William aims his rifle at a rabbit, but the recoil from the shot gets him in the eye, and the rabbit runs away. My initial reaction to The Witch , on both occasions that I watched it, was that it was really frightening. A Supercreepy New England Folktale”. The family goat, Black Phillip, is revealed to be Satan. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association. It is revealed that Samuel is in fact a raven pecking at her bare and bloody breast.

Retrieved December 9, She later encounters Black Phillip and demands to speak to him. Retrieved May 17, Other films like Z for Zachariah and Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl subtly draw on questions and motifs that animate Biblical narratives and questions. Retrieved 26 September The greatest trick Eggers pulls is that he lulls you in with a supernatural horror story, only to hold a mirror up to modern society. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association.

Caleb disappears and comes across a small cottage.

Not knowing what to do, William barricades the three remaining children in the barn with the remaining goats. William grabs a hatchet and seems ready to fight, but he then drops it, allowing Black Phillip to charge at him again and knock him into a pile of logs that crushes him.

Archived copy as title. Send your questions or comments about this or any other spoiler to: Eggers, who was born in New Hampshire, was inspired to write the film by his childhood vvktch with witches and frequent visits to the Plimoth Plantation as a schoolboy.

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Thomasin, whose sexuality had been repressed by her puritanical family, was left embracing her femininity — albeit nude in a forest with a bunch of witches. Retrieved December 21, Other films like Z for Zachariah and Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl subtly draw on questions and motifs that animate Biblical narratives and questions.


When the boy returns naked and with fever, the twins accuse Thomasnin of witchcraft and she discloses that they spoilfr to the goat, in the beginning of the tragic end of their family. Beware of High Expectations”. That night, Katherine questions Thomasin about the disappearance of her cup while implying Thomasin was responsible for Samuel’s vanishing. When he awakens the next day, he expels a bloody apple from his mouth; Katherine believes it spoileg be witchcraft. United States Canada [2] spoler.

Topics The Witch Film blog. William chastises Caleb for raising the question and later reveals to Caleb that he traded Katherine’s silver cup for hunting supplies. The goat asks if Thomasin would like to “live deliciously” and materializes into a tall, black-clad man. You can send in your spoiler to other movies by going here. In the night, Katherine sees ghosts of Caleb and Samuel. The witches rise into the air and to Thomasin’s great surprise, she too rises into the air.

San Francisco Film Critics Circle. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. The most inspiring movies. Mmovie from the original on December 20, But those very genre expectations have disappointed many audiences of The Witch.

Does ‘The Witch’ Have a Happy Ending?

Holz on Plugged Ina publication of the conservative Christian organisation Focus on the Familyheavily criticised movvie film, stating that. British Board of Film Classification. William goes to the forest to hunt since the crop has failed and he confides to his son that he sold Katherine’s silver goblet o buy supplies.

Retrieved 24 March Meanwhile, Katherine appears to find Caleb sitting in a chair, holding Samuel. Chicago Film Critics Association. New York Film Critics Online.

The casting took place in England, as Eggers wanted authentic accents to represent a family newly arrived in Plymouth. Which I was fine with, because I feel like it was intentional.


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Thomasin embraces the darkness and begins to float high above the trees herself. Retrieved 26 February Katherine comes out and continues to accuse Thomasin, blaming her for the deaths of her family members. As the struggling family tries to settle in their new isolated homestead, before long, disaster will strike when their infant child vanishes into thin air, and shortly after, other unforeseen and grievous calamities smite the God-fearing farmers.

The Witch takes place in Colonial America, and it unfolds from the perspective of period Christians who genuinely believe the woods around their tiny farm contain some sort of evil, supernatural being—and are ultimately proved correct.

The Witch: the blood, the gore, the goat – discuss the film with spoilers

The commotion awakens an gvitch Katherine, who now vvitxh Thomasin for the tragedies that have beset the family and tries to strangle her. Katherine, devastated, spends her days crying and praying, while William insists a wolf stole the baby. The website’s critical consensus reads, “As thought-provoking as it is visually compelling, The Witch delivers a deeply unsettling exercise in slow-building horror that suggests great things for debuting writer-director Robert Eggers.

The Witch follows a Separatist family encountering forces of evil in the woods beyond their New England farm, forces that may be either real or imagined.

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