The Pianist – p – 2. This is a man that had everything taken from him. Re ti pathame, tzampa egrafa tosh wra… Oso sixainomai na grafw me greeklish, toso yparxoun akoma sites pou den yposthrizoun ta ellhnika! What should I do? Also make sure the subtitles are the exact same name as the movie, or else your player will not pick it up and you will not get subtitles for your movies, also make sure they are both saved in the same folder. If your subtitles are running out of synch you should use a tool to synch the movie and subs file.

Make sure they are in the same folder. Can anyone tell me how can I get the subtitles as well? And I dont have a clipper too…. Hi, I am a Mac user. If the content of the audio at that point on the film matches the content of the last subtitle, you are guaranteed that the subs will work for the video. The Pianist By kurdish pirate. You have to regenerate them from scratch. But it’s still frightening to think that human beings are capable of that much hate and being so brutal to another human.

Where it says font, click browse, find and select the Arial Unicode font. Thanx for the reply. Plz give me the link for 2 CD. Der Pianist p HD moviesbyrizzo Polish subtitles. Is this a windows problem? If you have GOM Player you can play your subtitles without actually having to rename the sub file:. I am a new member in this site. Try downloading the subtitles from another source.

I download a movie with the release below: His plight was desperate, and the demons he fought were over his own guilt in surviving a fight that eventually turns into a primal will to live.

One may even wonder why we should care in the least about this character. Does the pianist raise any sympathy from the audience?


Subdl : Subtitle for the pianist

Hi, I am a Mac user. The srt and avi files are in the same directory.

The Pianist By kurdish pirate Kurdish subtitles. Every aspect of the film is really done for an reason and in his place and you don’t feel this as entertainment. Polanski does not spare the viewer any grief with his film. Alright, so I do what the video says to do. The Pianist By kurdish pirate. If you know let me know thanks!!!!!!!!!!! Ok all you need to do is go to http: A lot of the instructions for using subs state that the title of the sub file and of the movie must match.

Is there somebody who knows if it s possible to read a normal DVD not divX and put the subtittles. I downloaded, renamed, put them in the same folder, selected with VLC and still nothing or out of sync! I already renamed the srt file according to the movie name. I use the VCL Player. This should do it.

The scary moments are real scary. What can I do to change this to really russian language to be possible to read it?

The Pianist Danish subtitles. Yes, I’m sure this film must have been hard to re create for him, but he was probably the only director that could have done this movie as brilliantly as he did. Quite possibly, The Pianist will remain in the history of film-making as the most touching and realistic portraits of the holocaust ever made. This was one of the few times I have seen a film at a theater where not one person stood to leave during the final credits.

Subtitles for The Pianist

What program you recommend i download in order to delay the subtitles from appearing on the screen? Find the time for the last subtitle. I wanna ask a question. True, this isn’t the ‘s or 40’s, and we are in America. I downloaded subtitles as WinRAR zip files, extracted the subbtitles and just put.


Hello developer, i usually download the movie in one web-site and download the subtitles in the other. I am so frustrating because I have a few movies that I can not mux subtitles onto therefore I cannot convert them to dvd and watch them. How to video of Jubler to edit subs: Der Pianist p HD moviesbyrizzo Danish subtitles.

The subtitles are out of synch and even after being lined up with grfek VLC keyboard shortcuts, inevitably creep back to thr delayed time. The Pianist Brrip Indonesian subtitles. You have to regenerate them from scratch.

If do not want to have such a problems with subtitles as above, just use ALLPlayer!!!! Try this simple guide on how to watch movie with subtitle, very easy to understand treek to use with MPC http: I already have sub fxt but cant figure it out yet. Am I doing something wrong? He seems to float and drift along the film like a lost feather, with people quickly appearing and disappearing from his life, some helping generously, others taking advantage of his quiet despair, always maintaining an almost blank, dispassionate demeanour.

A mention must be made of Brody’s performance. Ideal for educational Purposes. Is there any way I could watch movies with two different subtitles in the same time? What can I do to fix this problem? Dragging means, right clicking the mouse gxg on. Man, I can not get this film out of my head. I think it is this scene that won Brody his Oscar.