They were pretty much blindsided by a shitty situation. This show kicked ass. The best stories have their grounding in realism and Valvrave is just mocking this concept. Jolie has set Japanese guitarist, singer and visual Kei perfomer Miyavi to play the role of Mutsushiro I understand Haruto’s reasons and I don’t blame him, but the moment she became the leader the rest of them should have filled her in. It was only natural for the reveal to come later on that it could actually be taking away your memories. Akira was like the ‘Nina’ of Valvrave except she was a lot more likeable towards the end. Anyway, the dude at the end talking to the Mages or whatever is the president of Arus.

And i kinda saw that girl being the pilot. Not even Eru can stop the harem ending. Fanservice characters and annoying highschool girls ugh.. If the response is because it wouldn’t fit or flow, then it’s obviously not as important a fact as you make it seem. Let’s begin, shall we? Fanservice characters and annoying highschool girls ugh. Whatever like i care what you think about me. I can understand– man, does that formula get tiresome.

I wish I could’ve read what all those instant messages were during the announcement. Aside from that, Shoko deserves to lose at this point. Wow, Sunrise just took a mediocre show and give it’s first season an ending so great it’s the thing I’m most hyped for this fall. The album eentravity songs performed by the actors in the series. We want a comeback.

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Either they did it willingly perhaps some as-of-yet-unknown allegiance to the Magius or they were tricked into doing it like Shouko and the others were manipulated in this episode by the ARUS Leader. In the last episode of the first cour, the eppisode of ARUS meets with the evil council of cliche super secret organization. She was in a entrvaity situation where everyone else was calling for Haruto to be turned over and were clearly not following her orders anymore to the point of restraining her.


The real problem of the matter was that everyone was keeping this huge secret from Shouko to begin with. I will never achieve happiness again. Related Lost in America: I’d rather we stick to calling out “best girls” than hating on inferior ones, please. This is such nonsense that i don’t know what to say. Love drama is not the main focus of this show.

Secondly, even in deep space, where the temperature is in fact very low, it’s still not “cold” in the usual sense — you won’t lose heat very quickly, because vacuum is a very good insulator. I don’t even know where to start. They went too far. Fanservice characters and annoying highschool girls ugh. Henshin Justice Unlimited DecaEnd. I sure as fuck wouldn’t forgive her at this point.

Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 12 Discussion

I was pretty certain that Shoko’s shuttle was going to get splattered after they handed over Haruto; I have to admit to being a little disappointed when Jewbro stepped in to save that pack of ungrateful jerks. Dear lord that shit was heavy. It showed all the pilots appearing in order – Rukino, Inuzuka, Thunder, Renbokouji Wasn’t it weird that she appeared before everyone else?

What will they say? He might have lost a bunch of other memories too, but he wouldn’t be able to tell whether he forgot them in the first place. I am going to guess X-eins will help them escape, ever his his friend was killed for being a “traitor” he has had his doubts, also he discovered there was something special about that earring in an earlier episode.

Not enough time for them to make a non-bullshit comeback in the next few episodes, but imagine Sunrise decides “You know, fuck a heroic, somewhat happy ending. I decided to ignore you when you posted this. That was good stuff. I’m guessing they both knew beforehand, and set this all up, meaning ARUS has either also been invaded by Magius, or are equally deceived. But you have to dance around saying that they are so called important plot holes in the show. Thus far, L-Elf is closest to Lelouch, and not just because of the “plans”.


Hot iron’s in the vacuum of space FFS also did we see the rape baby? Oh right and L-elf wasn’t a cliche invincible type who just wants to use others to save or bring revolution to Dorssia for the sake of a pink-haired princess he cares about?

However Saki is the most popular character both in japan and the west, so I doubt they will dick her over the same way certain green haired best girl valvrzve dicked over. God damn, they are retarded All fanart posts must flaired and posted appropriately.

Sincerely hope that Haruto takes that scoreboard and realizes the best girl They have these space ships that abduct people like cows and harvest people for their memories and there’s like 70 of them or something.

Eru will becomes a part of it. The biggest problems are these so called plotholes you mention. Read the rules for examples. Anyways I seriously can’t wait for a second season in October it’s going to kill me to wait that long In the mean time, watch this xD http: After beginning the massacre why valvraev any of them stop and say “Wait a minute. Post filters Reset Filters Hide: