Jhanavi, who thinks of approaching Lalita also for a second marriage, mentions this to Annapurna and then Lalita interferes and strongly refuses for marriage. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Vasuda then feels relaxed. Everyone keeps searching for Hari. Sunil, who discussed this with Jhanavi comes to Annapurna, and the he gives his consent to marry Baby for which everyone feels happy. The Times of India. Nandan, who left his baby at Lalitha’s house, comes to take her back.

Annapurna then reveals her love towards her son Hari and the sacrifice she has done for Kala. Jhanavi then reveals the matter that he decided not to trouble her until she feels easy with him. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. But Annapurna strongly refuses to bring him out of jail. Everyone keeps searching for Hari. Jhanavi and her family members notice that Vasuda is sad and try to know the reason but she does not reveal anything.

How will Janavi deal with six when one is more than enough. Jhanavi decides to bring Guru home so as to unite him with Malathi. Jhanavi, who knows that Kala is taking meals for Hari, asks her, Kala then replies harshly thinking that she is not helping her and then she mentions that Hari is not like he was earlier. Vinaya Vidheya Rama 1. Kala realises this and apologizes to her. Vasuda mentions srirasru matter to Vinay over the phone. Srirastu Subhamastu might be good in parts but as a package it fails to create an impact.


Baby then mentions her that she likes Sunil and she is ready to marry him. Vasuda mentions to Vinay over the phone about the progress of Lalitha’s marriage with Nandan.

Srirastu Subhamastu Movie Review {/5}: Critic Review of Srirastu Subhamastu by Times of India

We serve personalized stories based on the selected city OK. Annapurna, who mistakes that Vinay had insisted her to do so, scolds him over the phone. Annapurna comes over there and convinces them and takes them to the house. Vinay calls Vasuda to sask her for an outing but she refuses and behaves rudely, which makes him feel upset. Ali is successful in providing a few laughs. Go to movie details. Jhanavi and her family members notice that Vasuda is sad and try to know the reason but she does not reveal anything.

Lalitha, who changes her mind, speaks to him over the phone and then she asks him to give some time to her to accept him. But both of them would be benefited by better etched roles. However, Lalitha is already attached to the child and feels sad.

You can change your city from here. Jhanavi also expresses her desire of releasing Hari too.

Srirastu Subhamastu Movie Review

The Ajay Devgn and Madhuri Dixit starrer comedy entertainer collects big on its second day. Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. Vasuda then mentions that he is not involved in it.


And what does he do with them? In the other scene, Kala and Hari decide to stay away until Malathi’s life turns normal. Annapurna, who continues the drama, tells Vasuda that Naveen is looking for another match since she rejected hiim.

Ajay Devgn speaks about daughter Nysa’s dressing sense. Nandan, who left his baby at Lalitha’s wpisode, comes to take her back. Sunil questions the intension of Baby, who is cooking and showing special care. Kala sees him in the temple and calls him to the house but he refuses and says that he would stay away from them to take the punishment.

Vasuda then feels relaxed. The Surgical Strike’ box office subhxmastu day Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. As said by Jhanavi, Annapurna takes back the complaints that she lodged against Chennakeshava and then he apologises to her.

Decides to get married. Jhanavi, who follows Kala, comes to know that she went to meet Hari with the lunch box. Jhanavi, who convinces Annupurna, gets Hari released from jail.

Hari, who returns the property documents, apologises to Annapurna and then he prepares to leave the house.