Sool Nyeo reminds her that she promised to get divorce if this last plan fails. Episode 85 Episode Episode 74 Episode Pil Yong shouts at Sae Wa because he feels that the girl is being disrespectful to Anna who is old enough to be her mother. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. Episode 38 Episode Song Yi asks hervdad why he’s being such a coward.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: Kim Jun is tortured by Anna and Dong Hae. Episode 44 Episode Pil Yong says they had a very wonderful sleep. She scolds her mom for not waking her up. Pil Yong is under investigation for tax evasion. Song Yi mentions that her dad stayed outside Anna’s room when she was sick. Sae Wa wakes up and looks at the time.

Jo wants to see donghas and Sae Wa. Sae Young tells him that he should study for bar exams again. Another chef hands in the exact same recipe as Dong Hae and Bong Yi.

Dojin continues domghae get clues as to who Saewa’s old boyfriend is and Yujin continues her pursuit of Dong Hae. Episode 2 Episode 2. Dojin and Dong Hae continue to fight every chance they get.


She’s awed at how expensive those gifts are. She would’ve bought a house if she knew she’d find Dong Baek. Episode 50 Episode Bong Yi teases her mom about her sudden change of heart. Saewa shows Anna a picture of James.

Mal Sun is lying beside her while holding her hand. But Do Jin refuses to accept xmile. She says she can’t forgive Hye Sook and Sae Wa for hiding the truth.

Episode 40 Episode Pil Yong says they need more time to think about it all. Episode 88 Episode But Sae Wa says she can’t lose Do Jin and the hotel.

conghae Sign In Sign Up. It finally dawns on them that Sae Wa and Hye Sook knew about the truth and hid it from them. Anna asks Mal Sun if they live at the hotel.

He says he slept so well. Do Jin and Hye Suk pay full attention agaih manage the hotel. Episode 53 Episode Pil Yong says this day is more emotional than when they finished building the hotel.


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Sun Woo tries to stop her but Bong Yi shakes his hands off. Episode 56 Episode Ji Chang Wook Main Cast. Mal Sun answers that they were traveling often so they just stay at the hotel.

She grew up poor after her father went bankrupt in her childhood, and therefore will do anything within the boundaries of the law to earn some cash. Episode 96 Episode Episode 62 Episode Bong Yi’s phone rings.

Smile Dong Hae

She gets her bag and leaves. Episode 12 Episode Sun Woo’s busy with work. Sun Nu takes Bong Yi to the restaurant. But, they can’t show their true feelings in front of Cho’s couple.