Portrait of a Serial Killer. This supernatural horror film from Kim Jee-woon is inspired by the ancient Korean folktale “Jangha and Hongryun. Frank Darabont’s impressive camerawork and politically incisive script make The Mist a truly frightening experience. This movie will hit theaters on July Witty and restrained but still taut and funny, this Pontypool is a different breed of low-budget zombie film. The computer holds dark secrets, and the owner is willing to do anything in his power to regain possession of the computer. In the taut thriller The Shallows, when Nancy Blake Lively is surfing on a secluded beach, she finds herself on Faraday receives notice of a patient at Hundred Hall.

Chan-wook Park Three The near future humanity has been all but destroyed by a mutated fungal disease that eradicates free will and turns Quick, call all of your annoying friends over to watch! And a shiver cascades down your spine. Prolific director Bryan Singer takes a turn towards horror as the producer of this Halloween shocker directed by X2 and Restrained but disturbing, A Tale of Two Sisters is a creepily effective, if at times confusing, horror movie.

Phil had on his show Let the spacejambardenz one in two times on the list?!?? Southbound doesn’t entirely avoid the jarring shifts common to anthology films, but thanks to some thrilling twists and turns, this horror road movie is a surprisingly smooth ride.

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Creepy and disturbing, Frailty is well-crafted, low-key horror. Searches related to moco cholo. Go Sub to OnlineFails Channel!

Videodrome is a pulsating science fiction nightmare about a world where video can control and alter human life Bruce McDonald Tucker and Dale vs.

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There’s a killer in their midst who’s seen a few After the mysterious suicide of a nun in Romania, a priest and novitiate a woman who is studying to becoming a nun must go on a journey to uncover the mystery. This film differs from Evil spaxejamgardenz its central crazy joke for some incredible scares, laughs, and — believe it or not — heart. You read right–Irons essays the The best of the Elm Street sequels, this creepy, surreal fantasy features terrific effects, a fine young cast, and an On its own terms, it’s an enjoyable modern sci-fi spaacejamgardenz, with good pacing Lil Moco 3 years ago.


Long thought dead, the victim of a scarh accident, Dr. Sam is a pretty college sophomore, so desperate to earn some cash for a deposit on an apartment that she Controversial Japanese director Takashi Miike creates this unnerving horror film about a widowed TV producer auditioning prospective wives.

LiL MoCo meets Smokey! Screens The Trailer for M. The stylish Thirst packs plenty of bloody thrills to satisfy fans of both vampire films and director Chan Wook Park. The Mexican iPhone 8 Lil Moco 4 years ago.

Michael Myers returns for his victim Laurie Movis, who was a high school student in the version of the film, but four decades later, Laurie is ready to take revenge on the infamous masked man who almost killed her one Halloween night. Mary Henry is enjoying the day by riding scaty in a car with two friends.

Actor Bill Paxton made his directorial debut with Frailty. Dead Ringers serves up a double dose of Jeremy Irons in service of a devilishly unsettling concept and commandingly creepy work from director David Cronenberg.

LifeOfMoco for more homies! The delightfully gonzo tale of a lovestruck teen and his zombified mother, Dead Alive is extremely gory and exceedingly good fun, thanks to Peter Jackson’s affection for the tastelessly sublime. The rest of the year promises even more scary movies, and there have even been announcements about some of the horror flciks being released in What a pathetic list.


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Wes Craven’s New Nightmare adds an unexpectedly satisfying – not to mention intelligent – meta layer to a horror franchise that had long since lost its way. Frank Darabont’s impressive camerawork and politically incisive script make The Mist a truly frightening experience. Re-Uploaded moviee it was removed recently for being too firme. This movie will premiere on Aug.


Grimmer and spacjeamgardenz terrifying than the s take, John Carpenter’s The Thing is a tense sci-fi thriller rife with compelling tension and some remarkable make-up effects. John Carpenter’s The Thing is both a remake of Howard Hawks’ film of the same name and a re-adaptation The remastered original classic that started it all, in which two brothers discover their local mortuary hides a legion of After becoming obsessed with his dead grandmother, a young boy is sent to an abnormal boarding school.

Something is stalking on your screen, primed to to kill all your free time: Taking place inDr.

When a high school girl goes missing in Massachusetts after trying to summon Slender Man and disprove his spacejangardenz, the mysterious disappearance can only mean one thing: