Kenneth Branagh The Scoop: Washington State Transformers sightings. Days of Future Past ” Release Date: We assume there will be at least one scene in which college students drink a lot, and one in which some visiting sorority sisters go topless Darren Aronofsky The Scoop: Eight years after the events of the surprisingly quite excellent “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” , human survivors of the virus that’s wiped out a good chunk of humanity so to speak wage war against Caesar Serkis and his ever-growing ape army.

Then, one day, a girl shows up in the Glade, one who may be able to shed some light on the ‘why? Patrick Hughes The Scoop: Dean DeBlois The Scoop: He meets his match in the Losers Club, a terrific collection of kids who bring surprising humor and emotional depth to the summer chiller that became the highest-grossing horror movie ever. And we can’t wait to get started. The film snagged some bad press when the rather explosive production made a ton of racket whilst shooting during the early hours of Remembrance Day, observed in Commonwealth countries in memory of those members of the armed forces who died in the line of duty. In this new adventure, genius dog Mr. They will add an extra dollar per gallon to gas and fuel prices every year until gas gets so expensive people are forced into electric cars.

2014 Movie Preview: The 40 Films We’re Most Excited About

Wes Ball The Scoop: Ralph Fiennes looks to be the best Wes Anderson actor ever in the trailer for the auteur’s latest bit of quirky cinematic preciousness as the charming concierge of a five-star hotel, displaying the kind of comic timing and lithe physicality he’s rarely able to show off when 998057 playing big baddies like Lord Voldemort.

If you haven’t seen the Tony Award-winning stage musical, you can find out with Clint Eastwood’s big-screen dramatization of the formation, success and eventual break-up of ’60s rock group The Four Seasons. Bryan Singer The Scoop: It was a fun yearbut is looking to be even more of a thrill ride, filled with franchise-friendly sure things, swing-for-the-fences passion projects, sleeper hits waiting to be discovered and, of course, a few okay, a lot of superhero movies.


We are a participant in several affiliate programs with retailers such as AmazonWalmartTargeteBayand other affiliate programs. Nicholas Stoller The Scoop: There will be complete collapses of many industries we use today. Josh Boone The Scoop: March Muscles flex in slow motion in ” Patrick Hughes The Scoop: And you thought “Thor” was a hard sell?

Tom Cruise follows up ‘s underrated “Oblivion” with another futuristic sci-fi action film with a heck of an existential conundrum. Gareth Edwards The Scoop: The God of Thunder or something is about as mainstream as you can get compared to the bizarro line-up of Marvel’s intergalactic team mkvies superheroes, which includes a gun-crazy raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper, at that and a giant walking, talking tree played by Vin Diesel and is led by the guy who plays Andy on “Parks and Recreation.

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The Last Stand”but with original “X-Men” and “X2” director Bryan Singer back calling the shots, we’re allowing ourselves to think “Days of Future Past” might end up being the best X-movie yet. Christopher Nolan The Scoop: James Gunn The Scoop: Carrying the film’s emotional weight once again is Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, a charming smarty-pants who cracks wise so that he may not have a complete nervous breakdown.

Tate Taylor The Scoop: New Items on eBay. Some of the links to external sites posted on this site may automatically be converted to an affiliate link for which we may be compensated.

The adventures of Yahok Baruchel and Toothless continue as the boy and his dragon come across a secret ice cave that serves as home to hundreds of wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider, a discovery that stirs up an epic conflict. Well, so much for Some of the content on this site are sponsored posts for which we have been compensated.

Black History Month: Creed movie

He’d already done a slimmed-down version of his dream project, “The Fountain”so he opted for this epic disaster film featuring the Bible’s biggest action star played by, appropriately enough, the “Gladiator” himself. Doug Liman The Scoop: Steve Rogers gets the “Bourne” treatment as the star of his very own contemporary political thriller in which the First Avenger faces modern-day corruption in the government he once thought so infallible, soon discovering that his red, white and blue get-up really stands out in a world awash in shades of grey.


Whether anyone cares about a “Sin City” sequel almost 10 years after the release of the original film remains to be seen, but we’re there opening weekend if only to see Eva Green play Ava Lord, hahoo ‘dame to kill for’ that makes fools of every man in town.

The world of LEGO comes to life in this animated adventure in which a regular mini-figure Pratt is yzhoo for the legendary MasterBuiler and becomes involved with a quest to stop the evil Lord Business Ferrell from gluing the universe together.

This was such a stellar year for movies that narrowing down our annual list of the 50 best proved extraordinarily more difficult than in mvies past. Also, Robert Redford is in it, which is all sorts of awesome. Favreau takes a break from blockbusters and goes back to his “Swingers” roots with this character comedy about a chef who gets fired from his restaurant job and starts up a food truck in an effort to get his creative flair back whilst taking up a side project of reuniting his estranged family.

Boseman will get on the scene like a sex machine in this biopic directed by Tate Taylor “The Help”which chronicles the music man’s life from extreme poverty to international superstardom as one of the most influential performers in the history of entertainment.

Monday, February 18th, After the astonishing commercial success of “Black Swan”director Darren Aronofsky was given license to pretty much do whatever he wanted as a follow-up. There will be complete collapses of many industries we use today. David Ayer Yaho Scoop: