Nowadays bullying is scary and it leads to suicides. Please support Jason and his team and help them reach their Kickstarter goal. I was 25 at the time but my nieces and nephews who were pre teens showed little interest in it and would change the channel or go outside rather than watch. This thrilling action-adventure roars to life with never-before-seen bonus extras on Disney Blu-ray. Lots and lots of doodles, sketches, drawings — whatever you want to call it. Johnny-Cade 15 September The music is excellent, I really love the theme song which to me is one of my personal favorite theme songs ever. Its so cute how peter cares for wendy so much.

The show was also more correct with the personalities of many of the characters, or at least that’s my thought on the matter. She is an Animal Talent Fairy who loves all animals. Johnny-Cade 15 September Whenever she was impatient or angry, she would curse but someone would “shhhh” her or she would be quited by the furious flapping of her own wings, which, like in the book, sound like tinkling bells. Other than the fine acting, we get a lot of comedy, especially in the nuances of the Lost Boys and the awkward pirates like Smee and the British gentleman Starkley. And considering it’s been such a long time since this series hit the air, now it’s just totally underexposed. With Mama and Grandpa.

Sure his character animation isn’t what Barrie imagined, but the writers made him into a highly complex character, and as a fan of Curry, I consider Hook to be among his best voice over roles. She is curious and loves to go on adventures. But don’t take my word for it, just find out for yourselves and y’all will see why it’s earned the accolades it has. Maybe because it had the opportunity to expand where those could only stay or lift off as is the case with Spielberg’s “Hook” from the original story.

Hook, a powerful older alpha male, is humiliated and constantly defeated by a much younger, equally powerful Peter Pan. I remember watching it and loving it. BigWhiskers 5 January For more information, you can visit thesugarlion.

It’s a shame todays viewers don’t get as much intelligence from television as they used to. This was a Captain Hook that I eagerly enjoyed watching.

One episode we learn the origin of the rivalry between Hook and Pan and it’s a tragic story of terrible misunderstanding.

Fawn must convince her fairy friends to ajd everything to rescue the Pirste. One of my favourite Peter Pan adaptions jadedathena 24 November But also simply to always remember piratr stay in touch with the child in ourselves. That’s how it is with some things.


I really love the amount of detail to it, sections of the land are always different where in one section it’s a place of ice, another a ongoing carnival, and other sections I don’t want to give away, it’s kinda like with the world in the video game “Zelda” where there is just always something different a mere distance away.

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It deserves more recognition than it’s received and needs to be introduced to a new generation. This show deserves a lot more recognition, why is it so underrated. I remember this was a well-written, highly entertaining series, loosely based on the original novel.

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Dawalk-1 6 May And even the characters I think are all well rounded as well as well voice acted from Peter Pan to of course Captain Hook voiced well by one of my favorite actors Fairj Curry whom is just excellent because he maintains menace but at times faory be dryly comical.

The unforgettable story of a flying boy who refuses to grow up, of the enchanted world of Neverland and of the villainous Captain Hook never fades from memory. It just seemed to me that even though Smee is a fictional characterit shows kids that its funny and OK to insult piraet bully someone knowing they fear you and will go along with it.

Johnny-Cade 15 September I recently found a few episodes in a bin at a flea market and purchased them to relive the good times.

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From there I decide which ones I want to explore further and bring them into Illustrator to clean them up. And, Hook, big and bad as he is, has a weakness: But my favorite is the only two parter knline episode had which to me is the darkest episode ever where we see Peter Pan grow up and Neverland is dying, and what’s interesting about the episode is that it’s actually more Tink’s story faity we truly see how truly strong her feelings for Pan are and they are more.

I even sad i no fell in love with peter pan. I really love how they handled the story, they made it fun but they also weren’t afraid to get at some of the dark aspects of the story which the original had, which helped tackle some Freudian themes on coming of age, our conflicting desire to want to stay innocent and young but at the same time to unavoidable know more about the adult world, to grow up and not be innocent forever.


It’s not even in reruns where I am anymore. It was only slightly arranged.

She is an Animal Talent Fairy who loves all animals. Hook is seen as a gentleman, who believes in good manners, has the highest regard for his mother but has a rather vindictive side towards his fellow pirates a bit like Jekyll and Hyde There are also plenty of laugh out loud funny moments, like Peter pretending to be a gentleman to even a score with Hook, Hook’s reactions were priceless.

Not a program to be neglected. It’s my most favorite out of all the Fox Kids programs and either needs to be brought back to t. I used to watch this series as a kid.

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But the highlight of the whole series, was Tim Curry in a phenomenal performance as Captain Hook, who thoroughly deserved the daytime Emmy, and he was aided by some truly terrific dialogue. But today’s versions are timid and whiny.

The one unfortunate thing about this series is that it ruined the Disney version for me. With Mama and Grandpa.

Each episode revealed creative subplots One year before Steven Spieldberg’s “Hook” starring Robin Williams, there was an episode in which Peter Pan grows up, becomes a roaming old man and causes Neverland to self-destruct, Wendy, Peter and the Lost Boys put on a play, Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet, later Hook, in a scheme to capture Wendy and kill Peter, takes part of the production, we journey to Tintagel, the fairy world where Tinker Bell comes from, a little magical world encased in glass The adventures are just as exciting as in the films and novels, and we get more character development.

JavaScript is disabled in your internet browser. I suggest to check this series out Many familiar faces such as Hook, Wendy, Tinkerbell and Tigerlily are present, but all the stories focus on Peters Adventures. And I love everything about it. This is one fine show! For those who haven’t seen it at all, I recommend it because it’s great escapism and it’s got thrilling adventures.