Their families did not approve of the friendship. If I was the family, I would have sued the hospital for neglect Same coffin, same lights, crucifix, rosary, the whole nine yards. Noong sinabi niya ang ending ang gusto ng karamihan parang nanaginip siya. Anonymous Said on November 4, at 8: Can’t Cry Hard Enough I’m gonna live my life Like every day’s the last Without a simple good-bye It all goes by so fast And now that you’re gone I can’t cry hard enough No I can’t cry hard enough For you to hear me now I’m gonna open my eyes And see for the first time I’ve let go of you like A child letting go of his kite There it goes up in the sky There it goes beyond the clouds For no reason why I can’t cry hard enough No I can’t cry hard enough For you to hear me now I’m gonna look back in vain And see you standing there When all that remains Is just an empty chair And now that you’re gone I can’t cry hard enough No I can’t cry hard enough For you to hear me now There it goes, up in the sky There it goes, beyond the clouds For no reason why Anonymous Said on September 25, at 6:

Episode Dave gives his best wishes to the newly-wed Ingrid finds Dave lying unconscious on his bathroom floor, so she immediately rushes him to the hospital. When he gets help, she asks for his name. The only thing I can think of is possibly this was all a dream somehow. Thank you and credits to http: It won’t add to the ratings anyway, coz am gonna watch in youtube. On the said event, Dave somehow raises a heated argument with his biological mother.

I don’t really cry in any show or movies but this episide really made me cry not for a minutes for the entire episode.

I still have to watch the final episode of TD for curiosity sake. Retrieved from ” http: As things develop, Stanley kills Elizabeth over a financial dispute and frames JR, who is imprisoned and escapes with a former enemy, Ka Doroy, as part of a double agent operation with the military in order to infiltrate finqle syndicate. On the other hand, Ramon calls JR to inform him of his plot against Audrey.


Anonymous Said on September 29, at I know, life isn’t fair which makes it more realistic.

Rita Takes Her Final Breath

Ruel Bayani and Trina Dayrit Country of origin: Unfortunately, the said operation gets out of hand. This teleserye has a lot of flaws! Time and tide waits for no man.

Ramon survives the attack, but unfortunately he loses his sense of sight before actually serving his life sentence in prison.

To make things difficult for her granddaughter, dapawa old lady insists on going to a hospital for a series of tests despite her healthy condition. Don’t get me wrong, I loved her mom and dad but she is not them.

Ang pagtatapos

The authorities are forced to fire after the lad decides to escape. Upon learning this, Marlene enrages in anger so she eppisode on confronting Dave about the matter. A Journey to Tell. I go for a Kim and Gerald tandem for years to come. Extremely disappointed with the unfortunate series of events, Dave resorts to excessive drinking once again; but this time around, his intoxication leads him straight to the hospital.

Hiwaga sa Bahay na Bato. Anonymous Said on September 27, at On their way to the warehouse, Tita, Lola Lily and Ula dies as their vehicle, driven by Lola Lily swerves and careens off a cliff, killing all three of them. Immediately, Dave informs the dalada about the upcoming occasion not just to flaunt about it, epidode also to freshen up his political name.

Anonymous Said on September 25, at 7: They have shown they can perform any role given to them. Maybe if you want Jake, COoco more exposure, give them their own soap opera, so that it will be fair to all. Anybody who is stressed out will end up with heart problem, stroke or either get crazy like Ingrid. Hanggang ngayon apectado pa ako sa episode kahapon hindi ako nakatulog sa pag iisip bakit nila pinatay ang charac.


The future is limitless as far as possibilities are concerned. It will still be memorable because it frustrated us! I always watch it here in Cali. I am one of those fans who are disappointed of Audrey’s death in this episode.

He discovers that the syndicate’s boss, “Hunyango”, is actually Marlon Cardenas, Dave’s godfather and Leo’s father. The story revolved around fraternal twin brothers Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson who share the same name, the same aspirations, and the same lady-of-interest Kim Chiu.

Anonymous Said on September 25, at 4: Upon learning this, Greta decides to pay Audrey a surprise visit to once and for all admit Audrey the truth that JR is not the father of her child. Then in the last confrontation scene with JR, Ramon, Dave and Marlene, after they all deliver their melodramatic dialogues, Marlene played by Cherrie Pie Picache accidentally sits on a bomb as she tries to move her fat ass away from the bullets fired by all of her sons.

Appeal tayo,i think that is the best way para malaman nila kung paano natin minahal si Kim and Gerald na isinilang nila.

Kapamilya Overload!: Final Episode – Tayong Dalawa

Audrey’s father then sends her to Cebu to study there, but not before she meets JR. In order to keep herself out of trouble, Audrey finally decides to stay away from the warring siblings. To Anonymous September 26 5: In short,viewers can ignore it and it does not finaoe anything away from the show. Episode – 29 Oktober – Layar Drama Indonesia: I want to DL it.