They each watched the other with no attempts to hide their true emotions. Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you’ve watched, earn points and more. He had likely seen other friends framed during Uther’s purge of magic, and there was something in the way he stood that told Merlin that this would not end well. Did you enjoy this post? Watch Now With Prime Video. Register using a connected account. The same thing over and over is so boring.

Maybe Gwen can hatch a plan that isn’t crap, and Merlin will finally be forced to tell Arthur he has magic. Even Gwaine, who had polished boots and been chased through castles with him, was staring at him as if he’d never seen him before. Share this Rating Title: If Gwen, who was so clearly enchanted he couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen it before, managed to convince them that he was guilty, and if he couldn’t sneak out to save him, he might not be able to attend Arthur’s funeral. Someone made a video like this Then Gaius tells Merlin that his magic is the only thing that can save Arthur and devices a plan to get Merlin to Arthur.

He glanced around the room and realised that it may not be hard for her to convince others of his guilt. JennyTrout View more posts. He saw Gaius watching the scene with a solemnity that he had acquired after years of standing by and letting things happen.

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And what was the point of killing Elyian? D” and then all: Gaius talks Gwen into leaving and Merlin quickly uses his magic to bring Arthur back to life. Create Account Return to Login. Angel Coulby certainly seems to be having fun with the part! Wasn’t he like going apeshit to be included last week? And that they were smart enough to do major stuff. Source Loved me some of that Morgwen Stockholm realness even though it is frakked up.


Jerlin, especially, looked terrified, and Leon seemed particularly startled. This was another episode showing the overall darkness of the season, while maintaining a little humor. Return to Login Forgot Password.

Last time on MerlinMorgana kidnapped Wztch and held her in the Dark Tower — an ominous tower known for its terror inducing effects. This is the only thing I could imagine happening in that small gap between scenes. What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about?

Aside from that, A Lesson In Vengeance delved into the puppet queen and just how evil she really has become as she killed Tyr, almost killed Arthur and framed anyone who got in her way. I have it on my other computer venyeance not on this one.

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Guinevere then poisons Arthur and casts the blame on Merlin, leaving an imprisoned Merlin to use magic to save himself and the king. What object would Bronwyn steal from this 5×007 And you finally get “Arwen” sleeping together, only for them to make Gwen go off an meet Morgana. Percival’s expression was guarded, but the look on Mordred’s face was of outright fear.

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Or, consider becoming a Patreon patron! Sir Gwaine Veronica Roberts Verify your username and email to complete your Registration. When Gwaine returns to Camelot, he informs everyone of his encounter with Morgana. A Lesson in Vengeance — Jessica Jarman. So, I kept hearing about how Gwen was watcj awesome this season and now she’s evil? You are successfully logged out. Who wants the throne? Watch Now With Prime Video.

He didn’t need Gaius to tell him that. Create Account Forgot Password. Gwaine is too loyal to Merlin, Mordred wants to be on Merlin’s good side, Leon has known him from the start and I’m pretty sure he’s seen or heard about Merlin’s many attempts to actively save Arthur’s life, and Percival, who we know nothing about, has probably seen enough of how things work in Camelot to know that Merlin is innocent. If Gwen, who was so clearly enchanted he couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen it before, managed to convince them that he was guilty, and if he couldn’t sneak out to save him, he might not be able to attend Arthur’s funeral.


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How on Earth did you get in here? The next morning Merlin is released from prison and Arthur tells him vengeancee he knows Merlin could never have tried to attempt to take his life, but just as Merlin is about to tell him about Gwen, Arthur leaves to attend a council meeting because, of course, Gwen has conveniently found some more evidence.

Why do all of Gwen’s episodes have her suffering?

Why kill him and still have Gaius around? Mandrake theory from before. It’s not like he contributes anything any more. Gelda Seward Tom Hopper Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! So why did z allow him to be thrown in the dungeons? Dialogue spoiler from 5.

The thing I hated most about this episode: Feb 16, Carrie Hildebrand. Don’t forget that one girl that was Gwen’s made in the beginning of the season-also evil. vebgeance