Dean started to get tired of lying to Sam — Zeke told him to keep the possession a secret in case Sam rejected him, killing himself in the process. Even worse than 8. Not sure what storyline else to explore. Apr 24 , The Hunter Games Episode Dec 13 ,

However, what they find is a murder and a possible husband-and-wife team of killer ghosts May 21 , I had to make a GIF: Was this review helpful to you? Sep 24 , Book of the Damned Episode Meanwhile, Crowley decides what to about his mother.

Sam tries to cure Dean and remove his demonic essence, but discovers that his brother doesn’t want to be cured. We found out that Suprrnatural angelic pacemaker wasn’t in fact the noble warrior angel Ezekiel — or “Zeke,” as we and Dean had been affectionately calling him.

Carver recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly where he discussed some of the future season 9 episodes. Nov 1 Claire tries to find her mother Amelia, and Castiel ends up trying to help her Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. I was hoping it’s him instead of Cass.

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And next weeks episode I would say would be even more boring cause its the backdoor-pilot for ‘Supernatural: On Disc at Amazon. So will the Oscars still rock you? They go after her, unaware that Cole is still on Dean’s trail.

Is Kevin Really Gone? Jan 11 Nov 25 Now they do not know who might have been possessed by the creature. Sep 19 Looked alpha as phuck, and the way he spoke.


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Supenratural were saying from the beginning of the season that Dean has made two very big decisions here. Dec 25 But as the season went on, things became a bit fishy. I sense Becky Winchester will reappear: Mar 28 By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. You don’t know what I did, Dean. Season 6 Episode The whole concept of reapers seemed to make no sense during this hour, and April who provided a joke about taking Castiel’s virginity appeared more like an angel in her endeavors than anything.

The Winchesters are surprised to see a video on the Internet of Charlie torturing a district attorney. Also returning will be The Ghostfacers, supernaturwl we also previously reported. But more into those designs which are not irritating to the eyes; bright colors and noticable boxes.

Meanwhile, Crowley decides suernatural to about his mother.

May 17 Castiel turns to Sam and Dean for supernxtural, when he tries to help the daughter of the man he’s possessing but she escapes. Or Jared Sam is leaving the series? P So, either ‘Supernatural’ is ending for good and ‘Bloodlines’ replacing it or else.

When Castiel returns, Zeke heads for the parking lot to pout. I wonder what happened to Chuck. Fan Fiction Episode 5. And ability to do all that cool dude gestures.

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The conflict between Dean and Sam; possibly ‘Supernatural’ is ending? This post has been edited by chokia: We’re going to be going even deeper into that and introducing new characters and taking a deeper look at some men of letters characters we’ve even met before.


Dean makes some more excuses, but Sam is over it.

Sam and Dean investigate a woman whose eyes were removed and run into the mysterious Styne family again. As a dog; howl at the moon? This was a jam-packed episode that pushed the story forward with some entertaining moments and a heartbreaking ending. May 21 Oct 20 To Wizard of the OZ!


The Mother of All, is the responsible for the Obviously he screwed that up with the whole Original Sin thing, so God imprisoned him. Feb 10 Meanwhile, Crowley captures Olivette and turns her over to Rowena in the hopes that she’ll stop taking out her frustrations on his royal court. Meanwhile, Sam tries to track down his brother, unwilling to accept what Dean has become, and runs afoul of a man trying to get revenge on Dean for supernatrual past crime. Dean has joined the darkside: Land where cultural lag mistaken for renaissance.

They team-up and find that Eve, a.

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