Someone has been breaking in and destroying labs of a company called Techammer. Cet article ne cite pas suffisamment ses sources juillet At the same time, the Spiez’s snoopy aunt comes to their house and finds Megan’s diary containing information about their missions. Les grandes Olympiades approchent et Southdale doit garder son titre! Megan tries out for the school play. Tata Trudi vient passer quelques jours chez les Clark. Delta by JadeSpeedster17 reviews This was a story from my old account, revised and edited. The boys quickly come to Megan’s aid, freeing her, and they apologize for being such jerks.

They find out that the Sunrise Tan was responsible for making them act crazy over girls who have themselves tanned with Sunrise Tan. Hidden Past Stabbed with Lies by 3mee reviews Marc thinks he knows this girl somehow from his deep past, but he can’t recall. Nerd Solution by kimkimmywrites reviews An incident occurred during a science conference in a university and the Spiez are sent to check out the two scientists who were involved. The Spiez must find out who is responsible while protecting their school. It’s turning girls into monsters, and it’s up to the Spiez to stop it! The three remaining Spiez set off to rescue their brother and all the other people from Crabby Bob who hopes to sink the entire world into the ocean and make it safe for all fish and crabs.

And why is megan so patient with her brother’s teasing and bullying?

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In the B-story, Tony wants to join the choir. How could this happen? Nos amis vont devoir la battre pour sauver le Woohp Their first mission is divided into two teams: Retrieved 29 September Davey Hacker 3 Note: The Spiez are sent to a mission involving men from a university who are having fighting each other.

This episode was reference of the American television series CSI: Marc est hors de lui et essaie de l’attraper. They find out that the Sunrise Tan was responsible for making them act crazy over girls who have themselves tanned with Sunrise Tan. It’s up to the Spiez to stop this fight between Tress and Kat. The Clarks must go and check up on Dr. Brathwaite combines her DNA with the plants and tries to eat the Spiez. Jerry is sick and asks the Spiez to go on dangerous missions to find a cure.


When she needs a tutor for English, can boy-genius Marc Clark help her and establish friendship along the way?

She is a colleague to the scientists she abducted. Tami becomes Sebastian’s henchman as she tries to eliminate them. Brathwaite and the Granny. In the B-story, Marc is excited about getting his own room in the new house That they were going to move in but never did when they realized the Condos were a trap.

The kids really don’t want to move, but have no choice. They go to a place where a man was abducted by a tractor. Inner strength by thesundae reviews The Clark siblings met a new girl at school and she as a thing for Mark. She was disappointed in her birthdays, so she wants to get revenge by turning other rich children into mutants during their birthdays, and therefore have the biggest party on the block.

The Amazing Spiez Season Three by Red reviews Two years into the future and the spies are still taking down villains and serving a nice slice of justice all the while keeping their personal lives in check. In the B-story, Lee must get his act together after a humiliating loss of a geeneration game in front of the whole school.

This mission is numbered the same as “Nano Spiez!

Spiez ! Nouvelle Génération – Saison 2 Episode 14

Lee and Marc try to stop Termitator and Tony and Megan go to the lab to try to eliminate a crazy machine. Eventually they manage to stop Jerry 2.

If you thought the sky is blue, then what you looking at maybe the shadow. I hope you enjoy. In the B-story, Marc must overcome his fear of heights, which he got from his mission against the Human Projectile which is shown when Jerry hypnotized him.


When a few episoee occur, the Spiez investigate. Marc also turns into a hairy yeti during the investigation. She brags about being a great actress. Just In All Stories: The Spiez must stop him before he eliminates their Mom, a real estate agent. Then they are called for a mission to investigate strange occurrences in Dubaiinvolving buildings and other structures breaking down. Bucky Alder former actor. Sherry first appeared in Mission No. One of my Genrration will appear in this story as well, but as a prisoner of WOOHP that will amazingly help out the spies with their ‘little’ problem.

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In the B-story, Tony wants more acceptance from his siblings, so decides to imitate them and copy them which annoys Lee, Marc and Megan.

A mysterious object lands in the desert. Megan, Lee, Marc et Tony n’en peuvent plus! It is up to the Spiez to stop these animals. Megan is attacked by a Tami Doll, but her brothers refuse to believe her until they find out that the stolen microchip was in the doll.

Tex Jerry in disguise Note: The machine malfunctions and Megan inflates. Megan and Davey shrink back to their normal sizes and Megan is past her crush generatuon Paul, only to find he dates short girls and now wants to be shorter. In hopes of becoming a WOOHP spy himself, Davey follows the other spies into their home and attempts to shrink them to microscopic size. Slick Mick tries to escape the Spiez and epsiode is stopped by Tony and his yo-yo gadget.