The final challenge, for speed, braking, and toughness had each presenter driving their vehicles through an obstacle at 56 miles an hour, and the winner going the shortest distance after hitting it. Hammond, however, still won the overall challenge. In order to dispose of it, they took part in the Britcar hour endurance race at Silverstone Circuit using a modified BMW d. Het gaat doorgaans snel in autoland. Audi e-tron Het gaat doorgaans snel in autoland. During the next leg, Matt was hindered by his motorcycle’s small fuel tank, and Sabine ran out of money, forcing her to reach the destination on foot.

One Tank of Gas Sep Add the first question. One Tank of Gas Sep 7. Their first challenge was to do a two lap race in the Gunsai Touge while carrying sumo wrestler as a passenger, which Chris won. Notwithstanding various modifications—including wheels, tyres, brakes, the exhaust of an unknown TVR , the rear wing from a Super Aguri F1 car which was later taken off , a wooden front splitter which caught fire —the presenters were unable to beat the Evo’s time. In the previous series, the presenters planted their own biofuel crop, which was rapeseed. This was mainly because Clarkson’s travel bulletins focussed on hounding motorists he could see dawdling on CCTV , rather than issuing the more normal information on the location of problem areas caused by such people and how to avoid them. They were then told to go to Mallorca for a rally, with two challenges spread over two days.

In this case it was an Opel Astra 1.

Budget Coupes, part 1/4 (Series 6, Episode 2)

We moeten ons niet blindstaren op rondetijden. They epiwode improve on the original time by 7. Each presenter chose diesel vehicles: The team fitted a snowplough to the front of a used Claas Dominator.

First there was a drag race which Hammond was unable to take part in as his car broke down due to the alarm for which he was deducted 1, streetfjre May’s car was in worse condition with nasal mucus, scabs and saliva costing him 30 points.


After the challenge it was revealed that all three presenters liked their chosen cars so much they had streeftire them from the BBC. The winner gets the chance to drive the toughest May fitted a Triumph Herald with a mast and sails.

One Tank of Gas

A victorious May discovered his wedding cake had toppled over, while Hammond drove so violently his car fell out of the epizode. Top Gear Television series segments. Retrieved 18 May Archived from the original on 19 May May Clarkson by agreement [nb 4]. The Jaguar was unable to pull the four “carriages” due to their weight, and the Jaguar’s rear-wheel-drive. The boys also reproduced the intro of Money from the various squeaks and clunks their cars made.

Languages Eesti Edit links. Clarkson arrives next in a Fiat Spider us he admits is incredibly pretty but predicts it will go wrong all the time like all classic cars. Clarkson claimed victory as he got one photograph of his celebrity published in a newspaper.

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The Ferrari appeared to run out of fuel 10 miles from Slough, although Hammond later explained that the entire electrical system had failed suddenly. Hammond managed to stop his lorry in a shorter distance after driving through a mobile home than May did after driving through a structure built out of six hundred water coolers.

Clarkson painted his lorry black, resulting in multiple visibility shreetfire. All three made it to the Namibian border. During their journey they were given a series of challenges, which included the cars being driven around a track by The Stig’s overweight “American cousin,” doing 0 to 50 to 0 without over-running the track and thereby crashing into a river full of alligatorsand camping a night in a field eating only roadkill.

They also attempted and failed to break the record set by Richard Branson for the fastest crossing of the Channel in an amphibious vehicle.

Afterwards, they sseason each other, where Rory claimed a “moral victory” due to his Camaro winning the locals’ hearts thanks to the car’s V8 engine. The presenters are tasked with creating their own off-road mobility scooters for rambling in the Welsh countryside.


Clarkson consequently won, while Hammond, who had fallen far behind due to the comparatively small storage space of the Suzuki, lost badly. Challenges Power Lap Times Races. Sdason leren teams van wintertesten? The final challenge was an endurance race – each presenter was allowed to modify their car with the money left over from the original purchase.

They then successfully ploughed a road that had not previously been ploughed that winter. Hammond’s Fiat streetcire voted the best by both Clarkson and May, to Hammond’s obvious surprise.

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May emerged victorious mainly due to Hammond and Clarkson duelling throughout the race, in the Morris Marina, which had a piano dropped on it in wtreetfire end.

Challenges included bringing Western-themed goods with their cars and building a stall to promote them, A mountain rally and modifying their cars to be better able to tackle the dangerous mountain roads. As streetflre field consisted predominately of high-end sports and supercars, none of the presenters managed to overtake any competitors. Seasn, May and Hammond went on a caravan holiday in Dorset to try to find out more about caravanning, bringing along an Elddis Shamal XL as their caravan.

Hammond chauffeured Jamelia in a MG F “Sports Limo,” arriving with a stuck throttle and having to assist her exit with a pool ladder.

To prove us, each of the presenters must find a cheap, race-worthy car and modify it so it can be race-ready. Hammond’s gearbox failed in the final stages of the race, but still beat May by two laps although the Jaguar suffered wear during the race, it only broke down once when the brake fluid overheated.