Retrieved January 9, January Learn how and when to remove this template message. They enter the final round of the competition, a massive labyrinth. They go down through the door into the street and Alex turns the hot dog stand into a carriage to take Harper to the party. Smith as Big Mitch Absent: Harper and Zeke spend so much time together that Alex decides to make a Harper-clone. Justin and Max begin to hate Alex because of her insistence on saving Zeke and Harper resulting in them losing. Retrieved November 7,

In the end, Harper passes her test. Harper Finkle Maria Canals-Barrera Jerry warns the kids about Zelzar — he is from the wizard world, and a wizard’s fortune really comes true. When Zeke takes up magic as a new hobby, Alex casts a spell on him to help him master his tricks. During Harper’s driving test, Alex turns into the hula girl and guides Harper through the test, knowing that she might fail. Alex, Justin and Max then save the world from being destroyed by an asteroid. The robot is lost in transit, but Dexter Gorog in disguise makes an evil robot to spy on Justin to pass information to Gorog.

Justin realizes that when Jerry’s father lost the restaurant, he moved out of the building and since their family no longer lived in the building, the lair disappeared in present day.

They rent it, but Harper is forced to use a training wand that can only open things. The girls throw a house warming party to meet other wizards who live wavrly the building. Search for ” Wizards of Apartment 13B ” on Amazon. When Justin arrives, he fixes Mason’s mistakes by resetting Harper’s wand and it is revealed that despite his actions, he misses Apartmeent. Zeke Charming comes in and Theresa tries to wear the slipper but fails.

Mason, who will stubbornly not stop asking Alex on a date, meets them in the elevator. During a dinner that Alex made for the family, Professor Crumbs visits to reveal that with this selfless act, the Russo children can finally have their family wizard competition.

Since Justin and Harper are tired of Alex ruining things all the time, they decide to wathc everything up to her. They soon reconnect, but not after Alex realizes that she cannot get back home, due to heavy magnetic currents interfering with her magic.


Crumbs tells them to use their magic to stop Gorog. Alex soon breaks up the fight, and is forced apartmrnt choose either Mason or Chase. Jerry convinces Max to join a Sophisticated Wizard’s Club.

Alex convinces Harper into going through it, Harper then arrives in the wizard lair. Disney Channel Media Net.

Wizards of Waverly Place – S 4 E 21 – Wizards of Apartment 13B – video dailymotion

Alex and Harper find a wealthy ghost named Lucy, who they let move in. Alex discovers that Mr. She tries to be the worst werewolf possible in front of Mason’s parents during the feast.

Felix tells Justin he broke his wand and Justin informs him that it’s fake, because he saw batteries in it. Bailee Madison daverly her recurring role as Maxine, the female Max in this episode.

Wizards of Apartment 13B

Meanwhile, Harper takes a role in the school’s “Spirit of America” play, only to be replaced by Maxine. Justin’s class of delinquent wizards has completed their studies, which means they are eligible to rejoin WizTech if they all pass their final evaluation.

The judges rule Alex and Justin guilty, and Professor Crumbs sentences them both to be demoted to level one in the Family Wizard Competition, making them behind Max by two levels.

In an effort to make money, they decide to put on a marionette show. This is part 4 of a 4-part arc.

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In the episode “Everything’s Rosie for Justin”, Justin falls in love with Rosie, a guardian angel, but at the end datch “Dancing with Angels” she becomes an Angel of Darkness. Max pretends to like Talia’s hobbies, but does not enjoy them. Mason then turns into a werewolf and eats Dean. Meanwhile, Justin tries to tutor a class of delinquent wizards. Jerry warns the kids about Zelzar — he is from the wizard world, and a wizard’s sseries really comes true.

Justin goes against her, but seeing that he would lose, Alex casts a spell on Justin to make him a karate master. This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Alex borrows a pair of wings from the guardian angels. Dan Benson as Zeke, Maurice G. Alex also surrenders, and Max is forced to as well, the three then use their combined magic to get rid of Gorog, and all the supernatural beings are freed from his influence.


Alex and Harper move into their new apartment and are led to the magical “13th” floor. Alex wins the Wizard of the Year award for saving the world from the Angels of Darkness.

Gorog makes the wizard army to dig a hole to the atmosphere to the wizard world, so they can take over it. She gets upset at Mason and demands him to take her to his real parents.

When Jerry begins to wiizards “Maxine” with special attention, both Alex and Justin become jealous. Justin thinks he will have to fix it but Max comments on how he does not need help, as he wizarxs be the future family wizard.

Retrieved January 24, The Russos return towhere Jerry’s father reveals that he did not sell the restaurant to the landlord, however the restaurant failed to make enough business, and that he has been forced to close it. Hollywood Center Studios – N. Rosie tries to get Justin to run away and save him, because Gorog wants to destroy him, but Justin refuses to leave, stating that he is no longer a wizard but an Angel of Darkness and breaks his wand in halves.

At the banquet, Chancellor TootieTootie tells Justin that his display of affection and pride for Alex may reinstate him into the competition, causing Justin to be frantic and do everything within his power to destroy the tape.