I worked for that story for eight months and Venkatesh waited for that script to complete for 6 months. Retrieved 4 June Please upload the file as a post attachment instead. His camera has captured all those intense scenes excellently particularly a few scenes on the highway when Manoj and his band are on their way to Hyderbad from Bangalore. Anushka has nailed the role of Saroja going from funny to angry to angst with ease. Let me talk about the nature. The general perception is that an award winning movie tends to be a boring art movie. Now, enough of appearances.

I wanted to tell that story. A movie to wait for.. His mother wants him to follow the same path, but he is not interested. Its a Very Good Movie and a Lot of new point of view. Five elements It may not look obvious when you analyse the five characters, but I had taken five elements as base for the five characters in the movie. When you observe the movie then it actually makes more sense when you relate it back to back. It is his invisible pain.

In the embassy, Raheemuddin says that he want to fly to Dubai tomorrow 31 December 2. The band successfully reaches Hyderabad. Quite aggressive, I must say. Bunny, Manoj, Anushka, Thaatha, Sharanya. Next scene is a ‘basthi’ slum in Jubilee hills, Hyderbad. Allu Arjun acting is too too good. When I stopped car at him, he movif me for money. IndiaGlitz appreciates the director, Krish for making such a meaningful movie. Vedam had no promotional activities since the film’s launch a in He along with his girl friend Lasya Lekha Washington and their gang set up a rock band in Bangalore.

With a conflict in each story, the first half ends. Pawan kalyan was dng extras and this was the lesson given to him. The Kaepuram of India gave a review stating “After watching contrived plots and stereotype protagonists, this path-breaking movie arrives as a breath of fresh karpurma.


The next important technician is the cinematographer VS Gnana Sekhar.

He created a good first impression on me. Something that is karpuran not expected of them. We know it when we are doing something that is not touching us. I won’t brief about the 5 stories but they are very different from each other and there is believability to each one of them although in various degrees.

He is a good man and a beloved husband yet in the bad books of the police.

M M Keeravani’s music and rerecording are remarkable. The Beginning Pelli Choopulu Baahubali 2: He is the script consultant for Vedam and he guided me in structuring the script.

He was an apt choice to play the music loving wannabe rock-star Vivek.

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The actor is making sure that three of his films will release in the next year. Undeniably, it’s another inspiring film from the maker of Gamyam. Originally Posted by cinemapichodu Quote: Parallel to the lives of these 6 people, a gang of terrorists plot a karppuram to massacre innocent citizens in the name of ‘Jihad’. Proud to have such a movie made in Telugu.

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Both should be appreciated coming forward for such a fantastic film. Earth is always ready to sacrifice everything it has. Anushka has done a decent job.

Chala mandi life lu settle ayipoyayi He has also given some nice suggestion and I implemented all his suggestions in the movie.


Karpyram other actors have done a great job but a lame member of the audience would feel there were too many characters involved yet the script emerges winner. Allu Arjun is an excellent fit in the role of Cable Raju. This movie is a clear winner and any rating will only be too less. Retrieved 6 December The title of Vedam struck him when he was penning the story at Sirivennela’s home.

I never expected any other director than ManiRatnam vedaj make a movie like this.

He worked really hard and it shows up in the movie. Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Arey boggu, ee prapancham lo rende caste lu ra Despite being a multi-folded film laced with a great dose of human values, his latest film Vedam movie is doing well at box office.

The five principal characters were based on the five natural elements-Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Sky.

Vedam Review

This incident happened after khushi movie. And that his name is Radhakrishna. That Radhakrishna Krish is a success. Pic can update your channel preference from the Settings menu in the header menu. But, Vedam acted as a tight slap on me. He loves Pooja Deeksha Sethwho is from the upper class of the society. How these people are related and how the others kovie the hospital, who are held as hostages by the terrorists, are saved, forms the terrific remainder of this paramount story.

Awesome It completely reveals today’s world.