He attaches bombs to the Empire’s energy source, then detonates them, rendering the Empire unable to move. Sandor then tells Wildstar his arms and legs are bionic — a result of the accident — and can be removed. On board the Argo , Dr. The plan is to weaken the Star Force by allowing bad news from Earth to destroy their morale. Suddenly, Flash and Jason meet the planet’s life center, who asks them to take care of Queen Mariposa. The Star Force tries to interrogate the pilot, but he refuses to talk. A small Comet Empire fleet of spaceships appears and attacks as well.

The video quality isn’t very good, but then again the source material probably wasn’t that great to begin with. Then Sandor’s group will launch special missiles to gather asteroid fragments and send them into the sun. After an extended battle, the Star Force are victorious, and go in search of Trelaina. But Sandor and IQ-9 manage to break into the missile, and with 30 seconds to detonation, switch some wires and make it back itself out. Sandor and Orion work to contain the fire while Derek Wildstar orders the crew to abandon ship. The Argo approaches a tunnel satellite, with the crew thinking it is an ideal place to stop for repairs. Even though the Star Force did not find a second Earth, Derek decides on one final mission — to take Mariposa to Guardiana. Here are some words that rhyme with Desslok

Similar to their first encounter, the two ships narrowly pass each other, and the Andromeda lets the Argo continue. Derek has a series of flashbacks from his childhood, starting from the Gamilons bombing his home and continuing with his older brother Alex returning from school.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Striking the final blow, Lysis teleports the Drill Missile bomber right in front of the Argo.

IQ-9 and Sandor conclude that the planet is a living entity and could be creating the illusions to protect itself. Seeing it, he is satisfied, and dies. Using a mental telepathy device, Vulgar forms a neural link between himself and billions of microscopic organisms collected from Balan.


The Space Marines grow restless. Wildstar finds Nova weeping on the main gun deck, and declares that he believes that this ixcandar their last battle. In fact, the Queen is supplying the Gamilons with Royal Bee Jelly in return for letting her stay in power. I think the opening theme best describes what the first series of Star Blazers iscanadr all about: Wildstar briefs his crew on the mission, offering those who wish to remain on Earth a chance to leave. Desslok releases a radioactive sleeping gas, then leads a boarding party onto the Argo.

Venture sees her and is very upset but calms after listening to a message she left him. A shot from the Argo’s main guns strikes Desslok’s command centre, which plummets to the ground below. Wildstar and IQ-9 fend off two Gamilon tanks, and take out the Gamilon patrol team sent to capture them. The Argo warps to the new coordinates, but finds itself in the middle of a space cyclone. His ship ungrapples and moves away, but is heavily damaged in the ensuing explosion. As a war rages on between two factions outside of Earth’s solar system, Cadet Jason Jetter sees his parents off on a sightseeing tour of space.

The Argo cancels the warp and Wildstar heads back to find Sandor.

Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar Ep01(1/2) – video dailymotion

She congratulates the Star Force on its brave journey, and instructs them to follow her guide signal to Iscandar. Invidia suggests that Scorch is expendable, and his sacrifice was necessary to get Desslok away from the Star Force and Trelaina — otherwise Desslok could wreck their grand plan to take over the universe.

Privately, he urges Avatar to consider hospitalisation, a suggestion which Avatar adamantly rejects. Welcome to the Desslok hotline.


Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar, Series 1

To buy some time to complete repairs, Mark takes the Argo behind an asteroid. Derek reports his findings to Desslok, who is just as puzzled and sends a survey team to the planet. While Desslok destroys the Bolar fleet in space, the Argo’s crew defeats the troops on Guardiana.

His depression and delusion melt away as he realizes the danger this presents. They are sensitive to electromagnetic waves, and will explode if they get too close to the ship.

The Star Force has been standing still in space for several weeks, waiting for a huge space storm to subside, in hopes of finding a short-cut channel through the vast Octopus Star system which fuels the storm.

Meanwhile, Mariposa offers an extremely powerful cannon that she says can restore the sun. But once they enter visual range of Iscandar, the signal is cut off, and navigator Mark Venture makes an even more startling discovery. He then built up a powerful armed force and amassed great wealth to ensure the planets would remain liberated.

Sane says that Knox has to adjust to not only having been defeated at Brumus, but also to blxzers had to relinquish command to Wildstar.

As they again part ways, the series ends. Trelaina insists on waiting for Mark Venture before talking to the Star Force visitors.

Derek says that Sandor’s resilience gives him hope that Alex is still alive. As Derek and Nova leave, they see several of Queen Guardiana’s worshippers.