Hunico comes in and gets beat up by the babyfaces, but Kofi tries a leapfrog in the corner and knocks himself out on the post. Im just using the comment section as a forum to vent my frustration with a product that month in and month out delivers poor ppv’s. Kane and Jericho fight on the cage and Jericho gets slammed back into the ring, while HHH lies around and bleeds. It might be, but I’m not immediately assuming that. If it meows, purs and walks like one, call it a cat. The Angle Slam is reversed, but the anklelock is not, and Carlito has to hang on until Chris Masters enters the match to save him.

And they wonder why no one buys their PPVs. It’s a Wild Card match, fuck if I know. Kane chokes Jericho down and chokeslams everyone, but goes for exactly zero pins. Back in, sideslam gets two for Holly. Nasty Ned November 23, at Stupid concept, stupid rules, stupid match. Note to children of the world: Anyway, I never thought this was such a hot idea for a match in the first place, but they sunk a LOT of money into developing and building the equipment, so you knew it was going to be a yearly thing whether we liked it or not.

Morrison is one of the most clear-cut recent cases of a guy who I was starting to get invested in as a character completely getting lost in the shuffle and seemingly losing all focus.

Scott Keith ****+ Ratings: WWF/WWE

Umaga rages in the ring, but superkick, Codebreaker, Pedigree, and Swanton Bomb in sequence all combine to give Jericho the pin. Kofi, who was apparently dead all this time, returns with a high cross on Sheamus for two. Kofi backslides Swagger for two, but Swagger catches the wacky kick and finishes with the anklelock at Rey goes up and gets the flying senton to set up thebut Primo ducks it. Rey fights up and Kane boots him down for two and then goes to a surfboard as this match is surprisingly shitty after their good one last month.

Jericho starts with HBK, back when Jericho was a babyface with long tights and referees still had names. I guess just being a fan for 21 years and seeing how great wrestling shows can be made, it’s frustrating that Vince, HHH and the agents, who together have over years of wrestling experience and still give ppv’s loaded with dud’s and shit comedy matches.


Dougie November 19, at 7: What was that garbage they played for him tonight, especially when they hired that orchestra to redo the Sting WCW theme for the 2k commercial.

Lot longer than that.

Edge had the camera in his hands and hit Undertaker in the head with it. That was an interesting seriea. Match was lots of fun and the best of the series thus far, but needs about 10 minutes of dead spots shaved off it to achieve the kind of instant classic status that the WarGames matches all had until the 90s killed them off. Cena slugs away and now I think the crowd is just booing him because everyone else is doing it. Back in the ring, Batista hit corner punches and of course Undertaker countered that into the Last Ride powerbomb like he did so many times.

Back in, a double axehandle gets two. Sting saw HHH doing bad guy stuff, so he stopped him. Jericho stupidly pounds away in the corner and falls victim to the Last Ride.

He goes old school, but Show chokeslams him to counter and that gets 9. The main event is what people are going to remember, so the first half of the show is fine as boring filler. Even worse, they made a big deal about Office Starter Edition not being compatible before I installed, and I was getting ready to get all mad about it and even posted a diatribe on Facebook in advance, and then after I installed Win8…Office Starter still worked fine. Jericho goes up and Benoit follows, and the result is a superplex, and 5: Now he’s drawing paychecks from WWE and sees the Authority doing the same thing and he won’t stand for it.

Curtis Williams November 19, at 3: He grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and goes to work on Kane’s leg, but Kane boots him down. Find us on Facebook. Why can’t Vince figure out that the strength of Cole is not telling the story, but calling the match? They cut off the ring and we get a super-dull heat segment on Cena as no one in the arena buys that the heels have any chance here.

Another quick rant since this is boring: Maybe a history of the Survivor Series? HHH hits Jericho with a spinebuster for two.

The SmarK Rant for WWE Survivor Series 2011 – 11.20.11

Bryan throws a tantrum, allowing Ziggler to hit Kane with the Zag Zag and pin him at 3: Snake Eyes and big boot set up the legdrop for two. Come on now, Scott. Orton certainly kept up with him, but it was the veteran Michaels that really made that match special. Batista gets a powerslam for two.


Nattie helps to break it up, and Beth rolls her up for two, but Eve goes up top. Still, it entertained even if it did go on about five minutes too long and we got the return of Edge finally which made it all worth it. But then he’ll be repackaged as Chocolate Reigns, and that will get him over like D-Bry.

Randy Orton and Junior Dos Santos are twin brothers split up and sent to different families at birth, right? Michaels teased a Superkick, Orton ducked his head and Michaels did an inside cradle for two with a big pop from the crowd for the nearfall.

TJR Retro: WWE Survivor Series 2007 Review

By Scott Keith November 18, I remember on one of the Legends of Wrestling roundtables, think it was the worst characters episode, that Mick Foley did say that around that time he had heard that The Undertaker was supposed to debut as The Eggman or something like that.

The Hell in a Cell structure lowered on the ring.

Santino giving motivational speeches from the apron is great. You know it’s being discussed.

October Countdown: WWE Cyber Sunday

Butt splash gets two. Rowan showdown, but Rollins tags himself in to prevent that. Rznt a terrible angle this was. Jey exchanges chops with Fernando, but Stardust pulls down the top rope and the tag champs work Jey over. I kinda want to see HHH v. He hit Khali a few times followed by a kick to the groin. They don’t do it because they have to pay the PPV price for every seat in the bar. The only downside is being there with mouth breathers who take the shit way too seriously, as in, almost watching two fat women get into a fight after Punk won last night because the other was a Cena fan.