In the end, Shun proposes to her but is soon enamored by a ring from a mysterious man. Eventually, Kengo learns that Emoto is both the Virgo Zodiarts and Tachibana as he reveals to the boy the full story behind his father’s death and that the Horoscopes must be stopped from having all twelve switches. Eventually she opts to stay at AGHS, forming a kickboxing club and, to Gentaro’s chagrin, insists that he take some lessons from her, as his form is rather sloppy and inefficient. He is a rocker with a hearty appetite, though his guitar playing is terrible. However, after Gentaro saves his son from himself, Mr. He and his gang pick fights with Gentaro whenever he is looking for information, and they are single-handedly beaten by Gentaro each time. But in the process, the Dark Nebula’s pull would destroy the entire city. He uses this newfound knowledge to awaken his powers to negate the 12 Horoscopes Switches, thwarting Gamou’s plan to seek the Presenter.

Though a member of the Horoscopes, her Pisces Switch starts out colored blue to signify its immaturity. However, after Gentaro saves his son from himself, Mr. However, Gentaro sees through Kengo’s facade and convinces him that he is still a person while promising him that they would meet again. However, after seeing Gentaro stopping the Capricorn Zodiarts’s music with his father’s song, and being forgiven for his role in his former friend’s scheme, JK ends his broadcast and dream with the intent to cherish the friendships he has with the Kamen Rider Club. Although Gentaro respects his wish to live up to his father’s expectations, he tells him that he should also do what he truly wants to. It contains copies of the Rocket Switch and Radar Switch. The club’s members assist Kamen Rider Fourze in his battles against the Zodiarts. During the incident with the Gemini Zodiarts, an embodiment of her darkness who ruins her life, Yuki finds herself ceasing to be before Gentaro saves her.

But Emoto was jealous of Utahoshi, comparing him and Gamou to the Earth and Sun while seeing himself as the moon, paling in comparison to either but reflecting the sun’s light. Goto is then spirited away to Gamou’s headquarters where his Capricorn Switch is confiscated and his memory erased, rather than being banished to the Dark Nebula, as he confirmed the Core Switch is still tomoio.

However, his constellation is Pisces Austrinus. However, her czst to speak the English language fairly well has her be constantly threatened by Yamada for failing his expectations. Sonoda was the Scorpion Zodiarts. He is forced to give Gentaro the means to become Kamen Rider Fourze and aid the Kamen Rider by providing him with his arsenal as well as acting as Gentaro’s tactician. Believing she has nowhere to go except the Moon, and that her Zodiarts Switch may fulfill her dreams and become a new person, Gentaro takes her to the Rabbit Hatch to show her what the moon really looks like.


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As revealed in the Net Movies, with Tatsugami harassing him to no end, Hayami spends his time searching for the final Horoscopes member by interviewing students before finally finding Ran. Since watching Yuki perform at the Queen Festival, seeing a kindred spirit in her, Tomoko has begun to stalk her. Kannagi also demonstrates the ability to utilize his breath as a repelling or attracting force, czst to dissolve unprotected humans.

In this state, Gamou can launch arrows from his left hand and perform a flying kick attack similar to a Rider Kick, with his leg surrounded by an aura of negative Cosmic Energy resembling an arrow.

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Sonoda is sent to the Dark Nebula, Hayami is ordered by a worrisome Gamou to speed up his recruitment strategy.

For example, if they prepare French food, they dress up in Bozama clothing. He receives the Meteor System equipment from Tachibana and the mission to find the Aries Zodiarts soon after Jiro’s hospitalization.

Tomoko even sets up various magical charms around the locker for additional “protection. Out of Gamou’s inner circle, Ms. After being inspired hozama Kengo’s method in reviving Gentaro, Ryusei visits and talks to Jiro to helps him out of his physical coma, and Ryusei is finally able to help into a speedy recovery.

Xast is the first time I write something like this, from a series I recently nozamma and cannot rewatch by myself because no torrents for decent subs are working. A year prior to the series’ start, Kengo receives an anonymous letter along with an Astroswitch.

Unfortunately, refusing to left him leave the Milky Way, Kengo’s departure is interfered by Gamou assuming his Sagittarius Nova form to knock jozama youth down and destroy the Core Switch, causing Kengo’s body to dissolve into particles of light.

“Kamen Rider Fourze” Sei Shun Hen Shin (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

As a result, instead of melding into her Zodiarts body, the Gemini Switch causes the darkest aspects of her personality to be given a physical form that is identical to Yuki, but with cawt white mask that has blank expression on her face. As the resulting attack places him in a coma, Yamada’s Aries Switch is retrieved by the Virgo Zodiarts and given to Gamou, who then gives it to Tatsugami for safekeeping.


After executing Emoto for his betrayal, Tatsugami takes over the role of obtaining the final two Horoscopes Switches. Humbled, and with Gentaro’s help, Miu is reminded of her passion and returns to competing in the Festival despite the odds against her. Though he is not sure what the Horoscopes can hozama, but he knows that the said Zodiarts can save Jiro. At the end, she sees Ryusei redeeming himself without the power of the Meteor Driver.

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While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Though he tries to reconcile with her, Shun is surprised when Miu breaks up with him and starts hanging out with Gentaro and his friends. It takes place sometime after everyone finds out who Meteor is. In the Net Movies, during his search for the final Horoscopes member, Hayami has a horrible nightmare where Morota is the Pisces Zodiarts.

Ohsugi gives the club his approval to be a legitimate school club and nozana the group’s academic adviserstating that it his duty as a teacher to look out for his students and gaining the respect from the club members, and reconciling with the three he deems to be nothing but trouble.

While Inazuman’s design is based on the manga, the Zeber is a homage to the device that the TV version of Inazuman uses in Inazuman Flash. After Gentaro reveals his identity as Kamen Rider Fourze to her, she reveals that she had known the fact that he is a Kamen Rider all along and attempts to convince him to quit by stealing the Fourze Driver, but she is persuaded afterwards by both Gentaro and Yuki to return the Driver, when the Libra Zodiarts attacks the last altar keeping The Hole above Kyoto from collapsing.

Kengo attempts to help her out by giving her advise in improving her performance, but the club captain, Jin Nomoto berated both her, for taking advise from outsiders, and Kengo, for meddling in the club’s affairs.

During the incident with the Gemini Zodiarts that followed, Gamou noticed a power emitting from Kengo. However, the Switch is incompatible with him and thus backfired, which caused a massive explosion that severely injured Jiro, rendering him in a coma ever since.

On the contrary, thanks to Yuki’s clever thinking, Erin is actually saved by Yuki instead. Yuki also has a plushy satellite toy she affectionately calls ” Hayabusa “, which seems to have a different facial expressions depending on the situation.