I love the escalating confrontations between Sam and Bob — first in the front yard of Sam’s house, then at the wedding rehearsal dinner, and finally at the street race. Sam Beckett Dean Stockwell Bob Thompson as Kevin Blair. Fuzzy Dice hanging on the rear view mirror was very ‘fashionable’ only to be surpassed by baby booties or baby shoes. How To Train Your Dragon: The music for that show was “Teen Angel” by Mark Dinning in Everly Brother’s, “Let it be Me. The boy seen here is clearly older.

Even if Cheryl is old enough to get married, she looks to be in her late teens and Al seems to be in his 50’s, so it comes off as creepy. The Masked Singer 7. I’d love to know how that line first came about because it’s a great and consistent way to start each show. Don’t ask my why Yes No Report this. Full Cast and Crew. A Star Is Born 7. Watch the latest episodes – FREE!

Cheryl we see is a really bright woman whom has big ambitions which are wagch help and make a difference in the world. Log in with Facebook.

Sometimes, my parents would take us to eat at one. Kevin Blair as Bob. For more information on cookies including how to manage your consent visit our cookie policy. If the episode has a messages it’s this.

A Bold Leap Forward. And even seeing both Jill and him installing the Nitrous Oxide and laughing infectiously. I love the character, but some of his traits make you want to roll your eyes. I like Sam’s toast: Sam Beckett, a physicist caught in a time warp, who leaps into the bodies of different people in different time periods in order to “put right what once went wrong.


During her rehab stint Camikzi Barrymore was only 14 but looked about 23 as one example. Cam tries to expose Bob for what he is by challenging him to a car race.

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Sam like any good person is supporting her ambition and of course trying to talk some sense into her following though and walking away from a great mistake she’s about to make. This episode aired right after Runners, so we can resurrect the discussion in that post about Holly Fields being 12 years old per IMDB when these episodes were filmed.

Don’t have an account? Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Weekend Box Office Results: Hearing that and what’s happening now is all the more reason you want Sam to win.

Having a bridal shower in the family living room and only three days before the wedding was very common. Both actors received four Emmy Award nominations each in their respective categories, and “Quantum Leap” was nominated three times for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series.

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I get that Al is a lover of all women, but sometimes they take that story line too far like when Al says he showed up for Cheryl’s lingerie party and watched her try everything on. Quanhum at First Sight 6. Share this Rating Title: A time-travel experiment that went wrong sends physicist Sam Beckett back in time, where he assumes other people’s identities and helps to resolve the crises of his new hosts.


We did remove it, but it was quite common for the phone to be front and center in the living room.

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He also doesn’t see Al, which three-year-olds on the show can do. If you have a dream then go for it, don’t let anyone or anything take it away from you. Already have an account?

I always loved it. She was extremely mature for 12 if true, but back in the 80s young girls went out of their way to look like adults. No privacy at all! I’d love to know how that line first came about because it’s a great and consistent way to start each show.

I’m assuming Sam’s car got the boost of acceleration that powered him to victory via laughing gas i. Jason Priestley guest stars. This predated wedding commercialization and wedding planners.