Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter TV. That is so I didn’t know white people had cool names anymore. He is upset and threatens to give up drug dealing and go to college. Blake befriends on old guitar-playing resident, and Ders is looking for a “True Life” cast. Trouble arises when Lisa brings the guys their bill. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Blake and Adam find their way into Anders’ room and get everyone in the group to drop acid, including Alice and Anders’ client.

Watch the episode this Tuesday, July 10th, at Karl took a salt pellet to the chest trying to get it too! And also how do you de-blow a fuse? Haven’t told a soul. Whoa, hang on, hang on. It’s a good thing you’re moving. It’ll add some seasoning. You talked yourself up so big.

He likes it when you call him big Papi.

Your Dad is the man you one day want to be; but you can never be until you yourself are a Dad. Karl comes over later and becomes offended when he learns they bought weed from someone else. All right, dad, they’re gonna send over the CSI guys to, um You know, lo for wodkaholics, or Uh pubes or fibers or whatever.

So what is your pops packing? Oh, yeah, buh-bye, Ders!

Workaholics s03e06 Episode Script

Let’s hit this A. Sorry about the pause.

I wouldn’t even worry about. Why are you wearing them right now? Blake befriends on old guitar-playing resident, and Ders is looking for a “True Life” cast. I’d like your room, but a Holmvik never sleeps in another man’s bed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nobody’s going to jail, dude. All right, well, we’ll go get some bleach.


We want that password first though. At the same time, Adam and Blake have started to make their own jerky by cutting up an entire cow in the house. Man, that is so cool that your dad is coming this weekend. He’s got two Thor’s hammers.

That a long hug. One, two, three, four, five. Where’s your fuse box? You booked the ticket? I’m proud to be your friend, man! Or maybe not be on the roof at all. Hola To the Casa de Ders. Okay, I think, uh, you guys should get going, right?

I’ll start it off. What are you guys doing here? Goddamn, you’re gonna get some wild tail in this car.

Workaholics s03e06 Episode Script | SS

He’ll come by the house, quick visit, then I’ll take him to wormaholics, back to the hotel, and he’s back outta my life again. This isn’t what I Expected to come home to. Retrieved January 16, Ye I This weekend? I’ve always wanted to be around someone when they come out of the closet. We are men in the woods and we are doing this! I don’t know how to break this to you What should I call your dad? You guys should come by the house, make it look like there’s a break-in, just tip over some chairs, empty a drawer or two.


Workaholics season 3 DVD cover. I am a big dog too! They are upset with Anders because he is upset with them.

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Believe me, we don’t like this as much as you do. E;isode like to make an offer to buy that house for the weekend. And then you die! I didn’t realize there was so much blood in a cow.

Tell me you named your dick “Thor’s hammer. I figured there’d be a lot less blood. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Adam, do not send me to voicemail. Where’s your little baby dick now?

Yeah, I need a beer. Good to see you, sir. We’ll get you back to the hotel. Adam dismisses Blake’s idea for an unburnable flag, so Blake joins a teenage art collective with Karl.

Thor’s Hammer

Your name is Thor? Dad Thor kick you out of the Avengers? Well it’s the blood, Anders.