You have to watch the whole story first, just knowing the ending is useless. She’s already a mother now. Login or Register before you can reply to sure-lee. All three having this hairstyle By 0ly40 Started June 18, Damien seem to be happy. Jess asked Tavia when will she tell Damien about the baby.

I thought the series was okay. The two Siu Sangs each have their own way to kiss. However, Rebecca had no feelings after the kisses. Overall, what a disappointment, SSSS. Then go ahead and marry some more concubines. As reported on Asianpopnews recently, tabloids claimed that the TVB Most Favourite Character winner was dating Rebecca secretly after he was spotted picking up and sending Rebecca home after the screening of their drama’s finale at a shopping mall. However, the two Siu Sangs kiss differently.

Login or Register before you can reply to Nicole. The closest I got not long ago was on the separation of Yee Yin and Damien at the end. He has to vote for me! Damien seem to sikver happy. So, she experienced loneliness and loss of care and love from his husband especially when the fourth wife came in. It’s cute to see them all wiping their eyes.

Elliot does not have enough fan base to carry an entire series, unlike Damian who is more popular erama audiences. Posted October 28, The ending is not meant to be something tserling or intense, but I feel the conclusion is the best to the story.

Jayne, He really is a little OTT, but like you said, he has the look and the presence. Tsz Kwan willingly strips herself to her undergarments and gives the dress to Yvonne.


Login or Register before you can reply to Hannah. Login or Register before you can reply to aptos. How do you feel about this article? And Siu Yau never loved Charles. Artistes Baby Pictures Read posts about artistes’ baby pictures! This series is Rebecca Zhu’s debut, but Netizens said her acting is too stiff and teased that her Cantonese is no good.

Rebbecca told him that if, he truly loves her, he will want her to be happy not bring her grief. We just had a very short scene to explain it.

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 40 recap (End) – hkoreandramaisland

Last week, audience complained the plot was unreasonable, no new concepts, shacklea was just repeating, too bloody and violent, and the ending was bad, it was too tragic. Mingpao, CSM by wacow Ejding by: Posted October 25, Login or Register before you can reply to sure-lee. The many flashback dragged the ending and if TVB edited out all the flashback scenes they could have just ended the entire series in one episode!

Posted December 16, Pre-modern, Drama, Family Episodes: Tavia asked Damien if he is interested to go with her to Shanghai. Login or Register before you can reply to TN1. Login or Register before you can reply to pop. The finale hasn’t sink in yet.

It was said Damian and the kiss scenes with whackles 4 wives were developed by the artists themselves and wasn’t in the script. She was grateful, she liked him, she learned from him but she never loved him.


Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles episode 40 recap (End)

Also, I haven’t celebrated after coming back from Malaysia. It was understood, the SSSS scenes are going to get more and more intense as more episodes broadcast. Viewers felt it was a pity Damian and Idy Chan couldn’t end up.

Leave it all to fate. Kenneth pushed Ron and ran with Rebeccca. You used black stockings to seduce your boyfriend too? He and Choi Yuet end up in a happy marriage. When it was said that his good friend, Michelle Yim, is also one of the hot contenders for TV queen, he immediately tvn, “She is not in my series Netizens were outraged and criticized TVB’s rape scenes, making it seem as if the production is not taken seriously. Rebecca told Kenneth they can still be friends.

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Susan October 2, at 3: Women had to do everything they could to keep the man’s heart. Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles. Having to marry you as your third wife is already demeaning me, yet you still want to marry that actress as your fourth wife?

Charmaine told Damien that too much drinking will harm his health.