The story by Alexander Borshagovka was called “Three Poplars at Shabolovka”, and initially this was what the film was to be called. Nyura sits in the passenger seat of the taxi. Nurya takes an overnight trip to Moscow to sell some farm goods and to check up on her sister-in-law at her husband’s insistence. We’ll Live Till Monday At one point it begins to pour, turning the taxi into their own private cocoon with a cascading sheet of water between them and the world. Find out about international touring programmes. CS1 Russian-language sources ru Articles containing Russian-language text. This is the story of Nyura, played by Tatyana Doronina.

But unfortunately, due to external circumstances continuation of this connection does not develop. Quotes [ first lines ] Nyura: Film industry statistics and reports. Audible Download Audio Books. The first scene by the river is particularly obtuse, because the male villager’s pronunciation, as well as his rural vocabulary, phraseology, and use of proverbs, reflect aspects of his rural life. At the request of the filmmakers, the tenants of the apartment left for their dacha , leaving it at full disposal of the crew. It is almost a retelling of the Paris section of the Hollywood film Casablanca or, more accurately, of the British classic Brief Encounter , albeit without the middle-class constipation. I’m not spoiling anything if I say that nothing dramatic happens.

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How will she handle the situation? Become a BFI Patron.

Pokrov Gates TV Movie She arranges to meet him again, but her courage fails her at last moment. Quotes [ first lines ] Nyura: Edit Did You Know? She is a two-time winner of the Nika Award. Stories from the lives of the tennants of the Moscow’s communal apatment: At the request of the filmmakers, the tenants of the apartment left for their dachaleaving it at full disposal of the crew. The cinematography is quite stunning.


She glances at the taxi driver to check if he has noticed the car. While trying to suppress and hide her smile she contemplates if she should call his attention to the car. After the successful staging at the Moscow Art Theatre, based on Mikhail Roshchin’s play of the same name, it was filmed at Mosfilm with almost the same set of actors.

Yes No Report this. It is currently on display at the Mosfilm museum. The film was one of the most popular pictures in the Soviet Union, it was seen by 30,12 million viewers.

Three Poplars in Plyushcikha

It’s more about the what ifs. Three Poplars at Plyushchikha Street is a beautifully shot and masterfully acted romance about what if Tatyana Doronina possessed a beautifully expressive face reminiscent of a young Gena Rowlands.

An older male villager also pronounces vowels in an unusual way. At one point it begins to pour, turning the taxi into their own private cocoon with a cascading sheet of water between them and the world.

Three Poplars at Plyuschikha Street

Authors of scenario and dialogue: The series consists of three separate stories about different people in Moscow whose paths become intertwined at one point in their lives. Add the first question. He looks at it and says it’s a stocking after which she points at it while laughingly saying: We largely see her living from moment to moment, she rarely initiates things, rather she reacts to her environment without giving it much thought, and in the course of one or two days we share her little joys and worries, her little hopes and dreams there are two excellent dream sequences mofie I think give us quite a bit of insight into Nyura within very little time.


This is a film with few plot twists, but an extraordinary tour de force in terms of acting by both main actors.

Full Cast and Crew. Audible Download Audio Books. In the film Gentlemen of Fortune a man nicknamed as Sad Sack says: Share this Rating Title: Archived from the original on After the film introduces us a little to the daily routine of her simple but hard-working life as a housewife in the idyllic country her fairly stern husband sends her to Moscow to sell some ham, buy some stuff and to check on the possibly unfaithful sister-in-law if she has filed a divorce from her husband she won’t be welcome in town anymore, if she were to show up, her brother, he promises, would give her the beating of a lifetime.

Her husband neglects her – but a taxi-driver she meets on her way to her sister-in-law’s flat is attracted to her. Three Poplars at Plyuschikha Street Fedosya Ivanovna as V. Use film and TV in my classroom. They meet by chance and do not even go out on a date, yet Mar del Plata International Film Festival.