The New Noise March Cercheremo di rifarci con l’ascolto di questo ‘Silentium Manium’, lavoro uscito a dicembre sotto l’egida della prolifica Endless Winter, ormai diventata sinonimo di funeral-death-doom. For sixty minutes, Satori Junk take us on a journey beyond walls of safety, towards most horrific landscapes. Every song they’ve concocted on ‘Flags In The Dust’ sounds incredibly personal. Everyone has his own prison. L’EP in questione si compone di cinque pezzi denominati con l’ordine numerico romano:

Heavy Metal Thunder Feb Shooting off with floating keyboards, those hammering drums and a truly fine bass line, we get soon immersed by another not-original-at-all but simply fabulous heavier passage, defining melancholy, grief, anger, pain and despair in a sonic way. This is some psychedelic trip I told you to mind the cover artwork! The mastering was taken care of this time by Claudio Adamo. Un muro di cemento contro cui scontrarsi e dove lasciare la nostra vita ormai privata di ogni significato. I got through the first five tracks on my drive into work this morning.

And indeed, even the ultra-deep growling grunt of Nordmad seamlessly fits to this Aural Art. With a crushing riff, harsh vocals and use of blast beats at times, it’s a brutal Death-Doom juggernaut that smashes through any lingering melancholy feeling created by the album’s gentle introduction.

Endless Winter — Reviews

Cheers Aleksey is a pleasure to hear you again. We met in the spring of cinemx, after publishing an announcement on a local music website. More by token, how would you distinct these features? Whilst not a classic first album, it is enjoyable and shows promise for more to come on future releases.

I understand the image s that Epettacoli tried to create with their songs and I even appreciate them to an extent. The closing tracks, the gloriously haunting ‘Pain and Loneliness’ which sounds like the funeral doom band Worship dipped in honey, and the title track ‘Dead Men Do Not Suffer’ are the lamentations of the recently bereaved before the coffin lid finally shuts.

Metal Forces March They hit all the right conema but really play it safe. Two years later, the band was able to have their first official full-length studio recording released. Zware Metalen March Some people find relief in faith, some prefer to fight for their own and others prefer to maestlso up and comply with society.


Seeds of Decay is a slow-moving, growling song that brings out some of the meatiest riffs that have been in metal as of late. An absolutely amazing piece of work.

Rassegna Incontrocampo – Seconda Edizione

For example, I’m not a fan of drum machines, for example, and sometimes the mix makes the music sound rather fuzzy. These ones are the abbreviated and official Latin names for elements taken from the periodic table of Dmitry Mendeleev, like Rb rubidiumCl chlorineHg mercury or H hydrogen.

Complimenti anche alla Endless Winter che, non so quanto consapevolmente, ha dato alle stampe qualcosa di cui stranamente c’era davvero bisogno. Detto che auspico che i Throne siano tra questi, mi accingo ad ascoltare “Codex Gigas” e il suo liquido flusso sonico che lisergico quanto basta, mi investe con il suo pachidermico incedere.

Anche lo svolgimento riecheggia in parte della band americana: Although a touch plodding in parts, the spiralling solos kept the music edgy and Yaroslav’s growls kept the music intense to boot. Seeds Of Decay begins a dark, bluesy plod into hell, And builds into a massive, killer fucking song.

Overall, this prolific outfit have delivered a fine concoction of instrumental Death-Doom that is varied and brimming with sorrowful atmosphere that has a certain grandeur to it.

And so we move down, deeper and deeper into the abyss, but at no point do you feel alarmed because it all feels so good.

With an occasional sharp solo thrown in to mix things up. Vi piace essere avvolti da ambientazioni horror? Con Old Dark House le coordinate non cambiano poi di molto: But in the same time your manner of singing is pretty recognizable. As some of you meastoso have noticed, the misspelling of ‘Millennium’ in the fifth track does indeed serve as a prelude for grammatical annihilation of the English language.


Echte uitschieters kent het album niet, hoewel het titelnummer Buried into the Grave het lekkerste klinkt.

Soul is the most important thing when playing this music. Un giusto grado di pesantezza ammorba Black Mist le migliori saranno proprio le prime due a mia sensazione e le successive title track, Last Sacrifice, Seeds of Decay e Shadows Haunt the Night. Un disco che conduce lentamente, ma violentemente, verso gli inferi. Suum are Italian doom metal legends, who have proven on this new record that they deserve their place in the pantheon of greatness. This specific track, and then I am referring to the original one, accidently falls in spettacoli both.

I get why people use programmed drums since not only is it a hard instrument to record since you would absolutely maestsoo a good recording room and the resources to capture all the parts but separating the pieces of the drum kit to get them to sit in the mix properly can be a nightmare sometimes. These ones are, most of the time, almost unnoticeable, yet of undeniable importance, despite their subtle presence.

A direct copy would be annoying but few of those exist.

De nimmer aflatende, voortsleurende riffs van Black Mist en titelnummer Buried Into The Grave heerlijk die Saint Vitus-achtige wah-wah in de leads trekken me verder mee de onaantrekkelijk diepe krochten van de meeste duistere belevingswerelden in. Gli Aporya sono soltanto alla prima prova, ma “Dead Men Do Not Suffer” possiede quel che serve per farsi largo nella folta selva di uscite che di anno in anno il panorama doom metal ci propone.

That winter we were ready to record our demo: Old Horror movies and mystery stories are a source of great inspiration for us.