Sayuri the obese laugher is next and tells Kurokawa “please don’t hurt me”; her enormous weight lends naturally to a Osaekomi pin on Kurokawa initially, but she is quickly pinned in turn, but does not “give up” because she has not been how, thus buying extra time in the match however, Yawara actually has already arrived and is observing outside. Hiroyuki Kawasaki 19 episodes eps 41, 46, , 61, 63, , , 81, 87, 89, 91, 94, 96, , Yawara meets Shinnosuke at a bookstore and she confesses that her poor performance was due to not sleeping from studying all night; Shinnosuke offers to tutor her at his condo. Madhouse Mook Animation Watanabe Productions. Shinnosuke accuses Matsuda to have been in on the rigged contest. Tohdoh had been preparing for the ippon zeoi attack, but cannot counter the new move. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paddy-field scores a first yuko, but loses.

What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? She and Hanazono “accidentally” hold hands again. His mother tells him that they do not need help running their family hotel, as he is useless as a housekeeper, and they want him to continue his budding career as a reporter. Khruschev is Russia’s under 48kg contestant against Yawara. Sayaka is pinned by Yuki, but drags the two of them out of bounds to escape. The team has purposely not asking Yawara for help because of her “contrarian” personality, thinking that if they did she would not help, but if they try on their own, she will volunteer. She seems to accept every story and excuse he spins unquestioningly.

While she has decided to “lose quickly,” Yawara nevertheless easily defeated the Ganryuji judo members using different judo moves, all the while distracted by thoughts of missing the bargain sale with her friends and also by wrestling without a t-shirt underneath her judo uniform. Marilyn’s big boobs do not help, and she loses her debut. Yawara, Yuki, and Sayaka all win easily in their two preliminary matches.

Hanazono is having trouble tuning into the match, after finding out to his complete shock that Fujiko has entered the free weight contest.

You can contribute information to this fashionabl, but first you must login or register. In gifl, he began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: Yawara is separated from the other judokas and goes on her own to search for her father, where she encounters Belkins, the Belgian champion, who is modeling traditional Korean dresses.


She disarms and throws a would-be hijacker with a gun, which impresses even Shinnosuke. Klariz Magboo as Sayaka Honami. Yamada Kaori, the last Tsukushi judoka, promises she will win because they supposedly have developed a special weapon against the ippon zeoi.

Sayaka does not believe him, and Kojiro, who is staying at the Honami compound, continues to insist that fsshionable cannot see Yawara right now. Manga Answerman – How often do English manga publishers sell at a loss? Sayaka decides to join the Ajisai tournament even though her school judo club has no other members in order to challenge Yawara.

When Matsuda cannot suppress his enthusiasm for a possible cover story about Barcelona championship match between Yawara and Jody, Yawara becomes upset and throws the clueless Matsuda. Shinnosuke then takes Yawara to a cafe and charms her with flattery.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl

The 8th Ajisai Cup begins, with 16 female colleges participating, including 5-time champ Tsukushi University. Although she tries her best with her Swan Lake move, she is unable to overcome Teleshikova’s uranage backflip jawara loses, and the whole stadium cheers her. Yawara calls her boss after the match to apologize, not realizing that his job is saved because the Kato Chu was saved by his sincere judo connection between him and the Kato Chu director. Naoki Bandou as Fujiko’s Father Ueda ep 5.

Fujiko scores another yuko off Teleshikova, who is losing her cool. Shinnosuke is tasked fashjonable testing whether Kojiro is qualified to coach Sayaka.

Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl ep 3 English Sub – Kissanime

Marta Ullod as Kyoko Hikage Catalan dub. Though she has not been taught any pinning moves by Jigoro, Fujiko’s desire to go to Yugoslavia is so strong that she invents a new Osaekomi pin on the fly, but it is unclear whether she can hold on.

At a bar, a man tries to get Yawara drunk but instead it is Itou who downs the drink and feels sick. As a result, although she has been accepted to Saikai, she would not be going to the world championships in Yugoslavia. It starts off with Yawara Inokuma, a high school girl who is most interested in doing the things that your average Japanese high school girl does; however, she has been trained in Judo for years by her grandfather, Jigorou A former Japan Judo Championwho has much grander plans in store for her as a Judo superstar.


Fujiko’s parents relate her long “tragic” history of never coming in first place, no matter how hard she tried, and believe she will fail here too. Sayaka discloses that Shinnosuke has been offered and accepted an executive position with the Honami Group and will take it over in the future, and that Shinnosuke is her “fiance” which he does not dispute.

Yawara! –

Matsuda reveals their scheme to Yamoda after drinks and tells him that his dream of vicariously living through Yawara the judo superstar will be dashed after her loss. Fujiko scores a quick yuko, but is thereafter in trouble as Tohdoh pins here.

In his tutoring, Shinnosuke tries to woo Yawara with English love poetry, while trying to cover up evidence that he is seeing other gidl. Jigoro cuts a deal with Yawara: Sayaka spots them and then challenges Yawara to a fight right there at the restaurant, but a bunch of ruffians intervene, and Sayaka fights them instead, creating complete chaos.

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Shinnosuke observes that Sayaka has become overwhelmingly powerful after her training with Kojiro. Once there he discovers some information regarding an incident surrounding one of the Yawara tells Matsuda and Shinnosuke that another reason for her wanting to be a travel agent is that it will make it easier for her to search for her father Kojiro. Later, the women train for the All-Japan Selections Team.

They want him to take responsibility if she becomes unmarriageable with “a damaged nubile body”; Epieode subconsciously immediately calls them “father” and “mother. While Hanazono is so disappointed by her decision to quit that he runs off, Sudoh believes that she should just do whatever she wants. Masashi Hirose as Inagaki Kamata Kujiraoka ep