I didn’t like all logical gaps and questions we were supposed to ignore as viewers – like what PH read in that history book, or why did they travel in time. May she have many years of happiness with her mini-Park Shi Hoo and battle scars. Shukmeister August 27, at It’s a bittersweet sort of satisfaction. Tae Moo was taken to jail and after being exposed the Crown Princess too was sent to jail and then the necklace was revealed with a hole showing that once again Park Ha saved him. But you know what else would expose it? There is no image of Eiffel to be found in this drama.

But anyway it’s been a loooong ride and now all I wanna see Yoochun and Jimin together for real, please and thank you. Somone else has translated the missing chapters. Arang and the Magistrate: Thanks for doing recaps on K dramas it really makes me hungry for more.. After the prince goes to sleep, Hwa-yong slips away with two court ladies, heading to the pavilion. The Moon that Embraces the Sun:

Will you be recapping Scarlet Heart Ryeo???

She was just a strange, selfish character right from the beginning. Though, didn’t Tae-Young already liked Park Ha?

I do feel like Yi Gak sure got stuck with the short end of the stick, in that he loses both Bu-yong and Park-ha and has to live the rest of his life single. Please try get some of these books published. As far as I know, only the animated Winter Sonata series staged a wedding scene. I truly loved this drama.

Rooftop Prince: Episode 20 (Final) Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

Since TY was not dead ie. Koala, thanks so much for the translations! Thank you for your comments!

When Hwa Yong reads the letter, she becomes very agitated and orders Bu Yong to leave. While I’m not sure what your cup of tea is This was very well said and I completely agree.


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I was just extremely saddened by the ending, and I held out so much hope that when they touched Tae Yong actually regained LG’s memories and became Lee Gak, but it is clear from JB’s recap that this was not so and they remain separate people.

As a viewer, I’ve gotten to know Yi Gak and Park Ha for 20 episodes and it sucks to see that they aren’t together when all is said and done.

When palace ladies leave room distract prince and sprinkle the powder onto the dried persimmons.

Filming for Rooftop Prince began on February 4, It seems like it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Her purse makes a small scraping noise rofotop the table, and Joon-sang halts at the sound. At the old office, Jin-ah brings her an architectural magazine to look at.

An even more emotional and heartbreaking scene would be Joon Sang eramabeans standing at the busy street corner of New York City, waiting to cross the street. Sang-hyuk finally comes clean and admits his selfish jerkiness. Truly, Micky grew up here and boy is he hot. Say a man and a roofto were destined to meet.

I am a fan of Yoochun and started off to watch this drama because of him but it turned out at the end of it I became a fan of Ha Ji Min and F3.

In regards to Han Ji Min, this is actually the first time I finished a drama with her in it. I was surprised at much I cried, especially at the end. O No sleep for me. It starts off with years back and obviously Lee Gak stands out purely because of his short hair and him dramabean being in a suit.


She pauses as if she senses a presence nearby but then head inside.


Tae Moo was taken to jail and after being exposed the Crown Princess too was sent to jail and then the necklace was revealed with a hole showing that once again Park Ha saved him.

That’s exactly what i want to happened. Call me a sap, but I quite like the whole their-souls-recognize-each-other deal. He may not seem to realize things in the beginning but if you guys remember. Because Yi Gak and Bo Young are destined to be together, but due to the circumstances that had happened, it made it impossible for them to be together. I watched the series but I am really glad I came across your blog. Of course it would be too much to expect that they will give us all the answers.

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In this case, I am really impressed by the story. This drama had so many cliffhangers episoed you just wanted to watch the next episode right now.

He does find epiisode letter that Bu Yong left for him behind the glowing mystic butterfly though. Also I shall join you in denial and maintain that while JB may disagree, I think it is fair to say that the ending was ambiguous enough on purpose and that it is not completely unbelievable to think that TY gained LG’s memories, if not upon waking up from his coma, when he touched PH.