I’m glad I can give you some of the episode feels with these! There is a documentary about the disaster called Wisconsin Death Trip based on the book by Michael Lesy Dean Winchester Jeffrey Dean Morgan Keep it up plz! Going down memory lane every time I do one of these XD. This was a great one these remind me of the good ole days and why I fell in love with spn in the first place:

He clearly identifies with the role the boy finds himself in and needs to protect him. Full Cast and Crew. Spoiler Free Review https: But he, uh… He looked at me different, you know? He looks up, his eyes staring at a family snapshot for a moment. I know they have to wait for the Shtriga to start feeding, but this is going to be SUCH a close call. And he found an ancient photograph with DR.

I know they have to wait for the Shtriga to start feeding, but this is going to be SUCH a close call. Was this review helpful to you?

SPN Sunday – S1E18 – “Something Wicked this Way Comes” | Supernatural Amino

Is Mommy coming home? D Honestly, flashbacks are some of my favorite scenes in Supernatural. Is he the monster?

Young Sam Winchester Erica Carroll Edit Did You Know? And Dean wants to use him as bait. While the boy is initially unsure, he finally commits to help.


I can’t actually watch these, so SPNsunday gives me a taste of these episodes! Add the first question. Something weird must be going on.

Having a summary of every episode from the point of view of a frustrated fan, i.


Share this Rating Title: Sam Winchester Jensen Ackles Connections References The Simpsons: While Dean waits for his room key, he watches the two boys sitting together.

Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. S1r18 Hydeker Jeannie Epper I thought I was having a nightmare.

On Disc at Amazon. Supernatural Season 1 Ratings. Young Dean Winchester Venus Terzo After talking with some of the parents at the hospital, Sam and Dean visit the house from the opening scene.

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They lodge in a motel, and after their investigation, they realize that a Shtriga, an Albanian witch that feeds of life-force of children, is attacking the local children. Dad knew this was unfinished business for me.

John Winchester sends the coordinates of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, to Dean and Sam, where children are mysteriously getting sick and their bodies running out. The Shtriga Mary Black Further, The Shtriga is only vulnerable while feeding.

Black River S118 had wqtch outburst of deaths in the ‘s.

Goofs In the hospital room with the old woman she says to fix the crucifix. The picture was taken in Both the book and the movie are constructed entirely from actual news reports.


SUPERNATURAL Rewatch: (S01E18) Something Wicked This Way Comes

She rolls over and screams. This is a stellar Dean episode. Dean Winchester Jeffrey Dean Morgan And then he comes back to probably his worst nightmare come true…. Latest posts by Kimberly Pierce see all Movie Review: SPN Sunday – Overview.

Start your free trial. To be a crucifix it has to have a depiction of the crucified Christ on it. Re-watch an episode of Supernatural every Sunday and write down my thoughts as they come. Good old-fashioned spooky and atmospheric installment in the wondrously entertaining first season of the show “Supernatural”, this episode “Something Wicked” revolves on a witch-like demon — called the Shtriga — that feeds on the vitality and life-force of children and wipes out the youthful community of a small American town every ten years.