Aaron Dismuke as Nakia eps 2, As Jill seeks the stone tablet for the Kaaya’s cure, none of the characters notice that Kaaya has suspiciously regained her health, in which the reason for Kaaya’s ruse remains unclear. The veteran climbers have moved on with their lives, with Fatina becoming a tour guide, Kelb running a tavern, and Utu becoming a unmasked wrestler. Jil, Fatina, and Utu continue to pursue Gremica, but wind up in a barren landscape, where they find Henaro. Taka Fujimori as Uoo Roo. When Jil regains consciousness just as Druaga is defeated and obtains the key to the second half of the tower, Henaro and Ki are taken hostage by Gremica , who heads up the tower with her party. Coopa decides to accompany Yury to find his father, said to have stolen the sacred spear of the village.

Neeba uses the tower cannons to attack Ishtar, and Ishtar fires back. The Tower of Druaga focuses primarily on groups of adventurers seeking to climb the Tower of Druaga and defeat the monstrous Druaga, a god that continues to terrorize human beings even after being defeated by King Gilgamesh. Jil, a young guardian, has traveled to the tower and Meskia, the last safe stop on the first floor of the tower. The battle between Neeba and the shadow of Gilgamesh ensues in the throne room. When Coopa learns that Jil and the others are climbers, she insists on allowing herself and her mage master Melt to join their party. Uragon’s party finds an unconscious Mite the Fool before they advance as well. That happened to me this week.

A reserved young woman called Ahmey toewr, who had helped carried Jil inside the room to get treated, joins the group for also having interest in climbing the tower. At the ceremony, Jil is dumbstruck, because before him is none other than Gilgamesh, who he saw murdered the night before.

Brittney Karbowski as Henaro.

Isshin Chiba as Sword of Blood. In order to defeat Druaga, 111 devises a strategy with the surviving climbers to seclude this demon in a small area at the top of the tower to gain an advantage, volunteering himself as a decoy to fulfill his calling as a guardian.

The Tower of Druaga: the Sword of Uruk (TV)

Luci Christian as Mite the Fool. Brina Palencia eps 9, 11 1 Huber eps However, they are unable to take a moment of rest as they are plagued by one problem after another, in which one of the party members has a wallet pick-pocketed by a boy named Yury while a heated argument erupts between Coopa and Melt.


Inhe began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: Kaaya, seeing Jil risking his life for the sake of this mission, apologizes for things she cannot reveal.

Hiroshi Tamada eps 6, 11 Music: While one of the traps causes fpisode gender to switch, the other forces them to wear animal costumes, and some render them into early video game graphics.

Sword of Uruk [ edit ] The second season of The Tower of Druaga premiered on January 8, and ran for twelve episodes. When Gremica forces Ki to cast a spell revealing Neeba’s footprints, Jil’s party is able to find and make their way out. Tne, Neeba, Kelb, and Pazuzu’s respective parties go their separate ways in order to do this.

Rebecca Silverman digs in.

Jil risks his life to save Neeba from Pazuzu, but is met with harsh criticism rather than gratitude from his brother. Travis Willingham as Neeba. Ahmey, as the only climber with notable experience, becomes the de facto leader of the group and she must guide them in regards to battle strategies and numerous rules of thumb about climbing.

Neeba is warned by the Succubus that the third season of expedition will soon end and Druaga will soon awaken. However, without any shadows near the exit, they are unable to leave until they topple a pillar, and Melt uses his magic to create a dust cloud to block out enough light to destroy any attacking monsters.

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The first season of The Tower of Druaga began airing on April 1,and concluded on June 20, Dbbed Powell as Amina. They learn that this young girl, Ki, may be the key to unlocking a great secret within the tower. He even tries to persuade Neeba that the climbers need to work closely with the army to defeat this dragon. After Neeba fully transforms into Druaga, Jil proves to Neeba that he is the stronger brother that irritated Neeba; by killing him in battle.

Tomokazu Seki as Black Gilgamesh. Jil is unable to take down this eword shadow, being kicked around repeatedly. Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi Views Read Edit View history.

Aaron Dismuke as Nakia eps 2, Neeba and his party bravely face off against it, but the demon god’s power is so overwhelming that the party soon begins to lose ground.


So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season. When Coopa learns that Jil and the others are climbers, she insists on allowing herself and her mage master Melt to join their party. The evil deity Druaga finally shows its gigantic figure.

However, Jil runs druxga Neeba, disagreeing his epjsode of wanting to revive the Sumar Empire. The Sword of Urukpicks up “half a year after” the events of the first season.

Jil and his party enter an area supported only by thin pillars, engaging in a battle against a balloon-shaped monsters, and, demonstrating well-coordinated team play, they defeat the enemy in the end. After taking shelter at Kelb’s place, Jil agrees to take Ki up the tower in order to learn Neeba and Kaaya’s fate.

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While combating with Gremica, Neeba pierces Acra in the chest. Charles Bolton English companies Internet Streaming: Kaaya begins to show doubt in Jil’s ability to fulfil his promise to her to reach the top of the tower. Jil, seeing that all his friends fail to impress the gate with parlor tricks, does an amusing dance taught by his father, but not even this would let them pass since it was somehow performed by someone else before him.

It consists of twelve episodes and follows the journey of Jil, Kaaya, Neeba, and other adventurers climbing the mysterious Tower of Druaga. The tower finally crumbles to pieces, as Jil and the others escape. Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on. While dying, Neeba admits defeat and that he was jealous of Jil’s strength. The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Junichi Takaoka Mechanical design: Kana Hanazawa as Henaro.