When starting a new game from the title screen, and after selecting your character profile choices, you will be given the option to start out with a bonus. If you are unlucky, you could spend several seasons just trying to collect what you need. Naturally, you are confused. Note that this will only work for crops planted outside on your farm- so not in greenhouses, ferris wheels, or in the public field areas. Perhaps this is what you need to get some direction in your life? When you first arrive in Oak Tree Town, Veronica will send you on an internship with Eda, a long-time residence of the area. Story of Seasons backups take 4 blocks of data.

This annoys him; he purposely stopped working to see what you wanted. You don’t start off with much space, but given your mild funds that is alright. A new customer walks in and he kindly asks you to leave so he can serve his customer. Like everything in this game, Flax is a choice! Inside they will eat the food left in the appropriate area, but when left outside you will have to plant grass or build feeders for them. Having high friendships may help with winning team-based festivals if those villagers are assigned to your competitive team.

There are a variety of shops that you can go to for purchasing seeds, blueprints, cooking supplies and recipes, sewing patterns, and anything else that you might need to take care of your farm. When you arrive at the extravagant manor, you meet a woman asking for help, another one of the marriage candidates, Elise.

Well, sotry is when they will come in handy. There are also a variety of wild animals who live in the forest and in the Safari park.

You have access to any digital games without having to change the cartridge. If you manage to win, you will increase the brand for whichever crop you entered, get a prize, and raise the friendship with the townsfolk a good bit. He jokingly suggests that you quit the farming business and become a chef. Neither is really absurdly difficult, and neither is super easy.

To play with them, hold the toy and stand beside the pet then throw the toy; you will know you have done it correctly if an exclamation point appears over the pets’ head. Your farming life begins! Fat pets will be stressed and unhealthy, but you don’t need to walk them that often to keep them fit. If you don’t win, don’t worry about it too much, the game is only beginning- plus you will raise friendship just by participting so you won’t walk away totally empty handed Eda will take you to the barn and introduce you to Hanako, her cow.


If he picks it up again, maybe you’d like to ride behind him along a nice, long trail ride. This formal looking fellow uses flowers and scented oils to create perfumes. As the two of you head out, Klaus comments on how the weather makes him want to go horseback riding. However, the company that makes the BokuMono games currently ‘Marvelous!

Once you rent the field and exit the menu Veronica will explain the fields and show a map on the bottom screen. Raeger moved to Oak Tree Town to help his grandfather with the restaurant he owns. Sections with TBA in their title have little or no information as of the current version of my guide, and sections with IP in the title have some information but are incomplete.

Work on clearing your land- this will be easier and cheaper in Seedling mode. You only need to sprinkle the barest amount of water to revive wilted crops- the soil does not need to darken.

Non-Farming Activities

You will need to order something to eat from him seasona before you’ll receive all of his available cooking recipes. Trio of Towns is a fantasy farming simulation game integrated with social aspects such as friendship and marriage.

When you first arrive in Oak Tree Town, Veronica will send you on an internship with Eda, a long-time residence of the area. When you equip the hoe, you will see a dotted border around a square area- this indicates that you can use your tool there. You’ll need to have 10, FP with a marriage candidate if you want to eat lunch with him or her. Raeger is glad to see you.

Klaus | Bachelor | A Story of Seasons Help Guide

He will explain the table, give you some basic blueprints, then oversee as you renovate. Players with the male character will be able to give the bachelorettes sweets- in all likelihood they will need to be purchased from the General Store this first year. If you talk to him from the opposite side of the counter, he’ll activate his shop inventory.

Eda will give you her old hammer and old axe so you can gather the materials you’ll need to upgrade your house and get a free barn- 15 small lumber and 15 small stone. You’ll also can grow special Nintendo-themed crops. He asks if you’d like some fried rice and starts to make it for you. Each person has their own preference for this, and everything here is fairly basic stuff. You decide to risk it all and answer the flyer’s solicitation, uprooting yourself to move to a place you’ve never been, taking over a challenge you know nothing about.


The Trade Depot will be where all of the in-game countries will visit and set up shop each day. This site is built off of personal gameplay experiences and help from the Japanese guide books.

You can make this using the Winery on your farm or buy it from Rose Country starting in Winter of year 2. She stoory briefly explain two methods of equipping your tools and have you till the kf.

There are not any in-game enhancements that are specific to storry upgraded 3DS console. He stopped working because you just wanted to talk with him? He will thank you for this some day. Klaus explains that he has been doing perfume work, but he has some free time. Digital – Pros The game is stored right on your system. You can have 10 open requests at any time, and can view them from the shipping information icon on bottom screen above diary’Note’ will replace the ‘???

The Villagers

You travel to Oak Tree Town right away. Raeger is glad you’re interested! They finally come over to where you and Mistel are standing, but you’re so upset that you run out of the shop. Perhaps this is what you need to get some direction in your life?

In-game Activities | A Story of Seasons Help Guide

You will find six marriage candidates for each gender of the main character. Even though Raeger has had girlfriends in the past, he’s never loved anyone as much as you. For all the work you do on the farm every day, only the best scents will work for you. Your father is reluctant to let you go out on your own because of fkgu inexperience with farming, but with some seasobs persuasion on your part, he decides to allow you to move a homestead located near your Uncle Frank’s farm.

You will go off to play with him, where you will learn about swimming and diving, and you will get a rock.