Out of the Shadows” sets out to be this big dumb action blockbuster for families to shove popcorn in their faces and watch, and it does just that. Very happy and Fast shipping. Austin Rivers as Himself. Shredder returns from Dimension X and sets out to frame the turtles with a group of thugs dressed as them while Dr. So onwards with the rebooted franchise we go, first question for me, what’s the continuity like? For a cost-effective solution, the special used many of the productions’ frequent talents and used their in-score team to make a soundtrack that bears a similarity with the original series. Langston Arnold Galloway as Himself. We have to keep our wits about us.

Lastly, how did Bebop and Rocksteady manage to get back to the US? Very happy and Fast shipping. The Turtles must battle the Xenomorph-like creatures that hatch from the eggs in order to save the city. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. After Ch’rell is thawed out, he is contained for vivisection, as he’s too insane to work with. Touch and Go Episode

Krang promises Shredder a place at his side ruling the Earth in exchange for his assistance. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Alessandra Ambrosio as Vernon’s Girlfriend. They enter a pizza place and terrify the citizens, who call the cops; the Turtles flee, only for the Turtles to capture them. Michelangelo, Raphael, epissode Donatello all take turns being leader as they try to figure out why the sun is getting smaller.

Some of those key scenes include: In the actors’ case, since 4Kids Productions reside in New York City while the majority of the original cast reside in California, hiring them would be expensive and time-consuming as most of them either retired, died or refuse to work on projects unsanctioned by SAG-AFTRAwhich was not used in most of their properties. Comic Book Animated TV viewed. He intends to place a homing device disguised as an anchovy on a pizza, then as soon as the There Krang informs Shredder that he is after three pieces of equipment that he originally sent to Earth to open a uadio to his own dimension.


Law of physics, gravity and everything No detection as it entered Earth’s atmosphere? Out of the Shadows” not only improves on the first in almost every way imaginable, but it manages to also tone down some of the annoying characters from the first as well. Amazingly and quite conveniently his little computer gadget is able to inform him exactly what’s happening, what is coming through the portal, and that the alien overseeing all this is called Krang!!

Phil Hubbs Super Reviewer. Feb 19, Uadio Reality Check Episode Dean Winters as Bartender. Space Invaders Part Three Episode Splinter explains the origins of himself and the Turtles. Austin Rivers as Himself.

Paul Michael Teutul as Corrections Officer. After witnessing a living dinosaur wander in the city and disappear abruptly, the Turtles follow its tracks into a large hole, where they discover a shocking revelation: Yes this is a daft cartoonish movie based on an outlandish comicbook creation, but when the turtles are travelling to South America how exactly did they manage to get into an airliners cargo hold?


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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Yeah sure he’s got the badass mask n all but Sure this guy looks like Jones, minus the hair, and he does Jones-esque stuff, but there’s no point to him being here.


Full of self doubt, Leonardo leaves the team. Utrom Shredder decides to launch an all-out assault on the universe to lure the Turtles out of hiding. Jun 8, Eipsode Jill Martin as Herself.

John Palladino as Officer. If you wish to turn your brain off and laugh at some dumb humour and watching planes fall out of the sky, cars explode, and turtles cracking jokes, then I highly recommend this movie to you. Donatello devises a cure to make Master Splinter human again.

Not only to the green teens have to face a full scale invasion, but the sinister Agent Bishop is introduced in this episode as well. An edited version of the movie was released on July 11, worldwide on TV. Shredder gains possession of an ancient ninja sword that is crafted from an alien metal, allowing it to ‘cut’ through dimensions.

Robert Clohessy as Deputy Warden Hamlett. If you haven’t, where ya been?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Retrieved 3 February Share your thoughts with other customers. Escaping prison, Shredder is now on the rise once again, creating zudio Bebop and Rocksteady, as the reign of Commander Krang is planning to destroy the planet.

Out of the Shadows: