Seeing that neither side had a clear advantage, the two faction leaders, Geser and Zavulon, called a truce and each side commissioned a quasi- police force to ensure it was kept; the Light side’s force was called The Night Watch. At times, you get lost in the plot as you try to understand what is going on, but you do get caught up in the visuals, which is the strength of the film. Both establish what can only be called monster-spy agencies to watch over the other. While it adds more explanation to the “Others” concept, it cuts some subplots and trims the movie down. The punchy, nonstop visual effects crowd out coherent storytelling. I believe a film doesn’t have to bear a specific nationality. Some dialogues, nevertheless, could have been a bit more articulate. Aleksey Chadov as Kostya.

In the international cut, when Anton is heading towards Svetlana’s apartment and his dialog with Olga is heard, Anton asks what if Svetlana recognizes him in from the subway, and Olga tells him to say he’s a patient hoping she’ll believe. Ultimately there is one key brilliance to the movie: Fourteen years later, Anton has enlisted in the Night Watch. In the film’s climax, Anton prevents a catastrophic storm from leveling Moscow, when he realizes that Svetlana is an Other, and begins teaching her to control her power. Night Watch Nochnoi Dozor – Trailer. You may have noticed some of the recent changes we have made.

The New York Times. Many subplots lead to quick and unsatisfying ending, and the finale is incredibly anti-climactic. Anton’s investigations lead him to a nurse, Svetlana, whom disaster seems to follow everywhere, and a young boy named Yegor. Aleksey Chadov as Kostya. Dozorr Gloom allows them to move through doors and be invisible to humans.


Films directed by Timur Bekmambetov. The International version is shorter by 10 minutes. Koldunya Darya Mariya Mironova Jazz trumpeter Nate Wooley’s quartet tackles a big landscape, a big reaction, and a big chill on the complex and patient new fdee, Columbia Icefield.

Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Films. One year after the Russian release, the international distribution began. The caption appears as blood red text that dissolves as blood would in water. Ignat as Gosha Kutsenko Aleksey Chadov InEmpire published a list of one hundred best films in the history of world cinema — Night Watch took the hundredth place in it. Although the ideas for the plot are quite good, I found them all over the place and hochnoi for the most part.

Share this Rating Title: When taken by Simeon to see Geser, he is shocked by the news. This mostly incoherent, enormously eccentric helping of mayhem breaks into so many fragments that watching the movie can be a bit like trying to assemble the pieces from several jigsaw puzzles.

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From Olivia Colman ‘s delightful acceptance speech to a Wayne’s World reunion, here are our favorite moments from the Oscars. Retrieved 8 July Mariya Mironova II as Irina. It’s an interesting take on the old light vs.

I must admit I was expecting a lot from this film but was rather disappointed. Maria Poroshina as Svetlana.

Night Watch

The HDX encodes are based ffree the International release and retain the original Russian dialog track with the stylized subtitles. Still shocked, he is taken away by Simeon to see Geser. There is, simply, the choice to do either good or bad.


Forced to make his choice, he joins the Night Watch.

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nocynoi Edit Did You Know? Valery Zolotukhin as Kostya’s Father. A serious drawback of the film is the lack of explanation on some principle points.

Edit Details Official Sites: Yola’s solo debut, Walk Through Fire, soars to showcase her dynamic and captivating vocals while delivering an evocative and playful mix of retro country and soul. The Fellowship of the Ring.

The film is a new breed on the vampire story, and though not perfect by any means, this one is still quite good and manages to be a roller coaster ride of action and horror from start to finish. The soundtrack is annoyingly offered for the cell phones: I don’t really much incline to the idea that we are somehow aesthetically and culturally above the rest of the world and that we should obligatory go our own way.

Prose Poetry for the Punk Rock Masses Jessica Hopper’s Night Moves is a dozen thorny roses for the city that keeps blowing its windy-ness beneath nochnpi darkly comic wings.

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