An injustice to bus passengers. Taj Cooper unknown episodes Karen Harriot Lastly, read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Jordan was eager to gather information on Sonny T in an effort to build a case against him. Her relationship with Irving predictably went beyond the professional due to mutual desire and consent. This “dead lef” is being threatened by a young man sent by Sonny T to pass himself off as Irving’s son and heir apparent, Marcus Irving. Due to this first stage of success with respect to Sonny T, Kay lost much of her appeal. She even continued to see Jordan in secret while he was in hiding.

Fitzroy 1 episode, Thomas happy with Portmore’s level of play. Ronald Goshop is an Art teacher who loves children and is equally passionate about his acting. The drama spins around the lives of the well off Blackburn family who remain symbols of a provincial period long gone. Sound and lighting technician Tebel Largie and editor Radcliffe McBean were among the crew recognised. Jessica unknown episodes Sharee McDonald-Russell On another front, Joyce still refuses to speak to Brother Roxey but he has not given up on trying to regain her affections.

Professionally, Cyrene was an advertising and public relations consultant.

In an effort to get to the bottom of the Marcus Irving fiasco Jennifer devised a caat whereby Bruno pretended to mug Marcus and in the process cut off a lock of his hair. While apart, Kay discovered she was pregnant.

Pearl McFarlane of Royal Palm Estate fame has died

Prudence showed a jealous streak which he never imagined could have culminated in her crashing into his cazt red Lexus”. After Ted’s death, she struggled to finish school and ended up being blackmailed into smuggling drugs for Sonny T to survive.


Himself narrator 1 episode, Apple quickly warned Jordan that Sonny T was after him and he then went into hiding. Sensing the change, but unaware of why, Kay decided to finally set up Jordan’s meeting with Sonny T – unfortunately too late. Cyrene Tomlinson deceased was a talented actress acclaimed for her performances in the roles that she played on stage and radio.

For many years he was in a relationship with the beautiful Brittany Anderson until Taj called things quits and jumped straight into a relationship with Prudence McLaren, ex wife of Assistant Commissioner McLaren.

Let’s fight the pf problem in our society without giving women the right to abortion. Baroness von Kettleholt unknown episodes. This was interrupted by his untimely death. Irie McIntosh unknown episodes Rodney Campbell Royal Palm Estate mirrors life on an old sugar manor set in Jamaica. Hospitals, schools to be retrofitted with energy-saving devices.

Fitzroy 1 episode, Shauna Chin He recently began his acting career in the Royal Palm Estate television series. Shane Hudson unknown episodes. Bruno Barrett unknown episodes.

This cultured woman enjoys savoring her whiskey neat, but unfortunately has no one to share it with. Brandy Rose unknown episodes. Jennifer Chambers 1 episode, Adam Hyde Jordan was eager to gather information on Sonny T in an effort to build a case against him. Stacey saw right through Julia’s supposed “rape” case and was determined to have her client vindicated. Claudine Chambers 1 episode, Marlon Birbridge Blackbursn 1 episode, Despite all her “ties” she became eager to follow the herd and migrate to the United States.


Superintendent Zeke Foster unknown episodes Lenford Salmon Brother Gabriel 1 episode, Leslie Irving unknown episodes Clive Duncan Munair Zacca a full-time actor, director, and former drama tutor, has appeared in several stage, film and television productions.

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Audible Download Audio Books. Bobby Smith is a part-time actor, singer, songwriter, a former lieutenant in the Jamaica Defense Force and a seasoned security executive. Jah I 1 episode, The “reborn” Richard appeared to have learned from his past mistakes and was determined to have as little contact with Jennifer as possible. She has always been dedicated to the Blackburns and after all her years of service she has not only become estatr cornerstone of the greathouse but an unofficial Blackburn.

Crime as political football: She searched tirelessly for him when he fell suspiciously ill and disappeared while in police custody.

Racing news for Saturday, February 23, Tiney began to insist that she be called by her give name, Kay Figueroa. If readers wish to report offensive comments, suggest a correction or share blsckburns story then please email: Due to this first stage of success with respect to Sonny T, Kay lost much of her appeal. So why not her name as well.