Retrieved September 30, Simmons can only sustain Skye temporarily by placing her in the hyperbaric chamber. Retrieved November 27, Archived from the original on August 13, Archived from the original on October 25, Retrieved June 7, Archived from the original on August 7,

Terri Schwartz, writing for Zap2it following the airing of “Nothing Personal”, called the series “incredible”, stating that it “got off to a rocky start”, but that changed once the Winter Soldier tie-in took place. Retrieved October 4, Season 1 Episode Guide”. Raina delivers a photo of Skye to a mysterious man, telling him she has found his daughter. We didn’t know we were going to fall in love with Ruth Negga the way we did as Raina. Sif confronts Lorelei while May fights Ward and fixes the collar to her neck, undoing her enchantment. Tobias “targets” Hannah to protect her from those who would try to harm her.

Retrieved October 24, Archived from the original on September 10, Book Category Outline Portal.

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Another ice machine soon freezes cadet Donnie Gillthough the agents are able to save him. Though he found the main cast’s performances to all be good, and praised the strong guest and recurring stars, Goldman found the main characterizations to be weak during the onljne half of the season, and he also criticized the pacing of certain overarching plotlines, noting “the mystery of Coulson’s return, Skye’s parentage, etc.

The writers worked to establish a “regular day at S. Half a dozen 8k maps make up the details on the plane which allows the camera to get right up to the surface of the plane without any loss of detail.



Meanwhile, Coulson and May are keeping information regarding Skye’s parents from her. FuseFX designed the Bus, and “Extreme attention was paid when designing the textures and rigging for this asset. The ‘Agents of S. Archived from the original on August 5, Archived from the original on October 26, Archived from the original on December 3, Centipede were introduced in “Pilot”; [76] a theme for the Agents as aatch team was introduced in ” “; [77] the Skye theme was introduced in ” The Asset “; [78] a theme for both Fitz and Simmons together was introduced in ” FZZT “; [79] a theme for Victoria Hand and The Hub, which served as the theme for ‘Big S.

After the two agents lock themselves in the Bus’ infirmary, Ward ejects it into the ocean. Archived from the original on April 18, Archived from the original on March 12, Sif returns Lorelei to Asgard, and May ends her relationship with Ward. Hunting watcch Clairvoyant, the team boards s010e2 train in Italy on which a Cybertek Inc.

Quinn wiife to sell Deathlok soldiers to the military, and invites them to tour Cybertek’s facility. Hide ads with VIP. Retrieved March 31, God of Thunder Captain America: Retrieved November 27, Once there, the team quickly realizes that the object is a piece of onlkne Hydra technology powered by Tesseract energy.

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With Thor off the grid, Coulson’s team is assisted by Dr. Meanwhile, May leaves the team, tired of Coulson not trusting her.

Critics’ Choice Television Awards. Skyea hactivist who saw Peterson in action, warns him about S. Archived from the original on May 7, Storyboards were used throughout the season, to “put the director, stunts, camera, FX and the crew on the same page”, though Joss Whedon did onlime use them for the pilot.


The cases are trohpy on Project Centipede and its leader, The Clairvoyantwhile Coulson also searches for answers concerning his mysterious resurrection after dying in The Avengers. Retrieved April 5, Retrieved December 19, Coulson tells Skye the origin of the drug used to revive them, and despite how disturbed Coulson is by this fact, Skye remains optimistic.

The group overloads him with energy, causing him to explode.

Skye is confronted by Quinn, and discovers the alive Peterson in a hyperbaric chamber. Retrieved June 28, Archived from the original on April 11, It is later revealed that Tobias caused minor safety issues and filed safety reports to a01e02 time with Hannah.

For the final six episodes, Marvel began the ” Marvel’s Agents of S. Storyboards and Interview by Warren Drummond”.

Initially it seems to cause an Extremis reaction, but Garrett recovers. Colonel Glenn Talbot sends a military team to the Hub, so Coulson leaves with the team and Triplett, ordering Skye to erase all their identities, including Ward’s.

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