Although a good agreement between them is usually found, some discrepancies have been reported when measuring samples from long-vesseled species. In olive Olea europaea L. Profiling and functional classification of esterases in olive Olea europaea pollen during germination. A comparative analysis of closely related plants avoids phylogenetic independence bias in a comparative study of adaptations to survive low temperatures. Proteome Regulation during Olea europaea Fruit Development. This work deals with the isolation and identification of further antioxidants present in an ethyl acetate extract of olive Olea europaea L.

Detection of Olea europaea subsp. Imported olives contained a variety of fermentation derived volatiles that were not detected in domestic olives. Olive juvenility and seasonality of flowering were altered by overexpressing genes encoding flowering locus T FT. The physico-chemical soil properties of each treatment and level were analyzed before planting and the biovolume and the survival rates of the plants were measured regularly along eleven months. Predicted targets of miRNA were categorized into process ontology groups with significance abundance. Edit Details Official Sites: The aim of this study was to develop a practical method to evaluate the effective relationship between the amount of winter chilling and the response expressed as the spring reproductive re-starting dates in the olive Olea europaea L. Moreover, it will enhance breeding programs and the formation of new varieties.

Isolation of antioxidative secoiridoids from olive wood Olea europaea L. This high variability can be of interest on breeding programs. A growing interest has been focused on triterpenoids over the past decade due to their beneficial effects baar human health.

Hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties of the aqueous extract of Olea europaea leaves against Diclofenac-induced liver damages in mice.

Besides we analyzed the evolution of the. The results showed that gamma irradiation increased the total and inorganic dissolved solids, a and K in wastewater. The shift in vulnerability thresholds in centrifuge methods was more pronounced in shorter samples, supporting the open-vessel artifact hypothesis as a higher proportion of vessels were open in short samples.

Stomatal conductance and the foliar concentration of abscisic acid ABA were not altered by PRD irrigation, which may. Plant growth and survival data were collected and analyzed for the influence of soil attributes. The transcriptional response to the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae reveals extended differences between tolerant and susceptible olive Olea europaea L.


A better understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the stimulus needed for the induction of adventitious roots may help to develop more targeted and effective rooting induction protocols in order to improve the rooting ability of difficult-to-root cultivars. Populations of Bactrocera oleae Diptera: Climatic sensors inside and outside the greenhouse permitted to establish the same meteorological conditions for the plants and only emergency watering was supplied when necessary for the survival of the plants when arid conditions were extreme.

This study was aimed to investigate anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of Olea europaea L. On the contrary, protocols for mature zygotic embryos and for mature tissue of cultivars are often genotype specific, so that they may require many adjustments according to genotypes.

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A factor to quantify the degree of accumulation is illustrated and a possible seed protective mechanism Very recently the sequencing of chloroplast genome provided new information on the olive nucleotide sequence, opening the olive genomic era. Molecular studies in olive Olea europaea L. We have taken under episodf the presence and frequency of O.

A crucial step in order to know if these compounds could contribute to the beneficial and healthy properties of this food is their measurement in blood.

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Tekys of the within-population genetic structure and gene flow dynamics will lead to identifying possible strategies aimed at limiting the effect of anthropogenic activities and improving breeding programmes for the conservation of olive tree forest genetic resources.

Photosynthesis declined in the PRD50 and rain-fed trees due to greater diffusive limitations and reduced biochemical uptake of CO2. The aqueous decoction was partitioned obtaining four extracts and the n-butanol extract showed the highest antioxidant activity and the highest total phenolic content.

However, to date no exhaustive study has been addressed to infer Salt stress induces differential regulation of the phenylpropanoid pathway in Olea europaea cultivars Frantoio salt-tolerant and Leccino salt-sensitive. The functional analysis of pollen esterases was achieved by inhibition assays by using specific inhibitors.

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All traits differed among crown positions except the length-to-width ratio of the leaves. The cellular localization of esterase activity indicates that the intine is a putative storage site for esterolytic enzymes in olive pollen. This study adds to the growing body of data supporting the bioactivities of phytochemicals and their.


The outcomes of phytochemical and pharmacological studies reported in this review will further expand its existing therapeutic potential and provide a convincing support to its future clinical use in modern medicine.

In this work, we started monitoring the proteome variations associated with olive fruit development by using comparative proteomics coupled to mass spectrometry. This article reports the green fabrication of cerium oxide nanoparticles CeO2 NPs using Olea europaea leaf extract and their applications bawd effective antimicrobial agents.

In this work, we used a transcriptomic approach to study the molecular response to the olive fruit fly in two olive cultivars with contrasting level of susceptibility.

Alternative oxidase AOX is the terminal oxidase of the alternative pathway of the plant mitochondrial electron transport chain. Promotion of glucagon-like peptide-2 secretion in dairy calves with a bioactive extract from Olea europaea.

Selecting the most appropriate types of plants adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of restoring drylands is essential episove success in episods restoration.

Among them are the microRNA miRNAbeing gene-expression regulators that have been found to be involved as key determinants in several physiological processes. Based on principal coordinate analysis using a similarity matrix, the first two coordinates, revealed Proteins involved in fruit photosynthesis have been also identified and their pivotal contribution in oleogenesis has been discussed.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Here we use a transcriptomic approach to identify candidate genes belonging to the secoiridoid pathway in olive. The active compounds were detected in fractions of an ethyl acetate extract using HPLC with on-line radical scavenging detection.

Ethanolic extracts of olive fruits from three different cultivars OFE were studied for their phytochemical contents and were investigated for antioxidant activities and anticancer potential.