And it differed from its contemporary, the Voigt driver footnote 1 , in that the Tannoy’s two vibrating elements were physically and electrically separate from one another: Log in or register to post comments. While some of us that believe many other factors are more important than sound staging, I have found the TD10’s dimensionality a winning testimony to the company’s methods. Polished metal side rails adorn the sides of the front panel, and cone feet are fitted directly beneath each side rail, forming a continuous line of the structure. The Jimi Hendrix Experience: The Voigt driver eventually became known as the Lowther driver, which has changed even less since the dawn of time:

The TD10’s SuperTweeter is furnished differently from the one that is integrated into the Churchill Wideband’s cabinet, as it is encased separately atop TD10’s main cabinet in a polished metal oval casing. I tried a more delicate record: Discussion in ‘ Archived Classifieds ‘ started by Jampot , Oct 21, They aren’t properly time-aligned with one another, meaning that various subcomponents of the resulting complex wave are out of phase with each other as compared with the original. Their new Dimension series is a case in point. Bonus Recording of January

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Tannoy introduced their solution to those problems inwhen Sam Tellig was but a wee lad and the dimdnsion of World War II made it possible for England to redirect her wartime technologies toward more peaceful things: Tannoy’s coincident design has separate magnets for each transducer. Cash or Bank Transfer Location: A member of Tannoy’s 3rd-ranking Dimension Series below the mighty Series of Kingdom and Prestige, the in Dual-Concentric-equipped TD10 is one of the four models that constitutes its own Dimension Series, and is the 2nd largest ttd10 in the Series next to the TD With a tripod-like footing, moving the pounders around the listening room was quite easy with their E.

Oct 27, at 1: The incredibly spotless and 3-dimensional capture of Jheena Lodwick’s All My Loving JVC XRCD24 SA also dimensipn from the TD10’s DC technology, which projected each instrument and vocal with definitive dynamic scaling that imparted remarkable coherency on individual characteristics with startling separation within the group.


In my defense, the mistake might have been fueled by the fact that Tannoy’s biggest and most expensive loudspeakers have always been popular with the audio cognoscenti of Japan.

Reproducing Sounds Only Dogs Can Hear Since the average middle-aged videophile is lucky if he can hear up to 15kHz, you may wonder what the point is of making a speaker capable of reproducing sound up to kHz.

And constraint is something that this speaker, when working well, can never be accused of. The TD10 has two rear ports stuffed with removable foam plugs.

A twin-magnet design produces optimum magnetic flux shaping, since each magnet assembly is designed for a specific diaphragm. Stop by Uptown Audio, Virginia’s leading Tannoy dealer, today to hear the fabulous Tannoy Dimension loudspeakers for yourself!

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Critical listeners can remove the grilles; owners of pets and parents of small children should probably leave them in place. Traversing the range of 1. The TD12, like the other models in Tannoy’s Dimension series, isn’t a single-driver speaker at all: It’s in Dual-Concentric driver impresses with Churchill-like imaging integrity, and its physique uniqueness accords relatively effortless integration into the listening environment while realizing optimal performance. The SuperTweeter sits in a chunky ovoid housing machined from aluminum alloy and mounted on the main cabinet in such a way that its voice-coil is the same distance from the listener as the other two.

The center frequency of this compound acoustical plus electrical crossover is 12kHz, and the response of the TD12 is claimed to extend way the hell out to 54kHz, where boy bats dinension at girl bats.

Lodwick’s, this is a demonstration-class CD sonically through and through. Jamo S Speaker System Review. My friend Harvey Rosenbergwho had more clever ideas in a day than most of us have in a lifetime, was a Tannoy loudspeaker enthusiast. The Dual-Concentric drivers created substantial dynamics and scales, with unified spectral dimensio that complimented orchestral music nicely.


The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Weries, my password is: Sony Readies Launch of Large-Format Movie Theater beach camera tower martinlogan tower bh photo video tower crutchfield tower yamaha tower tower elac tower monitor audio tower jbl tower polk audio tower amazon.

I do not fimension the boxes for these. Log in or register to post comments. Will only sell in the USA. Just feed them a high-quality signal from an amp that can make the most of their attributes and all will be fine.

In addition, both the TD10 and the larger CW sounded their best when given more space, in proportion, to energize before the sound wave reaches the listener, although the TD10’s sounded less spacious and less extended than the CW in similarly shorter distances to the listening position. Yd10 drive units — many of the competition tend to use GoldenEar Technology Triton Reference. Both provide an upper-frequency limit far beyond the measly 20kHz of conventional CDs.

Season Two Remaster Class: Since I have no friends and most of our floors are hardwood, I wound up moving the TD12s around by “walking” them onto a little area rug, sans spikes, then pulling them from room to room like a child pulling a very large toy. Oct 27, at 8: The mix of fibres has been carefully chosen to obtain a light but very stiff structure providing exceptional grip and control of bass transients.

Unlike the CW’s birthright of pressurization of the room via its in driver, the TD10 was nonetheless large enough to also fill the room, albeit with lesser scale and weight. The important thing for now is that the Dimenskon retains a link to Tannoy’s past: