When Manahil was leaving, she and Jeena see each other through Jeena’s office room window. Manahil’s parents refuse Mikaeel’s proposal. I owe no rights. Mikaeel tells Manahil that he has no intentions of reuniting with his family or her. Retrieved 10 February Salah-ul-Din tells him that he would break off the engagement if he has to.

Retrieved 3 February Manahil’s life gets worse and she takes help from her children, leading them to fall for each other once again. Her father consoles her and tells her that he will ask Salahuddin to tutor her, to which she denies saying “he is strict”. Ishaq mamnu lilykh4n lily khan 6 years ago. Yeh Zindagi Hai Pakistani comedy series. Salah-ul-Din ask Manahil’s permission to bond over children, reluctantly she agrees on some reservations. He starts to act nice with her and goes to pick Manahil up from the airport. When Salahuddin sees Manahil, outside a parlour, in her new avatar, he feels guilty.

Mikaeel initially shows reluctance to children but later tends to incline towards them and warns Jeena to stay away from them. Jeena ask Jameel to convince Salah-ul-Din for marriage. Aik Pal TV Program. Draama was the debut serial of Hasina Moin, who later went on to become the most famous and successful drama writer of Pakistan, … Wikipedia.

Salah-ul-Din assures his father that there is nothing between him and Manahil. Before Manahil’s arrival at the hospital, Salahuddin gets all the arrangements ready watcj Manahil’s doctor, hospital bills, delivery room. Moreover, Salahuddin breaks his engagement from Jeena and propose Mannahil for after which Jeena and Mikeel join hands. Her mother asks him not to tell Manahil about this and to keep her with him for a few more days.

Jeena uses Jameel in order to lure Salah-ul-Din parents into her fake love and turned them against Manahil. Aasihiqui is turkish drama in this dram actor and actress is zeeniya zabiyar and ayaz amere fiza samima in this drama the story is zabiyar zeeiya and ayaz this is Manahil agrees and asks Salahuddin to take her to Mikaeel one last time.

When Manahil hears Salahuddin talking to her mother, she grabs his dram from him and, devastated by her situation, she informs her mother that Mikaeel has divorced her. Salahuddin leaves for Karachi too, and when he reaches Karachi, he finds out about Rehman’s death.


Retrieved 27 January Manahil asks Jameel of his Guru’s number, to which he first shows reluctance but later on Manahil’s insistence that she will only message her, he gives Salahuddin’s number.

Pyaar lafzon mein kahan episode 77 in turkish

But when Mikaeel sees her, he thinks she is going to tell about his gambling, so he throws her back in her room and leaves. Later, Salahuddin convince her parents about his Manahil marriage.

Mikaeel visits his parents graves and accepts his mistakes for one last time and ask them their forgiveness, he then gets murdered over his gambling debt when his friend came to claim his money.

Jeena tries to come closer to Salahuddin by intervening more in his life. Ishq Gumshuda Pakistani telenovela. Salahuddin watches Tipu Manahil’s son and Mikaeel’s mother playing in the park.

Before the premiere of series, Mann Mayal was listed as one of the most anticipated serials of Riaz discouraged the introduction episodes saying Just three episodes in, I have to say that I, for one, am heavily disappointed.

Jeena, who just got a job at Salahuddin’s office, becomes obsessed with Salahuddin and secretly watches him. Manahil’s parents refuse Mikaeel’s proposal. From its eighth till fifteenth episode Mann Mayal averages 2. Salahuddin, informed by Jameel, rushes to see Manahil but only sees her from a distance who is shocked and crying about their death.

Hearing this, Salahuddin slaps him. Salahuddin returns home and apologises to his father and both reconcile. Salah-ul-Din ask Jeena to go home before his parents arrival. Jeena picks up the phone and later, develops a relation with his mother. Manahil goes to Salahuddin’s office and accuses him of telling Mikaeel’s truth to his parents manahhil blames him for their death and for everything bad that happened in her life.

Minahil Aur Khalil (Episode 62)

Rabiya’s mother orders her to tell her to never call again. Manahil and Salahuddin had fight after she confront him, and both blames each other for ruining their lives.


Manahil goes back to her home for the first time after marriage, where her father realises that eoisode is not happy and asks her to come back and to forgive him but she refuses saying that she has a responsibility now and she cannot come back.

Jeena avoids Jameel as he try to come near to her.

Khalill takes a day off work, while instructing Jeena and Jameel to go to work and take care of business. Salahuddin and Rehman grow closer to each other which upsets Cookie. Salah-ul-Din consoles her asked her to see his father.

Manahil Aur Khalil – Episode 62

Salahuddin gets to know about Manahil being home from Rabiya. Retrieved 26 January Manahil’s family convinces her to stay with Salah-ul-Din for a while until her father’s recovery.

Retrieved 24 May On the other hand, Manahil being left alone in the house, calls Mikaeel who was busy in a party and does not attend the call. Salahuddin khalli her that he is right outside her house. It is not against the dignity of a woman. So she asks her parents to leave, which they do. Diyar-e-Dil was the last family drama on air so it is grateful for Mann Mayal and how it was presented!

Star Plus touches ratings high on Monday”. Mikaeel try to convince his friend Bari for money but fails. Jameel asks Salahuddin if he can live with him, and tells him that he has left Ifti’s house after Rehman’s death.

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Mikaeel misbehaves with his drqma and orders the guards to throw them out. Later, series take another leap of three years with Manahil pregnant with her second child.

Urdu 1 Live Stream Urdu 1 2 years ago. Salahuddin orders Jameel to find out what happened.