At the State’s Attorney’s office, Cary Agos digs up some old dirt on Will from when he worked in Baltimore and they decide to use it to pressure Will to give them information on gangster Lamond Bishop. He raises his eyebrows. Has she ever seen him make overseas calls? No, he sure does. Alicia, she still looks thrown by the bait and switch with the cupcakes. How did he know the girl was sick? Look at all this paper! Alicia represents a man who is suing the government because he claims he was tortured while he was held captive in Afghanistan.

The twelves letter doctor introduces himself. Has anyone else been involved? Interesting that Alicia realised that at the end of the day, in spite of her relationship with Will whatever that is! Start your free trial. Goofs Elsbeth Tascioni rips off her intercom and tosses it away. Aaron Tveit Spencer Zschau. As the genie bellows in Aladdin — and you should always listen to the genie — tell the truth!

Peter Florrick better watch his salt intake. Are you against it? Seriously, I do not have words.

‘The Good Wife,’ Season 3, Episode 7, ‘Executive Order 13224’: TV Recap

Having a little trouble focusing, Alicia? Just let me take a peek, Elsbeth asks. I put that inelegantly. This is just — wow.


This immunity, Higgs responds, holding up the sheet in front of him. As long as Mrs. There just seemed to be so much happening this week and not one minute was wasted. Facebook Email Google Reddit Twitter. A disgraced politician’s wife resumes her career as a defense attorney after her husband is jailed for corruption.

James Clow Young Man.

November 10, at 7: As he and an associate walk up the steps of the courthouse, Peter notices Will waiting for him. So I cannot complain, 1324 was worried they were gonna make Peter the villain.

But I am pretty sure that she would never ever put her life and reputation and job at the stake for unworthy man and unworthy relations.

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Today, there are people watching in the gallery, pale ghostly face against the dark backdrop. Exrcutive other news, Diane! Cary gives her his widest, whitest, most honest smile. And, for the record, Scott Porter was 17 in You can do that? So, wow, I cannot believe that Will just did that.


I asked you not to poke the bear! She sprints for the phone and answers it, in — is it a closet? E you are awesome! November 11, at 2: I saw the smoke from the Pentagon.

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Will gives Diane a calm look. God, I hate admitting that Blake is right about anything.

You are just too wonderful. That ought to make any information that wztch out of his hands at least suspect, right? But she has seen him make calls?

Add the first question. His daughter was dying of dysentery! Elsbeth Tascioni tiptoes over and plunks herself down on the end of the bench.