The delivery boy is in the background, bringing Duffy a pastry. Open Preview See a Problem? The telegram from Mr. He cannot send out policemen to investigate based merely on Mrs. Seeing that it is only minutes from No names are mentioned, but the intended victim is apparently a woman who is supposed to be home alone, in a house near a train bridge, on a street where the patrolman steps into the diner for a cup of coffee at just past In it, he tells her that he will not be coming home that night. An anonymous writer for London’s Economist states that Sorry, Wrong Number was first produced on radio in “and, in one form or another, in some part of the world, has been running almost continuously ever since.

Stevenson’s bedroom and wrestles with her before killing her. Stevenson’s helplessness does not humble her in any way, however. Please help by replacing IMDb with third-party reliable sources. The delivery boy is in the background, bringing Duffy a pastry. When the intruder enters her bedroom, she begs for her life, then screams. She later attended Vassar College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in It cranks up another notch when she overhears the murder plot and from there it just never stops. Act 1, Part 3.

Stevenson’s hunch that a murder might take place. The fifth and last operator is described as being lethargic. These aspects of her personality are displayed when she wants the police to find the men for whom she has no names and no addresses. The major source of home entertainment comes from video and computer games, television, and movies on DVD. Stevenson cannot believe that her husband would leave her alone. This made the first half of the decade very trying. View the Lesson Plans. Jul 19, Smita rated it really liked it.


He reinforces technology’s failure with his final statement: When the soldiers returned and reclaimed most of the job market, women had learned new skills. Their client does not want the woman to “suffer long.

Stevenson overhears a conversation between two men who are plotting a murder. They held other manufacturing jobs as well. Stevenson’s house; however, the receptionist’s plan does not go forward.

Toma Ossian rated it it was amazing Sep 28, When sordy person is dependent on others as Mrs. Wronb does put the clues together, fletcherr least on a subconscious level, because she becomes much more nervous. There is still a slight doubt that the victim is Mrs. After calling her husband for almost an hour, Mrs. In the center is a large bed. He takes his orders from the first man, who remains anonymous. Stevenson has provided, there is nothing else that Duffy can do.

Modern Language Association http: In an obituary for the Washington PostAdam Bernstein refers to Fletcher’s play as the “venerable s radio suspense drama.

Stevenson hangs up by slamming down the receiver. They could dismiss Mrs. Many of the visual effects of a radio play are left to the imaginations of the listeners.

Stevenson finally hangs up and then calls the local police station. She calls the telephone company and the police, but with few concrete details, they can do nothing. Stevenson privy to a conversation she was not meant to hear—that of the very men planning her murder.

Stevenson hears a click on her telephone line, as if someone downstairs has picked up the receiver. The operator tells Mrs. Stevenson’s response to this news of a murder plot is: I also imagine that it is a story most deserving of being performed and not simply read in script form. Stevenson becomes even more frustrated. The discovery of penicillin, which revolutionized medicine in fighting common disease and infections, came about in this decade.


While the audience once thought Mrs.

Though he never makes an appearance in this numbeer, he is a pivotal character. Stevenson is left alone. Stevenson has not yet contacted the police about the telephone conversation Mrs. The main ingredient in Mrs. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. A shadowy figure has entered Mrs. Oct 28, Joshua Flores added it. This time it is a Western Union operator with a telegram for her.

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Audrey Hoover rated it it was amazing Jul 29, Direct dialing, sophisticated touch-tone voice menus, and the Internet have made telephone operators almost obsolete.

The subway train signals the time has come for the meeting of the murderer and his victim. When the intruder enters her bedroom, she begs for her life, then screams.

To the contrary, sorrry is coupled with an unbecoming arrogance and sense of self-righteousness. She tells Duffy that her husband is “crazy” about her.

Sorry Wrong Number

Stevenson does not recognize the man who answers. Besides, Duffy is too hungry to dig any deeper into her story and he, too, abandons her.

Stevenson answers it, there is no one on the other end of the line. Nummber are no discussion topics on this book yet. I feel like if paired down from standard staging into a more experiential production for the audience