Jae-hee strolls by the shore and stops a friendly grandma selling couple bracelets. Perhaps because it was! OK, that was really strange. The director got to decide and get him to emote – yes, I know you are a girl and that I’m starting to like you and move on. But then this episode contradicts his character setup by showing Jong Min interested in girls when he was all excited at the prospect of seeing bikini-clad noonas and even making hand hearts at them. That’s where the big revelation came from the kid who likes Seung-ri’s character; maybe that’s the gay plotline they’re leaving out, since I’ve seen few overt hints of it. Once the hyung entered the picture, nearly all of his actions and shots sent shivers up my spine. But people’s points about the gaps in the storytelling are well taken.

Couldn’t he of figured out the creepy guy was going to rape a GIRL and not a young boy.. She goes onto say that a kiss is nothing, its a greeting and then she kisses the shocked Eun-Gyeol on the cheek. Please enter your username or email address. This show is silly, and I’d prefer it be that way. I do think I would have been lost if this was my first exposure to the story though. I totally agree with your comment – that it doesn’t necessarily require justice to be realistic because RL sucks but we do need a protagonist with a strong moral compass. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. He nearly faints again at the sight of blood.

Sigh, doesn’t make it any less creepier, seriously.

I love the idea of exploring what attraction means, and how tied to gender that is, or not. I have read the manga too and to be honest, I felt odd when I first watched the first episode of this Korean version but I could not deny that this version of Sano Tae-joon and Ashiya Jae-Hee is the closest to the ones depicted in the manga in characters wise. Especially considering that in kdrama land, families are more than meddlesome, it doesn’t even make sense as a intern consistency.


Even if the manga has elements of Japan culture that may sound freaky, at least the story flow is much more comprehensible. As someone who didn’t read the manga and watched the other versions,I was just looking for entertainment. Speaking of that bias, I’m totally shipping Eun-kyul with Han-na.

It’s better to watch it in separate terms since it tries to be different from the others to begin with. For a girl she has bigger thighs and calves than all the male leads so in some of the scenes, she actually looks more muscular than her male partners. I really wanna know more about the 3 dorm leaders at least, they seem so much fun.

I still feel that Saito Takumi’s Umeda HK is the bsautiful by far, but that might be because boy-love beeautiful his acting genre of choice.

Ji Soo Supporting Cast. His heart goes thump thump again. Seo Jun Young Supporting Cast. Emma, you’re totally right! It just doesn’t make sense to just let it drop. The most random bit are faithful to the manga. Can we show that she has to study a lot?

The other part wants to report him to Child Protection Services. I read your post wrong there. XD I was looking forward to seeing him here, but they didn’t include him. If I remember correctly they do the exact same thing with the assault in the original bewutiful.

Bezutiful then his assistant says that the principal is just fine with it. And talking about the dorm leader’s mom Eun-gyul passes out again. Episofe the office, Hanna overhears a conversation that Tae-joon is away for the weekend and the gears in her head start churning.

Even though their time was short together, she was happy. Doc drops Tae-joon off at the same pension and he wanders the grounds, snapping photos. A adult male knocking a female teenager to the ground in a romcom? I either get really bored, or really annoyed. The mom or doc should have found out, and dicretely went to the police. They get caught again and while they run laps, Eun-gyul asks what kept her up so late.



He has a bet with some friends that he can get with her. I love that she forgets herself for a moment while waiting for her brother and sits with her legs wide open.

Nope drama — unacceptable.

It reminds me of the jokes in chinese dramas. Just my 2 cents But maybe some viewers like it that way.

Jae-hee pushes him off of her and he breaks eodrama a euphoric drunken smile before he slumps on top of her, asleep. And plus, he noticed some girls on the beach so all is not lost. I guess she thought I was badmouthing someone.

Sexual assault by males on males does exist; she could have still retained her cover.

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I really hope that all of this is not for naught that he gets his just desserts later. The fan girls also get the text and they are upset, but happy it was with a guy instead of a girl. I know we don’t want to compare this with all the other Hana Kimis, but it’s uou apples to apples. Romance Is a Bonus Book: Yeah, I miss him too!! I mean, in the context of what he planned to do a punch isn’t much but it still really packed a wallop to Beaktiful if, if you will pardon the pun.

To The Beautiful You – Episode 5. Haha she was his ex-girlfriend, photographer and the younger sister of the head of the school. That’s Akira, the guy who is bisexual and in love with the doc. The drama has creative freedom and what plot choices to make, but I definitely think this was mishandled. As for the reason I’m able to epdeama disbelief but I get it if people can’t.