August 25, [3]. It was cold, if bleakly beautiful, and the damp chill penetrated their grimy wools and leathers and padding. As the wanderers fight their way westward to return to Montival, the characters start to have personalities and human characteristics again. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. In armor it was more heard than felt, but he took the point. They’re old trees too; you can see that, even if the sea-wind has stunted them.

I will now do my best not to give away any major plot items. One disastrous encounter in the fight where he’d been captured had shown Abdou that the infidel’s long-limbed body could move with a leopard’s speed and strength. For long voyage, need to pull out of water, refit with This protected the rural areas from losing their food and supplies, especially since rural citizens tended to fight off the foragers successfully. Again, it was sort of a mental vacation for me to picture the gorgeous scenery, wildlife and cultures. Perhaps the author sought after a sense of immediacy garnered by making the events take place in our past rather than our future. Due to the number of SPAM containing links, any comments containing links will be filtered out by our system. Mathilda’s brown locks were in two practical braids bound with leather thongs, framing her strong-boned, slightly irregular young face.

And they were the most important words I’d ever heard but now they’re gone, mostly. Latest articles Cover Reveal: Not much food though, for all people these, even for short voyage. I decided to re-read the set s of books after the first three to see when the books wandered off track in my opinion, of course.

Hibh Mount Angel banner carries the image of Virgin and Child. Archived from the original on May 19, One disastrous encounter in the fight where he’d been captured had shown Abdou that the infidel’s long-limbed body could move with a leopard’s speed and strength.

It’s definitely a male-perspective book, even though there are some interesting female characters, though. Halfdan FinnurrsonUncle Ranulf will end up staying behind, and Ingmar are some of the Fhe who go to battle. As if a thing started the year we were born has now been completed. Chocolate was imported from the Caribbean Seabut only after trade routes were reestablished by settler populations from the south and from the British Empire.


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The books are quite clear about his description. The original concept of the novels what would happen if all technology suddenly ceased to function was compelling for me, but the execution of this concept was “over the top.

The High King of Montival by S. M. Stirling | : Books

The Gisandu ‘s stores were exhausted bringing both her crew and the Cutters here. She’d brought her own feud to add to the balance when she met Fred on the journey east and joined the quest.

Stirling speculates that the developed world is a larger repository of handicraft lore than the undeveloped world, because the latter group heavily relies on First World castoffs and is too busy on a day-to-day basis to keep up the old ways, while people in the First World have the leisure to become expert horse riders or bow makers. Stirling has confirmed that the Emberverse series are linked to his Nantucket series. Instead the Cutter adept seemed to stop.

September 6, [3]. Despite all the lengthy descriptions, I did enjoy it. Most of the action in the series takes place in the Willamette Valley of Oregon in the United States. Oh, and he wears a kilt when he’s not wearing armor. Christians tended to be a little more exclusive. He’s tall, has shoulder-length hair that is curly and fire red. I’ve decided that it’s time to get caught up, starting with this one.

Having followed the novels of “The Change” since the brilliant opening trilogy it is fair to say that S. However, I do have a greater appreciation for how med This has been a long series. In the winter of his eleventh year, Little Hawk goes deep into the forest, where he must endure a three-month test of solitude and survival which will turn him into a man.


View all 3 comments. The long yellow stave of his yew longbow twitched slightly in his grip.

The High King of Montival

Archived from the original on October 22, The Emberverse is closely related to the preceding Stirling Nantucket series. Doctor Padmi Nirasha was part of a gang who raided the ranch years ago. Some things happen, but nothing that is summaryy to the coming confrontations.

The green turban had rolled away, and the edges of it fluttered in the cold breeze. Thank you for taking the time to write a review on kjng book, it really makes a difference and helps montiva, to find their perfect book.

July 1, [3]. The story would not have lost anything. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher. Again, it was sort of a mental vacation for me to picture the gorgeous scenery, wildlife and cultures.

It will prove the glue between the search for the Sword and Rudi’s role as Ard-Righ in the books to come.

The group emigrated from its beginnings in Idaho to a base at Larsdalen the former Larsson family ranch in Oregon. The High Seeker blinked again and looked around him. It felt lighter in his hand than he would have expected from the thirty-eight inches of the blade.

Sandra says her chosen phrase would be ‘very focused’. Jan 04, Duffy Pratt rated it it was ok Shelves: Kalk the Shipwright is its leader. summarh

Stirling explores a leader’s impact on an organization. Next the hero must gather forces and force the evil to face him.