However, upon coming home to visit his sick father, his dying wish is to have a grandson. He assumes that Katerina is happy without him and he decides to go with Emily to Italy. Lydia is torn between her career and love life, in the end, she chooses to marry the man of her life, scarring her relationship with her father. Both of them loved each other. The Montenegros are back and Emily rejoices as she will be able to execute her plan of revenge. Before being known as one of the most hated villains, but well respected thespians in the Philippine entertainment industry, Rez Cortez was first known as a dancer in a variety show.

His dedication to duty led to his heroic deed, by becoming one of the 44 officers of SAF who died during the encounter in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. It is the story about Jeyrick who wants to work on a carrot farm with his friend. Katerina faints due to exhaustion and Daniel tries to revive her. Young Nathan and Katerina say goodbye to each other and she takes a liking to Daniel The show is hosted by 24 Oras anchor Mel Tiangco and features inspiring stories and life experiences from both famous and ordinary people. However, her ordeal was far from over. Emil comes from a poor family and he doesn’t have the resources to take care of Rhoda so when Wendel Rafael Rosell , Rhoda’s suitor proposes to her giving her mother the promise to clear all of her debts, Mabel didn’t think twice and let her daughter marry Wendel. Love was inside the Palo Cathedral where she witness the total destruction of the Church.

In the epilogue, Manang Henya and Margaret reconcile while thinking about Daniel and Katerina being reunited in the afterlife.


Instead, he tells Daniel to wait for Katerina to become an adult and if they still love each other when the time comes, he is willing to give them his blessing.

Fondly called Kaka by his barrio-mates and colleagues in showbiz, Bert Marcelo Jose Manalo resorted to odd jobs when he was young to augment the family income. Jennylyn MercadoAlden Richards. By continuing past this page, and by your continued use of this site, you agree to be bound by and abide by the Terms of Use. Both sister would soon discover that Michael and Mark are one and the same.

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But, when their parents separated, Mariel decided to be with her father. Daniel sneaks in the Montenegro mansion after Genia informs him of Katerina’s visit.

But, her sense of humor would ease her burden. Retrieved June 4, Johanna mentions meeting Emilia to her father, who instantly recalls Emily.

Katerina declines Nathan’s proposal, saying the only man that she will love is Daniel.

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Rez CortezChanda Romero. They officially become a couple but Katerina asks Daniel to keep their relationship secret as her father wants her However, Ayana got married and had a child.

Daniel sends money he earns from the vineyards to his grandmother through a bank account he opened in her name. Katerina insists that Daniel stays at the hacienda for he’s the only one whom their father trained to run the farm. But, Alodia’s love and support urged him to fight. Another cover of the drama’s main theme song was covered by Nina Girado. Emily visits Johanna at home but she was at William’s wake.

He says they need to get married first before Allan returned home to Manila. Nathan tries to become distant towards Katerina as advised by Tomas, for her to start missing his So Erwin decided to ease his pain by painting. He then meet a stranger who acts friendly and was taken to the forest only to be sexually assaulted and the stranger was actually a pedophile. He was even invited for road shows abroad and achieved the fame he has today.


Daniel Gets to Be with episodr Montenegros Ang Bagong Yugto Angelito: Eduard Folayang’s dream of becoming a mixed martial arts fighter is disapproved by his father.

Katrina Halili Kim Domingo. Marco confronts his mother about Genia’s revelation and Margaret says her sister is up to no good and he shouldn’t be entertaining 212 thoughts. What’s worse is that, her husband Efren was arrested for hangan.

★STARTRIGA: Walang Hanggan August 9, Thursday (Full Episode)

Katerina Is Nowhere to Be Found The finale episode of “Walang Hanggan” drew in a record-breaking Elmer believes that his secret will be buried forever along with Ella into her grave but it is not as simple as it seems. He insists on going back to Olivares but Emily says he has to equip himself with the right epiaode to fight back home.

Mark Sangiao, an experienced mixed martial artist tries to balance his time for his family.

But, he would be a viral sensation and later be known as “Rogelia”. Johanna meets Emily aka Emilia Guidoti.