbage in the forest and the Master of the Forest believes that Kasshi and the Jerks have done it, leaving them in a cell.


Although they know this, they do not know whose design it really was or who stole the design. Henri’s secretary appears and ushers them to the ballroom in the Saint-Michel castle. If Ichigo fails, the whole of Group A will fail. The third place competition theme has been announced that it is “bonds.

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Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. Glgoanime they went to Andoh’s shop to visit, he does not have much customers. While playing with the farm ymeiro, Caramel is chased by a calf and gets lost. After noticing that the pond water left a smell on Ichigo and Kashino who jumped in after herHanabusa has an idea for his cake. Ichigo and her sister help their uncle make sweets. There’s a special salon at St. The rematch for Team Ichigo and Lemon’s quarterfinal match is scheduled and the theme of “friendship” is chosen, but Andoh ran away.

She goes back to her grandmother’s garden and finds the special patch of soil her grandmother uses. In the first round of the Cake Grand Prix, Group A is up against a group of third-year boys and a girl who have their sweets featured in Salon de Marie.

When Vanilla asks her to visit the Sweets Kingdom, she agrees eagerly. When Marron almost leaves to Paris from the cooking room oven, Miya barges in all of a sudden.

Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 50 English Subbed at gogoanime

Kashino tells her to calm down and just make sweets that make people happy, because that’s what she’s good at. The Sweets Princes show up after their plans all fall through and make a special cake for Natsume as well. Everybody’s getting ready for the opening.