His best jokes are the unexpected ones and the ones he builds up carefully through the hundred pages. Because the Gigglers look out for children. Very good book, but me, being a clean little girl, would rather not read about poo and shoes in poo. Doyle grew up in Kilbarrack, Dublin. Doyle takes this slightest of plots and piles on plenty of whimsy, from a talking dog to a race across Dublin via the Nile River and the Eiffel Tower. Anyway, the children in my class are really enjoying reading the Giggler Treatment. Wyoming Indian Paintbrush Nominee 2nd Runner-up He stomped out of the cave, straight onto a huge lump of prehistoric poo.

Because the Gigglers look out for children. The story, coming to us from Ireland, solicitously translates the Irish expressions for Americans so that we know that Mr. Mack, a biscuit tester in a biscuit factory sends his sons to their rooms without supper for breaking a window. Well, I can tell you where it’s going to end: Recommended to me by a fellow reader. Very good book, but me, being a clean little girl, would rather not read about poo and shoes in poo. Only there’s a problem. A fun book when you are looking for silly.

We liked the seagull best. Add to Your books. That night, I started reading it to him and, well, let’s just say the humour was right up his alley. Recommended to me by trdatment fellow reader. And they are the Gigglers The Gigglers are there to protect children.

Doyle perhaps teases out the joke about ten plto too long, but that’s being picky. The most I have laughed that I can remember. But it is not only for boys, several of the girls in my son’s class have read The Giggler Treatment and loved it.

And Rover is tteatment – one of the best dog giggler in kids’ books that I’ve encountered. I loved everything else about this book. It’s one of those books that’s a great read out loud but also a treasure to be read alone and repeat back to your parents Some of the chapters are one page long. But since they are small, they can only exact revenge on adults who are mean to kids. He’s also heading straight for the Giggler Treatment. Other books in the series.


Something could be wrong with your bladder. Apr 04, Coreena McBurnie rated it it was amazing.

Project Gutenberg 0 editions. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Cause the Gigglers, they will not let you Leave this place without a dose of dog poo On the bottom side of your size ten shoe.

Their fur plof color as they move.

The Giggler Treatment

A talking dog, the Mack children, and the small elf-like Gigglers themselves must try to stop the prank that the Gigglers have mistakenly set in motion to punish Mr. A winner in my library for sure! Their mission is to punish adults who are mean to children by making them step in dog poo, and a large amount of this dog poo comes from trextment obliging, and now rich, dog named Rover. I was very excited about this book when it first came out and I bought it eight years ago.

It was a shock to the system and a guilty pleasure at the same time. The Gigglers witness Mr. Nov 26, Peter Millett rated it it was amazing.

Mister Mack is about to step in “dog poo” at the outset of this “robustly silly romp served up with a generous helping of Irish cheek,” said PW. Very good book, but me, being a clean little girl, would rather not read about poo and shoes in poo. Well, it gjggler out that there are Gigglers out there, who cannot be seen because they can expertly camouflage themselves. There is so much in this story for kids to love: My son and I giggled.

We tne read Rover Saves Christmasnot realizing that it was the second book in the trilogy. I love funny kids books, but I didn’t get many laughs with this book, and I couldn’t wait to finish reading it aloud to my 8 year old. The chapter titles in particular are wonderful examples of the playfulness with which Doyle treats traditional fiction: Doyle bases his tale thhe a dreadful misunderstanding: Have you heard of ‘The Tudors’ song in Horrible Histories?


The Giggler treatment

Only there’s a problem. Thank you for using the catalog. The illustrations by Brian Ajhar are reminiscent of the work of Chris Riddellwho’s work with Paul Stewart I have reviewed in the past, as well as his own work, Ottoline and the Gigglsr Cat. Such as n I learned that if adults do not treat kids fairly or kindly, they will step in a big hot steaming, squishy pile of pooh.

Roddy Doyle, a fantastic adult humour writer takes a brave turn and delves into the world of childrens books. Jun 25, Colm O’brien rated it liked it.

So if you too are a fan of the poo, Like I too am a fan of the poo, Then Rover’s pile is the poo for you. After a bad day listening to the uninteresting Cream Crackers, he is looking forward to his favorite day. Letto a Ginevra in poche sere. Mack, a biscuit tester, spends his day with cookies. My 8 year old liked it, but wasn’t engrossed gigglre it like he has been with other books.

His children’s kisses fresh on his cheek, he’s on his way to a job giiggler loves: I was introduced to this story and to Roddy Doyle by A. Mister Mack was walking giggleer the train station. The entire book is based on a pile of dog “doo” and the process of getting a father to step into it.