The protective shield barely holding as they burn back down and crash land near the city they just saved. Monsuno Masterpost — January 10, Chase learns how to use his Monsuno, which he names Liger. Works by Larx Entertainment. This page was last edited on 4 February , at Although the Opening and Ending largely consist of episode clips, there is couple instances of original animation in the Opening sequence. Jeredy Suno’s important, world-saving work. To stop the earthquakes and steal the piece of Pentoculus.

Droog executes his plan to use the Failsafe Device to destroy the Monsuno essence and avenge the people of his destroyed planet. The bookman tries to make Liger his Monsuno, but it doesn’t work. Instead, the Japanese version just shows Chase becoming engulfed in the explosion and immediately waking up. Can Chase save them? Jon Ace and S. Works by Larx Entertainment. In an unusual case, Monsuno was originally recorded and produced in English, unlike most Japanese productions. Strategic Tactical Operatives for Recovery of Monsuno join Chase at the lab, but it is soon revealed that they are after the fully loaded Core that Jeredy left behind for his son.

Klipse has teamed up with Professor Tallis to create dangerous Dino-Monsuno creatures. This page was last edited on 23 Februaryat Without him the rest of the Core-Tech team start arguing which results in a 2 on 2 battle amongst themselves.

This even includes the production of the Music, Sound Effects, and such. After Jeredy and the Core-Tech team place the last failsafe device, they are attacked by the Eklipse Organization.

Name changes also occur with the names of the Monsuno as well. Two, he is once again trying to create a human-Monsuno hybrid. Biz, later reported 91 the United States would broadcast the second season in the second half of Monsuno Masterpost — January 10, In the desert, Liger happens upon a Monsuno wild core buried in the ground and absorbs its essence.

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Also, Professor Tallis has the third piece of Pentoculus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chase leads a brave infiltration of the S.


Team Core-Tech discovers monxuno S. Your Destiny Awaits Kengan Ashura After discovering the plan, Team Core-Tech tries to stop it. Lists of American children’s animated television series episodes Lists of anime episodes.

Season 2 of the American-Japanese produced animated series, titled “Monsuno: The three survived members of the Hand have been transformed to children- Petros, Terz and Dasha now work with Digby Droog. Later, it turns out to be a simulator to see if Team Core-Tech had what it took if it became real. Jakks Pacific owns exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture Monsuno’s toy products. M specialist Alpha of Strike Squad wishes to prove that he is a superior Monsuno controller to Chase, and challenges him by invoking the rite of Tav Kagah.

They discover that Jeredy and Chase’s friend Jon Ace had survived the explosion, but was reborn as a Monsuno by Eklipse, and Jeredy is captured.

The first two episodes “Clash” and “Courage” aired as a one-hour special. The other changes made to the Japanese version is that some of the personalities have been modified slightly, as well as name changes to several of the characters in the show.

During an attack by Jack on the Core-Tech team, he reveals the full scope of his mission to the Core-Tech team and later the rest of the world. Under constant robot drone attack, Jon Ace warns Chase that he has a spy in his midst and invites him to join S. An intense 3-way face-off against Dr. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Views Read Edit View history.

In this confused state, a former S. However, a scene reveals this to be a ploy by the Hand of Destiny as they seek to shed their mortality! However, the Well of Sight makes the HOD’s shape shifter monsunos exceedingly powerful, and they have Sophia as a trump card. Bren has a vision of Sophia while attempting to help Chase with his meditations.


With the help of their new hyper monsuno, Team Core-Tech may stand a chance against their adversaries. Using Jack as a diversion and with help of Dawnmaster, Chase plans to break into Eklipse Organization headquarters and free his father once and for all.

Chase, Bren, Jinja, and Beyal have a vision of the future in which Liger goes rogue and causes widespread destruction.

Chase and friends seek the final piece of the Pentoculus. Chase and Team Core-Tech discover that Dr. This thing has enough power to level an entire city.

Combat Chaos, with the introduction of Core-Tech and S. Meanwhile, Dark Spin attacks the rest of the Core-Tech team.

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Retrieved from ” https: To find out more, including how to epiaode cookies, see here: Chase’s visions are getting more intense, while Beyal’s are disappearing. Meanwhile the whole Earth is suffering from earthquakes and Jeredy Konsuno is trying to stop them.

Bekka calms him down. The protective shield barely holding as they burn back down and crash land near the city they just saved. Chase and Team Core-Tech attempt to intercept an unauthorized sale of Monsuno Essence, but end up uncovering a more dangerous plot, crafted by Droog.

Also, this episode was originally scheduled to air February 2, for the United Fpisode, but it was taken off due to last minute scheduling changes. Beyal has a vision of Master Ey in trouble.

It just so happens that they are that five, along with Dax, a teenager who along with his Monsuno Airswitch, opposes the team and is disliked among most people.