List of Numbers episodes season 2. The Janus List Don and Charlie are in a standoff on a bridge with a mysterious bomber who claims to have a so-called Janus list that reveals the names of spies and double agents. Lorden also mentioned that the use of the number three in the title can serve as a restriction in Internet searches about the series. However, once the strike ended, CBS announced the show’s return April 4, , with six episodes. Mark Vaughn 1 episode, Charlie believes that a college student who committed suicide by jumping from a bridge was actually murdered, and that his death is related to an engineering thesis he was working on about one of L. Referee 1 episode,

Kyle Clippard 1 episode, Buck Winters from the episodes “Spree” and ” Two Daughters ” breaks out of prison and comes after Don. Maurice Connors 1 episode, Archived from the original on February 2, Don investigates the aftermath of a botched stakeout, as Larry reveals a surprise gift for Charlie. The FBI investigates when a mass poisoning takes place at a cult compound and the survivors refuse medical care.

Carolyn White 1 episode, Back on campus, Charlie becomes concerned when he learns that Larry collaborated on a published article with someone else.


NUMB3RS Season 1: Episodes–Wolfram Research Math Notes

A former mob hit man, now on death row, agrees to cooperate in the investigations of several unsolved murders and show agents where he buried some bodies, but Don questions the man’s motives. Don and Charlie investigate the murder of a judge’s wife who was gunned down in her garage. The evidence of the player’s steroid use is confirmed through an advanced system of statistical analysis created by a young man who plays numb3r baseball, and Charlie tries to determine how the stats are linked to the player’s murder.

Emmanueline Kirtland 1 episode, If the missing woman isn’t located soon, Don fears that she will be killed when her work is finished on the phony cash. Kath Berry 2 episodes, Dwayne Carter 3 episodes, Darryl Gerth 1 episode, Don soon discovers that the material used as pavement around the school is made from toxic waste.

Caroline Williams 1 episode, Also, Charlie is troubled when he learns Millie wants him to help her secure funding from a pharmaceutical company with a shady past. Also, Charlie goes through FBI training to learn how to protect himself.

NUMB3RS Season 4: Episodes–Wolfram Research Math Notes

Gil Fisher 1 episode, He is subsequently arrested and has his security clearance revoked, so he can no longer help Don on cases. Victor 1 episode, Rail Cop Captain 1 episode, Austin 1 episode, Agent Kim Hall 1 episode, Raymond Sites 1 episode, New York Daily News. Susanna Weisz 1 episode, The bodies of three illegal-immigrant women are found on government-owned land in a wilderness area.


Nathan Crane 1 episode, Shan 1 episode, Charlie and Amita intensify their relationship, as do Larry and Megan, wolframm after Megan’s kidnapping.

Mark Watson 1 episode, Kilo 1 episode, Retrieved June 15, Julia Rausch 1 episode, Andrew Gibbons 1 epiwode, Diane Farr, pregnant for most of the season, left the show for maternity leave in episode 18 ” Democracy ” ; her character’s absence is explained as a special assignment to the Department of Justice.

Jason Brasher 1 episode, Male Migrant Worker 1 numb3rrs, Gordon Garrity 1 episode, Karen Rhimes 1 episode, Season 1,” “Point of Origin: Mason Duryea 1 episode, October 20, [25].