Views Read Edit View history. During the race, Chris made a significant progress due to his agile Maserati, eventually winning the race. Old British roadsters are horrible and deserved to die, said the producers. Clarkson narrowly beat Hammond to second place as his far higher restoration cost was marginally outweighed by Hammond’s numerous thousand-point deductions. However, they all buy the same car: Matt did reach 81 mph, however, in the hands of The Stig, it reached 87 mph, setting a new world record.

May makes an electric wheelchair and Hammond creates his machine from a mobility trike and a petrol powered builders’ wheelbarrow, with a single wheel at the front and crawler tracks at the back The task ends with a race in the countryside against three wounded soldiers. Afterwards, they head to the Ebisu Circuit to receive the next challenge: The effort you have put into this makes me want to give you a really big high five I normally never do and just open threads to see the comments aswell but the one fucking time I do, it’s this. Hammond sets out to complete two laps around Stowe Circuit at Silverstone driving the Renault R25 Formula One car, which took both the driver’s with Fernando Alonso and constructor’s championship titles in the Formula One season. I’ll shoot a PM your way when I’m home. Only Hammond manages to finish the race, with Clarkson’s scooter falling down a hill into a set of trees, and May aborting the mission and getting stuck outside a pub near Crickhowell.

Top Gear S21E01

Clarkson was being coached by Sabine Schmitza noted German racer. None of the Streetfre links are working for me, the site is pretty much dead anyway. If you have a decent upload, I definitely would be super grateful if you could throw it up on mega or something. I may look in to this.

Chris did miles, Matt did miles, Rory did miles, and the losing cars were turned into taxicabs by locals. The cars were put to a series of tests, which included participating in a track day on the Rockingham Motor Speedway road course, featuring their cars on a calendar which they must sell at a newsstand, and then lastly entering an Alfa Romeo exclusive Concours d’Elegance event, traveling as far as 80 miles to get to the event area.

Matt, Rory, and Chris were instructed to seson a car with at leastmiles on the clock – a distance equal to driving to the Moon and back. The Jaguar was unable to pull the four “carriages” due to their weight, and the Jaguar’s rear-wheel-drive.


British roadsters challenge, part 1/4 (Series 15, Episode 6)

All properly named and unedited. The presenters, based at Knockhill Racing Circuit in Fifewere set the task of building a Caterham Seven Kit car from scratch and drive past the starting line, faster than the time it would take The Stig to reach the track from the Caterham showroom in Caterham using a pre-built Caterham Seven Kit car. Clarkson won the challenge despite bringing the most unreliable of the three cars when he earned more by breaking up his car and selling it for parts.

Various challenges included a lap streeftire the Castle Combe Circuitchanging the oil and sparkplugs of their cars and driving from Chippenham to a “gentlemen’s club” in Slough on a set amount of fuel.

May’s grand piano was smashed when he failed to prevent his lorry from rolling backwards, although the production crew had already damaged it while positioning it.

Notwithstanding various modifications—including wheels, tyres, brakes, the sua of an unknown TVRstreetfire rear wing from a Super Aguri F1 car which was later taken offa wooden front splitter which caught fire —the presenters were unable to beat the Evo’s time. May ended up destroying another one of his pianos.

Clarkson, who continually moaned about his aversion to manual labour, simply threw most of his items into the Transit carelessly. I had just swapped out my back-up drive for RMA as it was starting to show errors too.

Clarkson drove the Hilux at high speeds in the water and was making good progress, however he rolled it over while trying to enter the pier. Found out it’s adware. This led Clarkson to conclude two things: If someone had a collection like that, I’d definitely re-download it again.

Home of the best subreddit After the grid’s drawn through a drawing streetire straws, where Chris started second to last. May was given glamour model and Page 3 girl Madison Welch. Hammond sets out to complete two laps around Stowe Circuit at Silverstone driving the Renault R25 Formula One car, which took both the driver’s with Fernando Alonso and constructor’s championship titles in the Formula One season.

The car, dubbed ” Anne Hathaway’s Cottage “, featured a wood-burning stove, kitchen chairs, a flagstone floor, and wood with a cement base weighing approximately two tonseven plastering the door trim. They did not know what car they would have to work with. The streetfiire included reliability, fuel economy, stopping stdeetfire, safety, price, and lap-time testing.


Anyone got a mirror for all of this? Initially, they modify a P45 Series 19, Episode 1 with a flashing beacon and a gurney which attaches to a rear-mounted hitch, but this fails when the gurney jackknifes and ejects the patient. I have pretty much everything in a like gb folder on my hard drive. What do you think? The goal gead essentially to do in eight days what the Americans failed to do in the ten years of the Vietnam War.

If you need uk proxy try browsec. Usx gearbox failed in the final stages of the race, but still beat May by two laps although the Jaguar suffered wear during the race, it only broke down once when the brake fluid overheated. To prove this, each of the presenters must find a cheap, race-worthy car and modify it seaxon it can be race-ready.

They were given 12 days to build it [6] and help from the United Kingdom Rocketry Association.

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Evans on the other hand had enough money left from his purchase to hire a water taxi until Venice’s water speed limit hindered him. These features have become much less prominent over the life of the programme they were much more regular during the first four series ; they have been superseded in later series by the “How hard can it be?

Evans and Sabine found the challenge to be a relatively easy one, since their cars’ cabin space allow the chef to prepare the food and the heat from their cars’ engine and from the exhaust pipes in Evans’ case allowed the food to be cooked along the way. While refuelling he knocked the jacks and the car drove off by itself, before beaching on a dune. According to the film, Clarkson prevented them from having proper meal breaks and instead fed them on the berries growing on the bushes by the side of the road.

I would upload a torrent and post it here, but I don’t want to get banned On the way, Matt, Evans and Sabine were presented with a challenge: The Hillclimb Series 21, Episode 1. Audi TT vs Audi R8. Then, the final challenge arrived: