Welcome, Login to your account. Anshuman says I m sorry, Ayaan is not agreeing so I had to do this. Ayaan is still upset. He puts dome batter on the floor hoping that tanya will slip but maaji falls instead… Ayaan plays innocence that he was saving Tanya and did not warn maaji about the batter on the floor… A delighted Tanya again thanks ayaan that he can wish anything from her…. Anshuman supports Tanya and takes her inside. Tanya smiles and hugs him. Anshuman finds his tablet.

Anshuman says do you still love me. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Pakhi and Anshuman laughs with Ayaan. She says Girish has cheated me, I need your help. She challenges Pakhi and says my chances are less as my foot is hurt. Like 0 Dislike 0. He says fine I will call and ask her.

Ayaan shows her Anshuman bringing Pakhi in his arms. She hugs him and says I made muffins for you to surprise you, but all the muffins burnt. Anshuman says you can take any other saree of you want. Tanya blinks to Pakhi. Ayaan says mom and dad are getting divorced?

He asks her not to make any mistake.

A password will be e-mailed to you. He says you still love me, I know the truth, you re trying to make me jealous.

Tanya says yes, I can do anything for you. Tanya says its complicated dish. Tanya is shocked to see it and gets angry on Maa ji.

Anshuman says do you still love me. Ayaan says now your turn mum. Pakhi says who am I to make Tanya leave as Anshuman gave her a place in his life. Pakhi touches her cheek after Anshuman leaves. Anshuman says fine and leaves. Pakhi says come home soon darling.


She says I m doing this for Ayaan, but when you come closer to me, I feel for you. He asks what are the rules. Tanya comes and acts sweet to Ayaan. Lavanya says great idea.

Tanya gets ready on ayaan insistence and whilst away from the kitchen he increases the degree of the oven for the muffin to burn… He then goes to Tanya room to help on deciding the outfit to wear… The smell of burning from the kitchen makes her come rushing to the kitchen and is upset that her muffins are burnt… she blames maaji for not being attentive… Ayaan who is happy that his plan worked and sends the photo of the burnt muffins to girish….

Lavanya says no, sense of humor also matters, I stay happy with him, he makes me smile. Lavanya says I need your help. Maa ji tells her that Anshuman and Pakhi went out alone.

Like 0 Dislike 0. He says she is important to me. Anshuman lifts her and pakh her to the room. He asks the vendor who served them and mentions a mechanic near by… anshuman gives him money to bring him to them….

Tanya says Ayaan hates me. Ayaan thinks I m feeling to punch you. Vikram looks at it.

Telly Written Updates: Tumhari Pakhi – 17th April Written Update

Sign in Recover your password. Ayaan is happy and rakes them. Lavanya is with Vikram and Vikram gives all the credit to Lavanya. She argues with him. Anshuman says ya I was saying this is rubbish.


Ayaan wants to spoil Tanya’s plan

Pakhi says can you say that you love Anshuman. Ayaan comes to her and makes her drenched by water gun.

Tanya says if you tell this, I will leave? Tanya feels she should do anything to get Anshuman.

Telly Written Updates: Tumhari Pakhi – 12th May Written Update

Anshuman says I m sorry, Ayaan episkde not agreeing so I had to do this. He says I m sorry. Ayaan says I said sorry for you and dad. Anshuman and Pakhi says whats this now.

She says the day did not go waste as you are with me. Pakhi says whats this. Tanya says I can do anything to play with you, I will go and change. Ayaan asks Anshuman to lift Pakhi in his arms. Pakhi taunts her back well. They have a laugh. Lavanya says we have to send Ayaan to hostel.

Pakhi asks Ayaan to help her in cooking. I worked so hard and it got waste. She asks him to come home soon.