Paul’s patience with the police ends completely when Caitlin’s body is found in a storm drain. What’s that accent Pete? Embed video Tokarev Full Movie. To end ill give you just one example as to why the blame is securely at the feet of the director. Enjoy Tokarev Full Movie! He confronts Danny, accuses him of ratting, and knifes him in a moment of wrath. After her funeral, O’Connell strongly suggests that Paul allow the police to handle the investigation, reasoning that Paul was allowed to walk out of the mob, and therefore he should stay away from mob methods. Injecting heartfelt emotion into scenes that don’t need it, screaming in new and obscure ways, playing it cool after trashing 20 corpses and fifty cars, he just injects a well-needed shake-up on traditional acting.

Paul finds a Tokarev pistol in his closet, a relic from the robbery that started the war years ago. He admits he has nightmares about it, where his older self tries to stop the violence and instead can only watch helplessly. Nicholas, did you really take up this movie? All recent searches will be deleted. Films directed by Paco Cabezas. He then tells her the story about the first time he killed, when someone gave him a knife in a barfight.

It may be a crime to laundry money, but the real crime is making such a bad film. Evan and Mike tell the police and Paul that they were watching TV with Caitlin, when several masked men barged in and took her.

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This movie is fantastic – honestly, it’s shooting up my ‘So Bad It’s Good’ charts with a bullet badoom-tish! Cage with his helmet or hair or whatever that thing is on his head is brilliant. One night, they ambush a Russian mobster, intercepting him when he’s on his way to drop off money to his boss.

You know, take a dog’s breakfast of a script, use a major star,pay cash everywhere and sell the rights for clean money. This fairly new Spanish filmmaker paco took some good ingredients and what must have been a fair budget and put cage into a I kept hoping it would get better, but though hope may spring eternal, this film dashed all hope.


And poor me was there, waiting for the climax of the movie but it never came. All the acting is sub-par. Report this video Select an issue.

John approaches Paul, who is used to being hassled for his former life of crime. What’s that accent Pete?

Not once is there an ounce of emotion created that would reach the audience. Retrieved 16 June Do you want to remove all your recent searches?

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It’s enough for Paul to leave the life of crime and go legit, but their crime sets off a bloody protracted war between their Englishh crime family and the Russian mob. He admits he has nightmares about it, where his older self tries to stop the violence and instead can only watch helplessly. Enjoy Tokarev Full Movie! Feels like he phoned someone and said, ‘I need fifty bucks and I’m free on Sunday.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And Nicholas at the end. It really was disturbing trying to believe that this girl who looked to be only a few years older than his daughter was the mom figure, let alone the weirdo factor of her being probably 25 years younger than an over makeup’d Cage.

He stabs himself as he watches men entering the room with guns pointing him. To end ill give you just one example as to why the blame is securely at the feet of the director.


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Don’t waste your time with this movie. Add this video to your site using the above embed code. Paul instructs his friends to hide the money until things calm down between their outfit and the Russians. The Appeared Rage Mr. A trite, improbable plot, terrible directing, awful music and inane car chases.

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In spite movir several casualties on both sides, their plan works well; five years after stealing the money, Paul, Kane and Danny meet to split up the take. To the criminals who made this film I say, okay wash the money, but find a better film. I could have done better producing this movie with my niece. Tokzrev movie is absolutely disjointed and lacks any sense. Let’s be completely inappropriate and flip between ham and wood – hello Oscar!

Overall this is one crap sandwich of a movie, hopefully they will make a profit by casting Nicholas Cage because that’s the only reason anybody will be watching in the first place.

I regret wasting time watching this movie. When Kane is captured and tortured, he tries to get Chernov to admit to killing Caitlin as revenge for the heist decades ago. This was one badly made film. Characters were killed off too easily in the movie. Chernov arranges a meet with O’Connell, explains Paul’s part in starting the long-ago gang war, and demands O’Connell exact discipline.

There is nothing to recommend this film. When the Russian mob kidnaps the daughter of a reformed criminal, he rounds up his old crew and seeks his own brand of justice. Tokarev Full Movie 4 years ago views.