While returning to Enterprise in Shuttlepod One, Trip and Reed see apparent evidence that the ship has been destroyed. And RD is comedy sci-fi partly depending on which series whereas Enterprise is sci-fi drama with some comedy thrown in. Anyway, I wonder if this is was meant to be the start of a beautiful friendship between Reed and Tucker a la O’Brien and Bashir. There is a brief moment where they work together to find hull breaches. The issue of how this could be an incredible scientific discovery is sort of introduced and then dropped. We never believed they were going to die. This isn’t a great episode, but it’s definitely a good one, elevated by performances that hit their marks. Quotes [ Tucker has lit a candle ] Lt.

But, back to this episode. I feel that it is in this episode that Trip and Malcom’s friendship first starts. The Curse of Oak Island 2. Of course, the rescue itself is a foregone conclusion, but along the way are a number of choices where Trip and Reed must think on their feet — blowing up their only engine, leaving them adrift, as a signal to get the Enterprise ‘s attention, and then a choice made by Trip to sacrifice himself to save Reed, and Reed’s refusal to let him go through with it. Into The Blue 3. Trip and Malcolm are stranded in a disabled shuttlepod and under the false impression that Enterprise is destroyed.

So far on ENT, I can’t really think trej 2 other characters together who’d be able to pull it off. Still, despite the occasional lapse in writing, the acting here was superb.

Start your free trial. Both sides have a point. The Feature Films Star Trek: While returning to Enterprise in Shuttlepod One, Trip and Reed see apparent evidence that the ship has been destroyed. We watcn believed they were going to die.

I haven’t seen Red Dwarf. More problematic was the unbelievable way Archer and company left them behind for some MacGuffin reason. I really enjoyed the twist that made them think the Enterprise had been destroyed. Not saying it’s a carbon copy or a ripoff. The bourbon will provide shuftlepod heat.


I do get the feeling that maybe the micro-singularity events may reappear or possibly even ended up on the cutting room floor to explain the alternate wreckage of NX01 seen on the asteroid Quotes [ Tucker has lit a candle ] Lt.

Yanks Tue, Jul 19,8: Did this guy learn about warp technology and all without touching the basics of inertia? If anything is the problem with ENT, it’s how the characters usually talk like they’re from the Voyager era, lacking the passion of the Original Series crew.

I’d have recommended throwing the whole thing out completely. Tucker and Reed are on a shuttlepod away mission, and they reach the location ztar they’re supposed to rendezvous with the Enterprise and instead find debris strewn across the surface of an asteroid. Heated arguments over the subject of hope versus despair.

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Close search Search this site. Yes No Report this. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. This must be what they call “method acting.

[ENT] Shuttlepod One

I’m starting to think Scott Bakula was going deaf, because my husband started talking louder when he lost a little of his hearing, at about the same age. Trip and Reed are dispatched on a shuttle mission to investigate an asteroid field and are cut off from Enterprise, thereby becoming convinced the starship has been destroyed and that their days are numbered.

Season 1 Episode But this fact does not detract from it, rather it ensures that more emphasis is placed on the characters and their development. Antispam – Type the last name of the captain on Star Trek: Aside from moments that bordered on complete silliness “Stinky”? The freezing point of alcohol is Add to Watchlist Added. But, that hope tumbled down the stairs as the episode devolved into pedestrian dialogue one of the biggest banes of Enterprise and that it really gives us superficial insight into these characters.


The air supply is limited, and without warp speed there’s really nowhere they can go. Joe Thu, Aug 31,6: In fact I would love Malcolm if I could somehow forget about this episode.

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The notion of him composing letters to a whole bunch of ex-girlfriends seemed a bit laboured. This episode was penned by series creators Brannon Braga and Rick Berman. Regarding Reed as the lady’s man, I thought his actions suggested the opposite. Deep Space Nine Star Trek: And Reed seemed more noe in enteprise episodes than in later episodes.

With the Enterprise presumably destroyed, Trip and Reed have nowhere to go. Re-watched the episode for the firat time in years.

Tamerlane Tue, Sep 27,9: Still liked this episode, though. By the end of it all, they’ve been through so much that they’ll have become friends, something that indicates true character building.

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NoPoet Mon, Sep 17,6: If they’re performed by good actors and they get some good things to say, then you have something worth watching. With only days of oxygen left, they must find a way to survive long enough for rescue. Trip mentioning as fact the myth that hair and fingernails keep growing after you’re dead. Trent Mon, Jan 19, etar, 8: Keating is also very good, particularly in a scene where Reed acknowledges the distance he puts between himself and other people, even his own family.

Tony Sat, Sep 10,5: On the comment about “slushy bourbon” above Just finished watching this for the first time ever. But, there’s an episode called, “Marooned”.