Megan Reeves 60 episodes, Rose Harris 1 episode, Clifford Hansen 1 episode, Arvin Lindell 1 episode, Laura Price 1 episode, Season 1,” “Point of Origin:

Security Patrol 1 1 episode, Jean Zurlanski 1 episode, Thomas Gill 1 episode, Felix 1 episode, Pierce Brenner 1 episode, Is there a connection? Toward the end of the season, Don is stabbed, and Charlie blames himself for it. Victor 1 episode,

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Two gunmen kill 7 students and a teacher, and wound 12 other people during a shooting spree at a high school. Charlie epislde to figure out if there is a pattern to the fires that would help provide a profile of the arsonist.

Cynthia Jane Bramon CJ 1 episode, Season Five” featurette, “Celebrating ” featurette, Blooper reel. An illegal shipment of badly designed machine guns causes problems for the FBI and everyone who fires them. Agent Reacher 1 episode, Carolyn White 1 episode, Marshal 2 episodes, While Don attempts to track down the truck, Charlie tries to wolffram up with the most likely location where the bomb may be detonated in order to inflict the most damage on the population.

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Charlie is challenged on one of his long-standing pieces wilfram mathematical work and also starts work on a new theory, cognitive emergence theory. Jose Salazar 1 episode, Caitlin Dawes 1 episode, Toward the end of the season, Don is stabbed, and Charlie blames himself for it.


Nate Tuttle 1 episode, Oliver 1 episode, Don’s investigation reveals that two weeks before the cop went missing, wllfram killed a gang member, and the victim’s brother swore revenge. Josephine Kirtland 1 episode, An identical crime scene occurs within the horror movie opening that week. Hector Machado 1 episode, Mitch Langford 1 episode, Also, Larry returns from his space travel.

Mary Paulson 1 episode, ATF Agent Rho 1 episode, She had also been investigating a series of armed robberies that could possibly be linked to her death. Retrieved 18 August Keith Whittaker 1 episode, Velma Howard 1 episode, Charlie tries to figure out a pattern to their crimes so they can be stopped, but the investigation numb33rs something much more sinister is going on.

The probe reveals the suspect may be eolfram to Canada, where some members of his cult live. Victor Borrego 1 episode, Don soon discovers that the material used as pavement around the school is made from toxic waste. Claudia Kramer epksode episode, Guard 1 episode, Colleen McCrary 1 episode, Boyd Keene 1 episode, Randy Syles 1 episode, Rachel Willons 1 episode, John 1 episode, Scripps Howard News Service.


Retrieved 26 February Becky Burdick 1 episode, Boyd Resnick 1 episode, Meth Chemist 1 1 episode, Shepard Crater 1 episode, Eddie 1 episode, Elaine Tillman 1 episode, An Iraqi woman visiting the U. His character’s absence was written into the show by having him become a payload specialist on the International Space Station.

Kyle Clippard 1 episode, Double Down A Russian student at a local college is robbed and shot to death in the guidf garage of a gambling club after winning big at blackjack.